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“It s another cool smartphone calm overview video this is the immerse virtual reality headset headset now this is similar to the google cardboard reference design and 2995 from prezi as you can see here it comes with some lovely elasticated straps yeah like this this one uses velcro at the top. I ll try and look at that one so that s velcro that holds it in place because over the top of your head. These to go around side your head. And there s all sort of buckle things that you can tighten or loosen off depending on the size of your head and then we ve got a nice sort of plastic bit at the back.

Which holds all three of those straps together now it s neatly it s nicely stitched and we have sponges around it i sockets here to basically stop your face getting scratched or hurt in any way. These are the lenses. Which you can adjust by rotating around the focus and on the top here there s two small sliders and they adjust the eyes. So that they re in the correct position to your face.

We ve got a nose section here for your nose..

Obviously and here s our two hinges and around the front. Those two hinges. Allow the door to open up. There s a little catch.

There that pops open you put your phone in and you can see here this these two are sort of spring loaded when you ve got these small cushioned bits on here you put your phone in now for this is a samsung galaxy s5 my lg g3 is actually it comes out quite easily but it holds phones flat phones. Quite well and you basically slot that in there like that and with virtual reality apps. The left and the right hand side of the screen shows slightly different bits of video. And then you put the headset on and you look at it s through here.

So just to give you a general idea..

Let s just turn on the screen put that in like that and you can see here that if we look through there. That s what you can see now the only problem here that we have is because the phone is in here. And we have although. We do have a two small holes here this is for your headphone.

As you can see there the headphone socket is viewable through there obviously depending on which way you put your phone you can put it in on which way years whatever your headphone socket is you can use either of these holes any problem is that when you are trying to view 3d or virtual reality video its trapped in this plastic container here. And there isn t a great deal of space for the phone to breathe. So the phone does get hot and as i ve reviewed this over the last couple of weeks. It s happened a large amount of times.

The phone just gets overheated and you were just fine that it shuts itself down..

And you can t use it and the other problem is that if i want to interact with the screen on the google cardboard on the cardboard version there s a little magnet here which allows me to interact with the screen. But i can t do that with this one and i have to keep actually sort of opening it up maybe taking the phone out interacting choosing the google cardboard app. In question and then putting it back in there putting it back on my head. So unfortunately put some mark it down.

Quite a bit because of that. But it s really 995 and all i need to do is put some vents in here to allow the phone s to cool down. So that they don t overheat. Because unfortunately.

There is no way really for the phone to cool down and they also need to put a magnet on the side..

So that it can actually interact with the phone and tell it what to do. But that is the immerse virtual reality headset. Review from cool smartphone. You can get the full review of course on call smart phone calm.

” ..

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