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“You want to get the android voice typing feature in your pc. Then you can can get it easily by watching this video welcome to creative je hey. What s guys in this video. I will be showing you how to type using voice in windows.

10 sebum in here. So you don t need to go anywhere let s get you started if you don t have windows. 10. Then you don t need to be sad.


You can easily install it for free just visit creative jay dot com. Windows. 10 select your operating system. It is also showing here.

It s 64 bit for me so i need to install 64 bit operating system click on the download button. I have given the links for instruction in the description. So you can follow them it just takes 10 to 15 minutes to install windows if you are windows 10 existing user than google for windows. 10 iso and visit the first link of microsoft official website and click on update now open the update tools it will check for the updates and install them i have already updated after that restart your system.


It will take some time to install all of these updates. Now you have updated your system or you have reinstall. It to the latest version now right click on the taskbar and click on show touch keyboard. Now we have got the touch keyboard just click on that the keyboard will pop up and you will find these emojis.

No big deal. This was already then you can also detach by clicking here if you want to change languages. Then click on settings button and you can choose from here you can also change a speech input. Now it s time for the test click on the keyboard button and hit over to the mic and it will start recognizing your voice you can also minimize keyboard just press windows key h on your keyboard and start speaking.


So as here you can see that it s recognizing my boys accurately and in a good speed you can also type long sentences. Very easily. There are also other features like when you will say dot or period. It will add a full stop at the end of sentence same with commas and many other symbols here you can read all about special codes.

I have given this link in the description. If you want to insert emojis or smiley s just press windows dot or decimal sign on your keyboard make sure that you are in the text box and the emoji panel will pop up you can type the emoji reaction. Like analyse add or you can simply choose by the scrolling that s all for this video guys. I hope you enjoyed this video hit that like button.


And don t forget to subscribe and to press. The bell icon to get notifications first also watch recent videos here and share this video everywhere and make a twirl thanks for watching. I will surely catch you up in the next video. ” .


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Hey Guys in this video I have shown that – How you can type without touching your keyboard in windows 10. This feature was in Android and IOS device only but it is available in windows 10.

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