Intuos Pro Large + Pro Pen 2 Review

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“Folks launch man here. And today. I want to introduce you to the best budget budget tablet. You re gonna buy and it comes with the wacom pro pen as levels of pressure.

Yeah. Let s basically you can buy a wacom alternative with a cintiq style screen. But it s not going to have the levels of control that this has it s absolutely thrilling. If you want a tablet.

It s gonna help you actually become a better eyes. This is it still with me okay so here s the box. I absolutely love this as soon as i saw you know great artwork on top this kind of gives you an idea of how different this tablet is to any other tablet out there the wacom pro pen as i mentioned. This is an a4 size tablet.

This is pc and mac compatible the artwork again i absolutely love this and all those wacom alternatives out there they just come in brown cardboard boxes. Which is kind of indicative of the level of thought that they put into it this here s the full size. I ve also got this the medium tablet there you can go for. But i went for the large the medium is kind of 8 5.

But the large is a four so here s everything you get for this you re gonna get the intuos pro itself. You re gonna get the pro pen. Which is absolutely brilliant. You re gonna get the usbc cable.


You re gonna get the instruction manual. And you re gonna get the pen holder as well so all of that is absolutely brilliant. And it s quite a small condensed package. What else do you need the interest pro is bluetooth.

So you don t need a charger. You don t need everything else. And they holds quite a lot of charge. It has eight express keys.

And that four function customizable touch ring. The active area on this as i said is a four and there are the exact measurements. The usbc cable is two meters long. And this has an on off switch for the bluetooth and basically for the tablet itself.

This also has an on off which for the touch functionality. Which is brilliant. Because sometimes you don t always want that but the touch functionality works great to be basically like the touchpad on a laptop. If you want to use it that way which i do sometimes.

Which is absolutely brilliant. If you re just using your screen and just browsing around on the. Internet here is the pro pen like i say this has over 8000. Levels of pressure.


It s really tilt sensor if it s absolutely brilliant. It is the best pen on the market this beats. The apple pencil this beats. The microsoft surface pen this beats everything.

There s nothing better now. Here is the new pen holder. Why can i never done anything this shape is really well built. It s built of metal.

It s both this kind of really soft material. It has 10 nibs in all it s got soft tips. It s got hard tips. We re taking up a look at these when we do the drawing test really nicely.

I really appreciate the new shape. I love everything about this yeah. The new cable is really appreciated and that s got a kind of a unique shape that fits really well with the with the interest pro. I m really liking that instructions pretty straightforward.

Really yeah. Nothing really you know to mention about that here. We ve got the unique color touch rings. Before they ve always been the same color.


But this time they are metallic. So that way you can personalize your pro pen too so if you re working in a studio and somebody else has broken too you can say i got the red one and you ve got blue one and that all works out really well and yeah. It s just one of those nice little touches that you don t see from other companies. So yeah.

I m perfectly happy with that so what else we ve got we ve got this which is a sample right and that s the interest pro texture replacement sheet that you can buy separately and that gives you any one of those free textures and that s absolutely brilliant it extends the life of your interest pro tablet right onto the drawing test. As you can see this gives you a more ergonomic kind of drawing pose you re not looking down at a tablet. You re looking forward. At your screen.

Meaning you re not gonna get any kind of neck pains. After even drawing for 12 16. 18 hours at a time a lot of professionals actually prefer this you know especially if you re working in a studio. It s absolutely brilliant.

Obviously like i ve kept saying this comes with the pro pen too this is the best pen on the market. Absolutely love this and even though i draw on a cintiq. I felt straight a hyung with this because i ve drawn with a wacom pen and wacom tablet since kind of the early to mid 90s. This felt absolutely brilliant.

The 16 inch drawing space still felt great i wouldn t want to work with that size for sailor cintiq. But with an interest thought brilliant you can see some slight marks appearing here. But those just wipe straight off. I just felt so at home drawing on this tablet.


Felt really comfortable felt really great this is one of the first pieces. I ve drawn on this tablet. Just so great and so at home the expressed keys working so well for me. I certainly think this is the best budget tablet that you can get especially.

If you re not a professional artist working in a professional studio. Even if you are professional artist working in professional studio. I think this is one to consider. But if you don t want to spend those big big bucks.

You know this is certainly one to consider because you re getting the best stylus on the market. So yeah. I mean what else is there really to consider i think. This is one definitely to go for let me know your thoughts and comments below.

What do you guys think what tablets are you using. What s more important to you right now is it the pen is that the size of the tablet is it working directly on a screen. I d love to hear so let me know i ll speak to you guys soon well thanks for watching be sure to comment like and even subscribe to my channel lawrence cantrell. And if you really did like what you saw here and see more of it my website lawrence man code at uk.

I ll see you ” ..

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