JAMESSUCKLING.COM – Wine Challenge: Sokolin Wine Merchants – Part I

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” m here in the hamptons in the warehouse of sakhalin wine merchants with owner david david s auckland. It s another segment of the wine challenge. I called dave and said david finally three reds that are 30 or less ninety points or more. So you think you can do it i think i can do these with twenty dollars or less okay.

Let s see all right nice star lots of fruit. Why did you pick this wine. What were you looking for i ll tell you after you score. It okay.

I like the barry barry. You can t give james too much here in ocean city. You have 90 points on that one excellent good balance lots going on really drinkable now. And i like the light tan and texture to it and the acidity at the same time just right food friendly.

Nice. One thank you thank you so far one for one right. That s 20 or less category. 20.

Or less..

This has sort of curious snows sort of iodine shells and berries get a city well really tangy on the finish. I like that though then the fruits it makes me hungry long. Yeah you know i have to say. I was tempted not to give the snidey but right at the end that acidity and the fresh fruit.

I m nydia on it thank you um. What do you like about the line. We re it s still going yeah. It s a long pin.

It for a sub 20 dollar wine and how it still goes. I mean the finish is generally not like this long in these caliber wines. We might surprise you with that one too at the end so did she fill it so this one s three okay again this the star character again with almost a meeting us too again. I like the finish.

There s lots of fruit acidity. Not much tannin structured of almost like barbera or something. It s it s a really delicious wine fruity and clean bigger. Yeah.


All these wines have been so drinkable and balanced and if they re under 20 bucks really excellent value or some a lot less than 20 and then the stuntmen show you at the end. I want you to i want to get a fresh take on this this one i really like just the juicy fruits. Almost reminds me of the time you wine. But of course.

I love it tell you well i think when you smell though i think it s surprising how serious it is on the palate you know i don t think the nose prepares you for that necessarily yeah. I m. 91. On this for me.

This. I. This is my favorite wine of the tasting of the fight. So far.

Yeah. What they are let s do it. So. Number one.

Number one was a 2009 bordeaux no queenston..

20. Buck qui blanc. A oh sure i know that 1499. Wow.

Let s see the bottle. See this shows you 2009 bordeaux sent to me all i remember tasting. This one. I think i gave it 90 riesling.

A blind tasting in bordeaux. And it shows you that people think. 2009. Board is so expensive.

But how we can get this for 1499. Awesome. I got a nacho yeah la cueva. I want to 1495 so we re comparing on this flight.

We re comparing apples with apples price wise and we weren t afraid to and the final one in the line..

I really liked i liked the fruit. I thought it was italian probably isn t because i m not always right on this. But i really liked the wine. It s not that fruity juiciness to the wall.

They really love rhiness. Let s see malbec from mendoza from. Argentina how much that lhasa caius. Malbec it s argentina 1299.

Well that was the cheapest wine. Yeah like yeah yeah we weren t afraid to you know at first. We said let s make these 20 wines and do it and you know we ve we let our palates deal with it and there s a lot of good 12 and 14 and 15 wines there well great tasting thanks mix of provinces. Thank you well done david thank you so much thank you thank you ” .


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