Halo 5: Guardians – How to Get a TON of Req Points in 2020 (Easy!)

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“What is going on recyclin with cyclops here and welcome to our next video today. Today. I m going to be showing you a technique that i ve been using to get quite a bit of wreck points in halo. 5.

Guardians so without further ado let s jump into it so first thing you want to do is you want to go actually. Yeah. Okay so you could do it right from the main menu. You want to go down to requisitions and then go to collection.

Then you come down to power weapons and vehicles and as you can see i ve already done this like i ve done all the weapons already what i do i don t play war zone. So i just kind of i just erase everything like i sell all of my requisitions. However if you play war zone. You know it s very unlikely like if you look in the vehicles.

I have 57 ghost ultras. Which i don t know about you. But i m never gonna use. 57 ghost ultras in like even if i played war zone.

24. 7. So you know you can easily bring that number down to ten or if you want 15. And you ll still get quite a bit of rent points in return so i started off this morning with it was about five thousand wrecked.


Points and now i m at like. 58000. Or i m sorry. Oh no.

Yeah. 58000. 553. So um.

So just real quick. I m just gonna go through and i m going to sell all the vehicles and i m gonna sell all the power ups and then we ll see where we are when we come back and i will hopefully it ll kind of prove to you that you don t have to buy wreck back sfrom three four three now. I will say i like the system they have going as far as their whole system is a hundred times better than call of duty s it s basically if you don t want to buy anything you don t have to and the thing is like i go all of this stuff. I have not bought a single thing except maybe the reach pack.

But i can t remember if i did that or not. But i have not bought a single like wreck pack for this game. So you can see i ve actually done a decent amount of grinding and i ve come out pretty decent. So we are going to hop right in and we ll see how much shrek points.

We have when i m done all right ladies and gentlemen. So here we are we have gone through and we have sold all of our requisitions from the power weapons and vehicles and the boosts and we have managed to get a total of 140000. Wreck points and that was all in about 20 minutes you know 20 minutes and you can have a hundred and forty thousand wreck points. Now that is you know given you know that you have saved up a lot of your power weapons and stuff.


And also that s given that you don t play war zone that often you know however even if you do play war zone. You could still bring like bring each of your vehicles down this is what i did when i first started playing the game is i so i would bring each of my like requisitions down to like ten or so because there s no way i m gonna end up using all like all ten of every single one of my weapons. In you know such a short a game time so but anyways so yeah. So that is how you can get a ton of wreck points in halo.

5. Guardians. So yeah so i think what i m gonna do now is i m just gonna leave oh look at that i can get the classic omelet back and i can almost actually i can t get it. But i can almost get it and say yeah.

But i m just gonna leave it i m just gonna buy a bunch of these gold packs. And i hope that y all like it wow. One thing. I want to do actually is i want to look at i ve 12.

I need all of these holding frappe forgot how many wow. I forgot how many of these like customization stuff. They actually had in this game. And they keep adding more i think i think that s part of the reason that it s so hard to find they re hard to get everything i mean.

But yeah so store. I m just gonna keep buying some more hopefully we can get something good got a nice ultra rare assassination. There i like that terminal velocity. Maybe equip that and then what is this all right yeah.


So we got ourself a lawgiver certification as well as the recon ar also got the super combine and all this stuff. Which i really don t care too much about so but one thing i will say is really nice about this moon ice helmets. We ve got a region in the engineer in the emile ablum. I m equipping that i love the meal.

I forgot i lost my train of thought. I forgot what i was saying but anubis and then woodland warthog. But also yeah. This is what i was saying was like all this stuff you can go ahead and sell you can do it.

While like while you re going or as you re going or you can wait until the very end and just. Resell it all and you might get another. Like another 10000. Out of it able to open a new rec pack.

So just keep that in mind. That you may not be a bad. Idea may not be a bad idea to just continue selling got a hellcat armored battle rifle into grunt so a vector interrupt armor it meant plasma grenade expert. So that s nice to be even better if it wasn t if it was for like multiplayer as well or like arena.

I guess they call it. But so then we got the tracer and then ragin and not a whole lot else. That s super exciting got the fender ear. That would be something i d be interested in checking out is the upgraded thrusters that might be kind of cool.


I wonder how fast you run and stuff. But then you got the soldier dog face kind of like the look of that mask or that helmet. I m not sure then the only warthog certification got a nice cam a mild amble m after this two more we got the spitfire certification and the battle rifle which has a bayonet on it i believe yeah an energy bayonet increases melee damage and range. I wonder how much it s increased.

I doubt it to what hit i ll be kind of overpowered. But monstrous nice so just his weapons skin yeah. It looks like it i like it then the binary rifle certification. Which means we can get more of these binary right everyone and they cost that you could sell those for one hundred and fifty.

So that s you know that s good don t want to do that and then we re going back. Sir last gold pack. I got the pro pipe and this is also good because if you look they re worth a hundred every time you sell them so let me get that fenrir whoa brynner armor. So that was cool.

But anyways so yeah so that is how you get a ton of wreck points in halo 5 guardians. I hope you liked the video. If you know of any other way that s better aside from you know just flat out purchasing leave it in the comments below. You know let me know and i d be happy to make a video about it.

And i ll and i ll give you a shout out as well so anyways. Thank you guys for watching this ” ..

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