Icewind Dale Creating A Decent Party

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“Youtube and welcome to my face the sun is shining outside. I ve had the the deaf work with a minor cold and i was inspired to play a old rpg and what better rpg to play then o swindell on the pc. I think with today s gaming. There ll be lots of people that i ve never played a western rpg especially one that s isometric and as old school as these are abiding to the dmd rules.

So before i d make a small video just to ferry anyone along who was thinking about starting one of these rpgs and didn t really know what to do i personally think i scream down is the most accessible and probably the best place and start people often cite boulders gate and bolt it to is the m. You know there s the flagship of the infinity engine up there with a planescape but uh. I have a soft spot for icewind dale. I think it s because it s the snowy setting and the fight that you can create all six characters from the get go.

Which give you a little bit better sense of immersion. Sorry if i m rambling and trying to hold a microphone and pop screen in one hand. So the audio fish probably shagged. If the camera isn t focusing on harrison ford behind me like it was last time so i swing down where to start what characters to create which ones do you need what s that s to use if you do create them are you going to get very far in the game.

I thought would make a short little tutorial just how to get started of the characters that i always tend to choose and the ones that see me through to the end my build again. We ve got mumbling if not here we go so. The first thing you ll be doing in i swindell is creating your party of six adventurers defining their gender race class type alignment. And so on gender is completely tokenistic.

So don t worry too much about that. But the main things are going to be focusing on here is class types and their stats. I personally tend to choose my father consisting of a human paladin human ranger dwarf fighter elf thief and human cleric and mage starting with our paladin. We only have one alignment to choose from and that s lawful good so we will move right on to abilities ability points.

Dictate your characters stats and these are generated by an emulated dice roll to add additional random values to your minimum base starting figures. One of the good things aren t we know allows you to do here is their comment values from one of the abilities and add them to another effectively giving you one big value which we can distribute as we wish the easiest way to see exactly what overall value we have to work with is to deduct all the additional points from every ability. And see how much we have left in the corner. Rather than just children around these dice rolls to see what stats you can make i found myself using a much more math based nerdy way of doing it your characters are never going to roll with all 18s.


Unless you re extremely lucky so it s best to aim high. But realistic the method i use was taking the base values of my characters and working out how many additional points i needed to fulfill my desire stats in the case of our paladin i surmised that for a realistically good character we needed 35 at listener points. And it was just the case of rebuilding and adopting them to fill that counter to see how many we were left with this is a very boring process by i managed to get all my characters created in just under 10 minutes. Which is actually quite good going with our robot 35 points.

We re able to give our first character strength of 17 dexterity of 15 constitution of 1611 intelligence. 15. Wisdom and 18 charisma in skills to start off with i feel. It s good to have large swords and great swords and you accumulate more points as you level it through the game after this customize your appearance and voice to your own will second up is a cubed hunter.

Who i will make neutral good and who requires 32 points to allow us to allocate 18 to strength dexterity and constitution. 14 to intelligence. 16 to wisdom and 8 to charisma skills. While hunters make good archers.

They are also some of the strongest fighters in the game. So again. I choose large swords and great swords in addition for the frontier. You are able to select a certain sum of enemy to be more proficient against i took the two talks.

But that s entirely to you next is our dwarf fighter who oil make curse it good. But he needs 52 points to give us 18 strength. 17 dexterity. 19 constitution.

15 terence. 8. Wisdom and 7 charisma skills. We will give him it is two on axes and maces.


Although looking back halbert s instead of maces will also have been a good choice next up is one of our most useful characters our elf thief. Who i m a neutral good and will require 47 points to give her 15 strength from 19 dexterity. 17 constitution. 12.

Intelligence and 10 wisdom and charisma in skills. We first choose where to allocate 30 feet specific points. I put 25 into opening locks as it will come in very handy throughout the game. And the leftover.

5 into binding traps you only get two weapon allocation points. Here and both can t be applied to the same weapon. So she will get one on daggers and one on large swords fifthly is our human cleric. Another necessity for her healing magic.

I ll make her lawful good and she needs 60 points to get her 12 strength. 13. Dexterity. 17 constitution.

18 intelligence. 17. Wisdom and 7 charisma skills. I give her maces of files for she can get stuck in after which we can choose free spells cure light wounds is always a must and i also select magical stone and bless which can come in handy in the early stages last but not least we have our human mage who will be kelty good and we ll need 57 points.

Giving him atrium. 13 dexterity. 18 constitution. Intelligence and wisdom and 6.


Charisma weapon skills. We will give him missile weapons. As he will be our weakest character. We can t equip.

Most armor. So it s best to keep them out the way and for spells. We have to give him the infamous magic missile and to save some gold identify burning hands is also a good choice. If you don t wish to go with your identify spell and now you re ready to rock and roll and begin the game.

But before you jump straight into adventure. I will give you a few little tips in terms of items before you face your first battle when you first begin all you will have is a quarter staff at each in 610 gold. I think the amount of gold changes each time you start. I m not too sure.

But for now head to the shop. Next door and buying to split male. 2. Chainmail armor.

Stood the leather armor. A two handed sword. A mace. A fail.

Sling and free lots of bullets. A two handed axe. A bastard sword. A large shield a medium shield and if there s any gold left over a few helmets.


Now you want to equip your paladin with a split male and a two handed sword fighter also have split male and two handed axe free fruit long sword as study never armor major if sling and bullets cleric with chainmail and fail with mace as a quick weapon and a medium shield and finally a ranger with bastard sword chainmail and large shield finally if you bought any helmets. Give them to over the paladin fighter or ranger and throw those quarter snaps away. Don t worry if you couldn t afford everything here. Because you have the chance to be a little bit cheeky and exploit the import export character mechanic.

If you go to the character record screen. There is an option to export your current character this will export him in his current state inventory. Intact so by exporting each of your characters at this point. And starting a new game.

When it comes to character creation section. You ll notice there s an option to import import your characters back in to make the party you previously did and when you begin the game. You ll be fully kitted out along with your starting gold this is sort of cheating. But it s that early on and these items become pretty useless pretty soon that i don t see as being too bad.

If you wanted to though you could take all the items you bought in the shop. And give them to each character before you export them so when you import them back. They all have a full inventory of what you ve bought the shop that you can sell back to the keeper well that s a little bit unnecessary anyway now you re ready to begin the game with the characters. I ve had experienced before know that can see it through to the end without too much hassle they might not be the most perfect characters and i m sure there are some guides are the consummate the ultimate party.

But these are my guys and i know they work one final thing you can change your party formation by dragging their portraits bopping down and i was just going in the order of paladin ranger fighter thief cleric a mage and use the formation it looks like a dice six roll this will help put your mage at the back of most bytes. Which is really really should be as he will die quickly and now. If you head down to the south of town and cross the bridge. You ll be faced with your first battle a gang of goblins your character shouldn t take any damage fighting these with their equipment and stats.

Except if your mage takes an hour of the art like you do on this recording we ll just get your clothes of healing. If so and you re all set the start that gave me confidence as always thanks for watching hope this helped to thirst or to feel free to leave a comment response below and i ll show you back with a review maybe this ” ..

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