JAY Z Bring It On: The Best Of

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“Come experience life as we know it and some of you should know it yeah. Yeah. Yeah please marci brooklyn anxious. Y all.

Know the action i got the surely my blog lori s clocking my rocks. He likes a salad profile. I think he won the month he likes the way y all. Won you see my money talking on her knees.

Joking. I m. The hottest nigger into yoga. I.

See your hunger pains. I know his love for you he wanna run with me i know this gonna be lawyer..

I watch the makeup your winds. The cabbage little sneakers and gear then this guess the number up again i see myself in his eyes. I move on levi. The guest of a sake now his diamonds like liberace registered action will cycle.

Nobody wanna be like michael where i m from just omegas you read from a gun. We are you trying to make our wait in the cold green. I can help shorty blowout like afro sheen. But i can relive my days of you.

Which is gone that little nigga speaks. It s time to put is liq. I wake up in my crown. Got still love you daddy pick up a chit to make salute gesture like you re dealing with it i m out here.

Slinging. Bringing the drama trying to come up in the game..

And add a couple of dollar signs to my name. I m out. Here serving disturbing. The peace life will be better like my man reclined in plush leather seat.

It s all a wait. I m selling eight ball. 16 trying to graduate the push your quarters. Y all ai.

N t go sweat on my butt let them come to me if he give me the nod and these niggas don t see i m trying to begin out here round. The clock. They re breaking day. Hey.

Jason crack us up the black for my pain. I m saying fresh..

So chickens checked. I m trying to step up to the next level push your bed to the jets diamonds reflect from the sun directly in your equilibrium. It s done that way therefore my day to come. I got the urge to splurge.

I don t want a lifetime sentence. Just give me the world is telling you to be my crown gots to lock. It down come on stick up my chance to make sure luke gets the lucky one hey fella. I ve been watching you clap with me hold it down this blocka dana are you the manager now stop right i like your skin.

Now. I like no snaps drive around away coo nigga is a fat og. I ride with you for free. I want the no turn engines and bitches listen to me you got the mother niggas get the name skip the fame.

Tip that 100g keep your personal. Oh yeah..

The only way to blow. You let your shit bubble. Quiet and then you blind keep your cool. The only way to people fool.

And let them show his hand. Then you will command this new deal and i understand don t blow your dough on huh. The only thing i got this world is my word and my letter. But wake up for know what i like your resume.

Pick a day you can start from now until death do it for singer ground brown is kicking my ginseng big zuzu got still lucky daddy when they grabbed it ” ..

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