HP 15 Notebook Laptop Review

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“Hello or dice pick. Some weekly back another video this time we re reviewing an an hp 50 notebook back when i bought this laptop. It was 230 usd. But actually got it for only 200 usd.

I haven t seen this laptop in any stores anymore. But i have seen it. Online it has four gigs of ram a 500. Gig hard drive 18.

Gigahertz processor and runs windows. 10. As far as i know black has the only color it comes in this is my main laptop. I got it back in 2014.

You might remember it for my what s in my tech bag video..

This laptop is surprisingly good quality from hp especially at this price point. It feels rugged and it s pretty lightweight as i have to point it screen with a resolution of 1366 by 768 and while not being full hd. It is still completely usable on a regular basis. It s hard to find a laptop with this much ram.

And this much harddrive space under 400 usd. Nowadays let it alone under 250 that surprises. Me because it seems like with technology. Advancing so fast these laptops would be dirt cheap.

By now. Now. This is definitely not a gaming laptop like i said earlier as a 1 gig of processor. So it s hard to find any game that runs well in this computer.

But i have managed to find one this laptop isn t more meant for college or school..

It runs off is perfectly fine and runs. Many editing software like audacity photoshop express and windows movie. Maker. Well it s also perfect travel.

Companion even though has a 156 inch screen. But dropbox on it and it s a perfect mobile editing or skyping or web browsing machine has three usb 20 ports a full size hdmi port and sd card reader an audio jack and an ethernet port and also has a full keyboard complete with function keys and a number pad. The key word is the worst thing on this laptop they feel lucky. And don t have much travel after a few minutes of typing your fingers will want to break.

It s also sometimes hard to tell whether you ve hit a key or not even with the keyboard being the worst thing on this laptop. I ve written multiple essays on it and it is completely useful you just have to get used to it the game that i found works quite well on this laptop is robocraft on single player you can get a pretty good fps and a multiplayer after a few hiccups. The fps is pretty decent other light gaming. Still works well like flash games or even some of the games on steam.

The battery on this laptop is still pretty good even after 2 years of use it easily lasts..

Me four to five hours of editing even video streaming the charging cable that comes with it isn t bulky and this is great for travel the microphone is one of the laptops weaker points. I m using voiceover this video so you judge for yourself to me it sounds tinny and cheap. That s what i ll be getting a blue snowball ice microphone in just a few weeks. Now the camera on this laptop also isn t the best it records.

A maximum 360p possibly a 480p on skype calls. I don t know why the camera performs better on skype for me. But as you can see in the test video. The camera isn t usually that great overall.

The hp. 15. Notebook is pretty good for the price it would work as a travel laptop a school work or college laptop or even a light editing laptop as good balance of performance and price well it may not be a gaming laptop. It can still play some less demanding games.

It s also pretty reliable..

I ve had it for two years now and it still performs still it s brand new the screen isn t full hd. But also isn t bad in the slightest. The only bad things about this laptop are the camera microphone and keyboard i highly suggest this laptop of your first time buyer or some cheap windows machine it s been great for me well i still do recommend bigger better laptops. You cannot beat the price for this one.

Thanks for watching. I hope you enjoyed leave any comments down below and make sure to do your research. What might be good for me could be terrible for you make sure to subscribe and stay tuned. ” .


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