How To Set Up Crowd Control

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“I m ice cream and i m a streamer on youtube for links to the the past and super mario maker and i use a lot of the tools that world community has put together very extensively and they ve got a new version of crowd control that i haven t found any video tutorials like they ve had in the past. So i m just kind of making one myself to kind of fill in the gaps until they have the official ones. But okay so let s go through the website and talk about changes to work world since the previous version. So the previous version you have to setup.

The lua scripts and connections more manually the new app that they made it really awesome because it automates a whole lot of stuff that you had to do previously. But that means that in simplifying. The process. It s changed a little bit so if you re used to the old way.

There s a new way to do things and we re going to go through the whole process here. So when you get to the work world. Sorry. The crowd control web page you ll have this nice ui here.

They have a set up guide a link to download it more information the same information for the set up guide faq forums and when you log in you ll have your own personal dashboard here as well so the first thing you re gonna want to do is to download this but before i do that let s actually kind of talk through the setup guide itself that they have laid out here. It s some very well documented. It provides you basically all the information that you need so the first thing that they suggest that you do is install the crowd control twitch extension. This is what your users are going to be interacting with in order to buy the coins with bits to spend in whichever game.

You re streaming. So you can go here and then it ll prompt you to install crowd control once you do you can go to configure and then in order to have it active on your stream. What you need to do is you need to change this to an overlay here so now it s activated so none of the other ones here or activate. And then when you don t want it anymore.

If you re playing a different game. That s not using crowd control you can just deactivate. It okay. So that s that so coming back over here we got our twitch extensions set up and of course.

All of these things you need to have your your credentials set up first so make an account and then you ll be able to do these things so the next thing..

That s uh that they talk about here is actually installing the desktop application. So that s going to be the link that s is over here for download. Then after that is the configuration so all the stuff that follows. After this is really important and this is the reason why a lot of people have difficulty with having things set up properly.

Because a lot of the pathing needs to be set manually so then you do that i m doing this on emulator. So i m not going to talk at all about hardware. And then this is information for starting the game. I highly recommend reading all of this because this is the way that i learned how to do this and then another important part of the setup is that once you have base hawk base hawk is the emulator that crowd control works with once you have it you need to manually set the correct course.

I ll show you guys how to do that in a second and something interesting and i didn t know about until. I read all the way to the bottom here is that they actually output a log file of all the purchases so what you can do with this is you can do some more customization with your overlay or your stream. If you want to have like something that s animate or something you can put in some custom css or something to to reference this particular log file. Okay okay so a couple of other things that are on here before i really get going so they have a really.

Nice faq. Here and so this is just an example of one of the pages that that they have discussing some new games that they d like to add to crowd control. The ones that they ve been thinking about it actually these are actively in the work. So they re working on getting these ones in so that s the forum and then there s also the the faq.

So the fact will answer a lot of the very common questions that you might have both about the setup and about how crowd control works and how the work world community is funded through the purchases made by bits and so on so that s that so one more thing work world the community has a discord server. So you can interact with them in more real time and discord that s the nice thing about discord and they re pretty active in here. So if you have questions or you want to post clips from your streams. When you use crowd control.

This is a great place for that okay and then while i m on discord one more really quick shout out to somebody else that i found in the community. Really recently and that s jeff let me see that s jeff. I have too many discord servers hold on to me. One.

Second that s jeff d..

So. Jeff d. Has been kind of working independently. Using some of the software that the world team has put together to make his own games that integrate with crowd control.

So he s got so far. He s testing. A crowd control for doom half life. 2.

Is one that i m especially excited about and a single player for gta. 5. So if you re interested in these particular games. Jeff s kind of working independently.

But i know that he s been in contact with jock who as well so they re they re working together. But for jeff s particular projects. I know that he needs a little bit of support in terms of play testing. So that s something i m going to be doing to help him out and if you re interested in these games.

I m gonna like his discord server here okay so now that we ve gone through all the nuts and bolts let s actually get into how it is that we re going to get crowd control setup. So like i said you re going to go here after you ve installed the twitch extension. You re going to go to the desktop application install this download it you know usual kind of stuff when you have that downloaded what you re going to do is you re going to ron crowd control. I have it installed already so i m just going to pull it up and then you re gonna be greeted with this nice ui.

So this is like the one of the really big changes that they ve had since the previous version. So it s really well well made. I m i m really impressed with the work that these guys have done really awesome job. So one of the really important things that you need to do is you need to tell warp world.

Where your emulator is so the way that you do that is you go over to this tab for configure and then you go to this hawk emulator and then you click browse nice ui brings up a file explorer i don t remember exactly where mine is but when you find where yours is you can click on that folder..

And then it ll bring them right there ok. So i just had to take a second to find the folder that i was looking for. But when you re configuring this path and directing work world or sorry crowd control to where your base is installed this is the folder where this emu hawk is okay so this was something that confused me a little bit cuz. I m like where s bitlocker.

It s actually a mohawk so the folder that you want is where you have this okay. So. Then you have your path for your emulator setup. The next thing that you want to do for the game.

That you re playing is you need a path to the rom so mine is just by default my download folder. I downloaded one already so i m good to go actually so all of this is set up now i can go to my game selection. I can go to the snakes the path randomizer that s what i tend to play click start and now here s i forgot something i forgot something so so. Before you can actually start playing you re also going to need to set the course for base hawk.

So just to show this side by side with the instructions right here. So. So. The instructions right here right.

Here lists what chords you need to have set. So the way you re going to do that is you re going to go to config when you have this hawk open and then you re going to go to course. And then nasa needs to be quick nass sn sa needs to be bs smash or beast nests and gba needs to be gambit ok. So i don t know what any of these things are but they just have to be set up the right way ok.

So then then once you have all that set up what s different about this then then the old version and i think this is something that my can people is crowd control actually launches bizhawk. You don t have to you don t have to open it beforehand in fact you don t want to open it beforehand. So you see how i don t have i m not busy open at all once everything is configured. So you have the path correct for your rom and your emulator.

You go to game selection click start and then once you do that launch base off ok..

And then you re pretty much ready to go i think i didn t miss anything. But so what you ll see is it ll launch your game and launch your game. And the old lure console that you have to manually set. It s also here you want to make sure that you don t close this you close that i lost my window.

If you close that then things break so you need to make sure that that s set up so that s pretty much it for the setup. So i do want to say a huge shout out to jocko and the crowd control world team you guys literally make my stream. Possible. I would not be streaming and enjoying as much as i am without the level of interactivity that i have with chat that the software that you guys make provide so definitely big shout out to jock ooh and the crowd control team definitely follow their streams check out the crowd control the crowd no sorry.

This is a work world discord server. This is where you can talk about all the projects that they re working on help them out with their software. Because at the end of the day. These guys are their independent developers they want their software to be as good as possible and the only way that they can really do that is by getting feedback from users and finding out where where things aren t quite working right or maybe.

The community has ideas for things to implement in new versions. Talking to them and helping them out is ultimately going to make the software that we used right now and that supports our streams. Even better ok ok and then a last thing just on me so like i said. I m uh i scream in i m a streamer of mario maker and link to the past randomizer and something really important to me.

And you can see from this video even that s i m all about improving my stream and then helping other people improve their stream and learning about all of the various coding. Languages and software that goes into streaming and doing it effectively so i m gonna like my discord channel. This is brand new i started this earlier this week or last week and there s this section for improve your stream. I ll probably update this based on the the needs of the community.

But like i said this is something that s really personally important to me this is how i interact with the community is to help folks out so that s going to be again huge shout out to jock ruined. The war parole team you guys are awesome and ” ..

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