How to change the resolution on DirecTV

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“So this is what your remote looks like and this is gonna be the buttons. Buttons. You re gonna use the first one. You re gonna use is menu that where you find the menu.

And you re gonna also be using the select key that s the yellow. One there and then you re gonna use the arrow keys..

There are four arrow keys up down left and right and those are the keys. We re going to use you may have to use the info key. Which was right there and when we re finished. You re gonna use the exit key and that s it so we re going to start by picking up the remote i m gonna put it at the tv and we re gonna press menu that s that s that button right there and that brings up the menu on the tv and then we re going to arrow down using the arrow keys and we re going to arrow down to where it says settings.

And then we re going to use the yellow select key and we re gonna select arrow over in the settings to display now yours may look a little different but you want to look for display in the settings. And you hit select now we can go down to resolutions..

And what we want to do is we want to turn off the 480 which is right there and we want to turn off the 480p. The 720 and we only want to have the 1080i and this tv isn t 1080p. So it won t support it. But your tv will probably have the 1080p and you ll leave it on so this one and this one can be checked and then when you re done with that you can arrow over to the left to where it says tv resolution then you can hit the exit.

Key and now you see up on the top screen. Where the blue line is under messages right here well now it s under info..

But we re going to use the arrow key here on the remote to arrow over to info or to audio video on the screen you see where it says audio video on the top and that s on the top of the screen you go over from messages all the way to audio video and you hit select on there and it s going to change your screen format every time you hit select it ll change the screen format and you can change it again. And again until you get the screen to look the way you want and you got four formats you got original stretch. What s the next one more in pillar box. And then the one you really want is the original format that s going to give you the best.

But you may want to go with stretch so that it always stretches those pictures to be full screen. So morgan got a stretch and that s the format you want 1080i stretch format..

And that ll get you what you need and when you re done you can press exit. ” ..

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