Is Crooks Hollow REALLY HAUNTED? Sea of Thieves

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“Is calling me hmm get the creepy being and it s so dark stephen stephen. Stephen. I m scared. I m closing my eyes oh.

It s david even music is going on everyone welcome back to the channel now about two weeks ago. Mr. Captain farquhar posted this video right here crooks hollow is haunted and it kind of became a bit of a trend for co thieves. Even the devs started going along with it a bunch of people came with the sightings of this this bald dressed ghost woman thing white now i m always late to the party hence this is where these videos now and wasn t like three days after falco s video.

Anyway. I asked falco if i could do a bit of a video on this myself. He said. Yes being the kind man that he is so i thought i d take steven over there and see if we could do some investigating for ourselves.

All right so we re coming up into the supposedly haunted island. Now my little theory. I have if this is real. If we see this i look they re coming.

No. No. If this ghost lady is around i feel like she could be an ancient. She s wearing ancient looking clothes.

She could be the return of the ancients and they re just hiding. I mean they re always in the bushes. Except. She doesn t look kind of creepy well the clips.

I ve seen so far is just her like standing weirdly too close for comfort. But some reason every time no one ever sees her until they go over the footage again which i m a little bit suspicious about i ll be honest but here we are creepy hollow cook s hollow creepy. Creepy hall town creep it s just feel like you re being fuck me yeah stupid skeleton show you oh okay so we ve got a skeleton so he in fact was clip..


He came past here and she was in the bushes right there i do not want to go in there. I ll be honest come on steven let s solve this mystery together ah. You re gonna keep me company. Steven you re not gonna turn into some kinda haunted boy want to kill me and hide in bushes and watch me yeah.

It s gonna be fine. Oh. My god oh my god we just found the rarest thing in the game 3y. Oh my god steven you just get the crap out of me this the power of the pineapples is with me suck it old lady bought a ghost woman ancient purse you know what you know i just ah she was gonna trap me.

Look. Wait a. Second this door is open. Why is this door open.

Oh hello. And if i turn around and she s right there you ready now yeah might a wild i know you are mentally insane stephen get away i can t blow you up what are you doing stephen come on stephen and whoa henry is now out of the picture. Oh. My god they re just booby traps everywhere around here.

But terrible terrible island. So this place used to be so nice had the storage crates and and plants that didn t have old ladies staring at here in them and the snakes weren t so freaking annoying. I m sorry sorry. Peter is gonna come after me now oh oh stephen look this way all right you mean all right.

What stephen. Let s get some high ground seymour from up here. I just don t want to avoid up okay all right. This island is also driven stephen insane.

It s even have yoga meds today you take this i give you one of the pineapples. What you don t like pineapples stephen. Don t look at me like that what since when did your monkey..


You re supposed to love for it. I like look. See yummy here you have some what what he s steven god only monkey in the frickin universe doesn t like fruit apparently what do you want to eat chicken okay some chicken turn off the cameras turn off the cameras we can t show this oh my god it makes it so much more scary with the fog being here. I m just gonna stay strong steven.

Stay strong uh. What was that okay steven hold. Me i m skid. It s like i don t have to have your shit right now.

Oh my god it s so scary let s try and follow. Oh fuck me what the cave is calling me. The creeps being in here. It s so dark steven steven.

I m scared. I m closing my eyes oh. It s david even. Oh my god i thought that chicken was her for a second there all right so the ghost lady didn t show herself unfortunately.

But another ship did rock up so i brought night marion and we decided to pretend to be the ghost lady ourselves got all dressed up and tried to scare them what s going on guys demon lady here i think i m sure does it shoulders are too broad. I heard they re talking game chair. So we can get a reaction hey i say sit here are they on they re both still i just go over there. Oh they just got locked in there.

They just got looked in there. Let s go down. And um camp outside the vault. Oh.

No no no. Oh shit. Yep..


Yep. It s a bit run away run away run away sleep sleep. Oh. I m not tucked at all i can see them digging it up.

He s so he s definitely so awake. I m gonna go in the vault. Yeah can you see i think is your head tucked. I can see yours yeah.

I think it might be could be because you re mine there s your heads tuck finding useful then oh there there above us. I think fighting yes yeah. I can t see you now that s better seeing them yeah. This is our island laughter.

Okay you do that do that i ve gone of course no did you drop. It okay. I don t think they ll see it you should put out there like kept in to the other side sleeping. Other backpack.

We mean just making that i was straight back in the water. I knew they d be faster on it. Where is it what he was just staring at the wheels like in front of the wheel. The shroud break are is on your way.

Nor the hotdog leaving we haunted. I don t even know if they ve noticed that they got it they might just be quitting. There s a mermaid. Oh good she got hey anger.

Don t they re inca come on come on music. I don t think these guys have seen the video that s disappointing. They re gonna raise the tank or what they were definitely..


Following a guard would still tell i m on the ladder are they watching that is oh yes. I just saw one of them like look down one sec. One sec. I can tell they re in a voice check yeah they re raising what they just dropped.

Again. What are they doing oh. Wait what what hello okay. Tell me when they re both downstairs.

And i ll come on indifference of the wheel. I can walk behind him they re like in that area returned the shroud. Oh. I thought we were like making.

A move go down to get him. Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh.

Shit. Just so much fucking resume. Factory. Now.

We truly are ghosts just like shadows try to hit music applause music. ” ..

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Yeah I don t really know what s happening in this one but I hope you enjoyed it non the less..

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