How to fix low Bluetooth volume issues on Android! (Speakers/Headphones/Earphones)

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“My name is sonny and today. I m going to be showing you how you you can fix low volume bluetooth issues with any of your bluetooth devices. So currently i hear my air pods to my note. 9.

They are extremely quiet even when i put them on the max possible volume they still sound around half the volume that they actually should be i only just encountered this issue this morning normally the volume has been completely fine on all my bluetooth devices. But suddenly it was extremely quiet for everything and it was only on my phone. So today..


I m going to be showing you a really easy fix to restore the correct volume for your bluetooth devices. So the first thing that you re going to want to do is head over to your bluetooth settings. This can easily be done by swiping down from notification panel and then pressing and holding on the bluetooth button or you can go to settings connections bluetooth and now you can pair with your bluetooth device once it s paired we want to click on the three little dots at the right top corner. When we click on this then we see advanced and then here.

The setting that we re going to want to enable is located we want to enable media volume sync. But currently it s great at so sometimes the help fix this you need to disable jewel audio. But still media volume sync is great app for us now to fix this..


It s pretty easy we want to go back to the main page of the settings scroll. All the way to the bottom. And then click developer options then keep scrolling down until you see networking then go down until you see disable absolute volume so if this is enabled for you we need to disable this in theory. This does help with some things.

But currently this is what s not allowing us to enable the absolute volume. So this is important to disable and the whole issue is that our bluetooth device volume isn t syncing with the volume of our android fam but let s say you don t even have developer options in the first place at the bottom. I ll disable..


It and to enable developer options need to go into your batphone software information. And then keep clicking on build number until this pops up now we need to confirm our pin and now you officially have developer options enabled now when you go back to the main menu. You see developer options at the bottom so we want to double check that sable absolute volume is disabled so now it s disabled for me and that s good and now when we go back to our bluetooth. Then we can disconnect from our bluetooth device.

And then we can reconnect once it s reconnected. We will be able to enable the media volume sync. So click the three dots click advanced and now we can enable media volume sync as it is no longer greater and now your bluetooth device or from my case my gym one ear pods will sink its volume with the volume of the fem and i also have a disco server now that i ll leave the link to down in the description..


Here. If you have any issues with any of my tutorials you can get some support for me there or if you want to suggest the video you can leave it in my discord server and again. I ll leave a link for that down below anyways thank you for watching all the way to the end and enjoy working bluetooth device. If this video didn t help you feel free to leave us you down in the comment section below or gladly try and assist you or you can join my disparate server take me directly.

There my name is sonny and after the next up ” ..

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