How to program non affiliate scan on an xts2500,1500,5000

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“Guys. It s running outside so i figured might as well do a video one one no really it s candy. I m there a couple things you need your id your control channel. This particular one we re doing for phase.

One is your so you need to rack an id. So what you re gonna do is you re gonna go to a site called radio or a radio reference my computer slow i apologize what s gonna happen is that i go to my county here and then just go off from that tab. So we re gonna go to pennsylvania. And this particular system that we have in the county nick near us is a phase two capable system so no xts radio can monitor phase.

Two. But they re still in phase. One it s faced you capable. But they re not using it.

Which is good for us because my xt is 2500 can only do phase. One i say portables are better than scanners. I could see his says these two however this system will remain a standard phase. One system at least.

I mean if you do i don t think they ll ever really switch over until later later these actually have 9600 baud trunking. Which is phase one so for anyone s like i don t see phase. One on the flash code options well it s technically not phase. One sort of like if you put phase.

Two flash cards. I ll say tdma so here s all your control channels in the red and blue make. Sure you have that and make sure of course. You have your system id.


And your wacken id. Would just be zero zero system. Idea three bravo to you and we re gonna go to trunking chungking systems and trim personalities yeah before i continue in order to put any type of a store id you quit the faster id and you re all day long. So i put in here three bravo.

Two right. That s kind of calm as open this won t happen. Unless you have a key and i already put a key in here so what i mean by that is if you go on here on the website. Not this website.

But if you go to hacker russian. It ll be all the way on the bottom. And it will say system key once you have the system key you ll go to your desktop. Then you go to system key generator.

It ll be on the bottom of the site by the way of russian agar agar brush whatever it is this is monkey just press around and you don t have to extract all press run about press. Any key. Then you press one press enter and then put in your id. Then select the patch.

If it s to a flashdrive like i am which i would recommend just that way like if you have to go. Yeah. If you re on the fly. And you have all your info on the flash drive you gotta stop.

Here. It says. I m keep on that drive and and then you go to here import software system keys. You know be there so what s yeah you know you put in everything b.


C or c. I ll tell you right over to do not put in a unit id unit. Ids to identify the person that is going to be talking on the system you we re not gonna be talking on the system. And what you re going to do is what i would do next is go to here this is already preset.

Which is nice and you go to here and here s all your control channels you put in so i just like to copy and paste. I put the control channel first always just that way i it s like a starter. So. And i want michael to switch over to 808 8 1.

2. 5. Because it has automatic set to negative 45 megahertz offset. And it ll keep doing this for the rest of the channels just for video sake.

I m not gonna leave it at just that one channel um you click out of that go to trunk and personality already have your astra system here cuz. When you make an astro system personality. They ll pop up pre assigned. Because there s only one you ll go to top groups.

Find as many top crips. As you want i ll just put in five um go to here go to your table groups. I won t listen to these channels. North south fire north ems sentry ems and south ems so again for some place to you where s gonna buy the tarp.

Says. One two three four well one two three four five. My bad um there s just for some please simplicity sake again if you you know put in the hex cuz. If you put in the decimal two three seven.


I ll show you this will show up as talkgroup two three seven not zero. I go delta. I just put another echo delta cuz. If you put in a zero just come up with that but my bad um.

Then before you do anything else. With adding. In your talk. Group channels.

Thinking. Oh. I don t i just won t press. The push to talk at all well that s fine and all.

But what i do to make sure for certain is that you hide them. And what i mean by that is that this will be your scan channel. So scan. You know let s say scan.

Ems fire. Okay. And this will be your talk group so generally. I just put you know let s say south ems north north ems northeast pd whatever you whatever you know the top groups are because this will show up on your scan list because i ll show you in a second why fired from dispatch and again this is just you know something i made up.

But what you re gonna do is go to conventional which is analog your analog personalities. Which is analog you re gonna do is you re gonna go to here skin. And you re gonna put in at this time there s only one skin list. Which it s all you really need unless you want scan each individual you know channel on that system chakra.


So you go to scan you go to talk group. And since there s only much this one you only have to worry about that got put in your one zone. You can only have five. When you re scanning talk groups so keep that in mind when you re up my bed.

Not channel 16 channel. 17. You re just putting all your talk ups you want to scan and what will happen is your scan lists one for analog channel. One will be here so let me go to your zones scan here now keep in mind that if you go to any channel.

Because it s all one then they will scan also so you could play all these blank channels to 216. As channel channel to just that way you know always scanning like like let s say also i almost forgot to put on my exam. Well let s say you won a pot like channel. 2.

Is just your fire and channel ones for ems. No problem you just do the same thing you scan list. 2. That you ll make no go to chant scandalous to talk roop you know well put talked over this again simplicity and laziness.

Honestly um. But scan scan less to automatic scan and then you just write it and you re done and that s how you do not affiliate. ” ..


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