HP Elitebook 840 G2 review 2019

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“Everyone welcome back to the channel and in this video. This give me the first first laptop review of my own personal. Laptop hp elitebook. 840.

Gen. 2. Lefty 23. I 5 core processor.

But other than that let s go ahead and get started on the review already everyone just to give you a little bit background on this laptop. This laptop had purchased last year off of the app called macari for 150 now this one in particular has been upgraded since its stock form back in 2015. So this has a vga port 2 ssd usb ports on the side here a sim card reader do you left hand side and on the right hand side is a headphone jack a weird. Port i can t quite remember to name of two usb 20.

The ethernet port and also a nine volt charging port it already charged at nap time it s for the cpu of this laptop. This has the intel core i5 fifth generation processor also known as 250 300 you making 23 gigahertz of processing power. And it s able to be maxed turbo speed or also known as overclock to 29..


Jiggers. It s a dual core processor. With the cache of about three megabytes and this has 64 bit architecture to the seeker other hardware. This is able to support two slots of ddr3 ram of either 1333 megahertz or 1600 megahertz of processing power.

And this particular motherboard is able to support two slots of eight gigs of those particular ram right here and ferdie hard drive. The hard drive originally on this one was about 500 gigabytes. But it s been swapped out for a little bit faster of an ssd also known as solid state drive of 120 gigabytes. Which is a santis drive and the battery is the original on this laptop.

So it probably gets about two to four hours of continuous use without having to be plugged in and other than that the only other day i can really think of is the graphics processor awesome msd gpu which is a intel hd graphics 5500 able to maximize at 900 megahertz support screen resolution of 1366 t8 resolution which is above 720p. But later on with generation 3 and generation for those features an hd. Plus. Which is the usual 1920 by 1080 p.

Display to give you a little bit of background of this laptop. If you didn t know h b. Stands..


For hewlett packard. Which was the creator of hp franchise back in the 80s around the time of apple and also microsoft coming about at the time now if you re wondering. What is the 800 series of the elite book how do you leave book series with this particular. One being the second generation to come out in 2015.

This introduced a more business type laptop meaning. It had enough processing power to get as much work you needed to be done. But it also came with a 500 gigabyte or a terabyte hard drive capable of 5300 repetitions per minute also known as rpm and this was able to get pretty much any test. Done.

Using. Office based products back in 2013. Such as office excel. Access.

And also powerpoint. Know as pretty operating system also known as d. Os this laptop shipped with windows 81 professional..


But was later updated from the previous owner to windows professional. Tech as you can see. Here and i would prefer windows. 10.

81 i used to have an old hp pavilion that ran. 81 and that is preferred ii home screen of 10. 81. Now.

What you all were probably. Wondering is this laptop that s nearly for going on five years old still worth it today in 2019. I would say yes. Most laptops that don t have a centered on motherboard are basically worth it to upgrade.

If you re one of those people are more hands on or take it to your local geek squad best buy or other computers huh to get upgraded as for this one this was upgraded with a better solid state drive versus a hard drive and later on i m gonna be doing upgrades to this computer. With made updating it from 8 gigs of ram into. 16..


And also probably filling a bigger salad. State drive probably felt 512 gigabytes. What if you like laptop reviews. Such as this or just tech.

In general. As mentioned in previous videos. Feel free to smack slap or hit that subscribe button down below. And like button.

I would greatly appreciate it but other than that be on the lookout for more videos like this to come we ll catch you all in the next one see you i know brain. Marvin devine. I m saying that all the line. I was a right know what you say about they just but it s got a maiden.

” ..

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