Intel Retail Edge Program with Fatal1ty 2 part 2

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“We ve got greg from montana. What is the advantage of using 3d glasses and and which game do you use it on the most okay. This is a great 3d glasses are great to play a single player game. In the sense.

Like it s great to play to improve the experience of enjoying to play games right. But as i can competitor as myself and competing and trying to win. I would personally still use regular no 3d. I think this is strictly just a way to improve your experience with pine a single player if you don t play multiplayer you can bobsleigh.

Know you re probably deteriorating your skill probably by you know ten percent or twenty percent for me. I would probably be losing forty percent of my of my building. Just because i can t really fine tune and do all my small little things i do in the game to give me a huge edge alright well we ve got john from plainfield illinois. What do you use for a cooling solution and do you use crossfire or slee with your graphics.

Is actually i have actually sli right okay so your sleeve. So i use sli of course. And you re acting for cooling solution actually i have water cooled right now and one of my origin pc. They actually sent to me and came to me so i m using water cooling right now on that and there seemed to be a very stable solution.

Actually now before i was always scared of it leaking and so forth. But now it s it s kind of stabilizing you can actually use a water coin. Now. It s pretty easy all right austin s right quiet.

So it s nice nice all right so another quiet cooling system let s say we ve got kareem. How does the processor affects your gameplay well process is huge. I mean the sense like you know if i m playing on an old older processor. And i m using like these new games.

That you know can take advantage of the cores and the multi threading and so forth just the new core i7 extreme edition. Actually is the real deal in the sense. It actually is the processor that you want to use and play with i mean since i ve got it has been helping me a lot just you know with everything not only playing video games are just like you know going through my web browser through ventre ventrilo and skype and all my web stuff..


I do and just whatever i do for gaming you know you know video editing like video files. I upload videos of me playing certain games and so forth so it really helps me in a lot of different ways other than gave me. But you need it for games. Do for sure.

That s a no brainer. Yeah. Absolutely so we ve got ruthie from la mirada california. Do you prefer team deathmatches or free for all matches.

Actually both are awesome. I like team deathmatch a lot i used to play a lot team deathmatch actually won one of the first sarthak professional league tournaments in team deathmatch and then i went on to play more one on one as most people know so more about taking on one person that time. But free for all is also awesome. I think that s basically my kind of like you know just kind relax and have a good time.

I don t worry about communicate with any team. A tank dad just play my game. Keep myself protected and try to control the power ups and the main items in the map. Okay.

We ve got tony wichita kansas. What games have you noticed that takes the most advantage of the six cores or 12 threads um. Well you know i obviously out you know i ve been playing model for to call duty and 3d and playing that you know trying to play the games in 3d. So i think gasps were take the most advanced for me.

But any high end game like that you mean you look like when when it software comes out the rage you re going to want it you know it s like these are tom and you know common sense situations birdie in the sense like these games are definitely push the limits and if you want to enjoy the fullest graphics. Setting and do 3d on top of that you got to have the most killer process during the world so that that s why i m going to use for now. And i m really looking forward to to use it in the future for games. I m coming coming out soon alright so let s see we ve got robert from indiana.

What is the best wireless mouse to use for gaming. Don t use wireless mouse. Don t even did know oh yeah..


Like you want to have courted at all times. You never want you to browse to anything. It s it has a delay to it even if it sounds like oh. It s next like it s like lightning speed.

It s like all bullcrap. I mean firstly for me. That s why is my opinion. Most of fact i mean it s like as i mean.

It s like you cannot no pro gamer uses wireless mouse. It s just so slow and so interac urat and accurate and actually. I actually suggest optical mice. Did a blog recently on my fatality at comm site.

Talking about mouse sensitivity. And what mouse. I use and even laser. Why i move it really fast.

It actually it can t keep up with how fast i move move my hand so i prefer optical my sis s typical mice you can buy five twenty bucks and you overclock it that 500 hertz this is like oh like really guru talk. I guess. But you can overclock it on my website talk about everything about how to enhance your game. It amazing thing is actually by overclocking your mouths like you save optical mouse.

It will actually appear that you have more frames in the game swear to god. If you cuz like most mice optical might as well come with a hard time i ve hurts and if you overcook the finder hurts when you talk to move now surround looks smoother. So it appears that you re getting more frames. Too so it s really like these cool little bits and pieces that could improve your experience of playing games.

And skill lead to more damage being more accurate being more precise being fast and opponent everything. And it s just a lot of small things i ve been using for and i hook my career you know so let s see i think you re gonna like this so. We ve got tony from kansas..


Do you have any new fatality products coming out in the near future he s from kansas. It s kansas yeah i m from missouri. But i deliver on the borderline of kansas and missouri new products coming out our newest product that i guess we ve released is i guess just released last week was actually in germany. I was there for see bit and we launched.

We actually work with ocz making fatality power supply units. And we have a new 750 watt modular power supply and this is great for people in mod their case and so forth. But you also get a lot of power. So it s going to supply power to your motherboard.

You re a graphic card to your your everything and this is going to give you great stable power. When your plane so making sure all your components are getting a proper power that need to be running at full speed. So oh sees you ve been doing really good with that and then you know with creative. We obviously have our x5 titanium sound card and also our fatality creative mk2 headsets they have a science technology.

We re actually it can actually remove background noise and send across your voice alone. But i just want to be able to talk smack with the different voices and stuff online. So if you just think i m joking around it s really fun i gave like 20 different voices you can be a demon a demon. They could shut monk whoever you want you know it s it s it s pretty entertaining you d you can do over a venturi low over the game over skype.

You can do it basically everywhere. And this is fun taunting people in different voices. Yeah. Co op your mom and say it s a supreme self.

You know it s entertaining tonya like that s all alright. So let s see oh we ve actually have this question before and i love this question. It s you know i think you re inspiring. Some people here.

So we ve got jeff sandy from utah. Now. How does someone get started in professional gaming..


Well. I think the biggest thing for all of us is you have to go to lan parties in your area and try to compete and be the best in your city. And then eventually plant yes put a line two if you can find online tournaments playing those get involved in the community get on irc get on different channels to talk with that community find out where the hardcore websites are there following that scene or they are talking about turnips. All the time so you can find out about a lot of stuff like that way.

But i would say if you re trying to become professional gamer you have to be using good equipment because you have to find out how good you are if the equipment is holding you back you can never know how good you really are and that s been my motto ever since i started so i use a big mouse pad. Because i using a lowest mouse sensitivity. I think most of the amateurs out there playing they play too. I have a sensitivity so they can t hit the long important shots.

But it s very important to be mobile close range to. But i think the main thing is go to land parties a lot you re going to learn ten times faster at a lan party than you ever run online. So if you go to land parties and deal with your friends for like two days. However it s it s great fun anyway he s going to land party.

But you also learned so much more so much faster yeah so we ve got king from turlock california. What is your most challenging game anything that revolves involves singing oh the things are rock band like cancer. I can t sing so yeah you wanna challenge me a game that s the one for sure to think we re all done so you guys. That was really awesome.

Great questions thanks for taking all these questions fatality for those of you viewers who want to pick up your feets. Hella d. Products that they want to know where can they get them we obviously give them online their favorite retailers and you know at some of the retailers. We have as well.

But if you guys don t have it there you have to get it we make great product. The creative and x5 making the headphones and sound cards and everything. And i m just really happy to make product that improve the gamers experience of playing the game. All right so thanks again.

It s really awesome always fun having you here thank you ” ..

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