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“Guys is there in the hope for mobile. Reviews. 88. And today.

We re gonna gonna do a review of the griffin survivor identity. This is actually one of griffin. More fancier line of cases and for the most part they work fairly well this is pretty much a three piece case. That s drop rated to four feet.

There is a screen protector bumper and a back panel. Which according to griffin you can swap it with other people s identities. I ve got a pretty big gripe with a screen protective portion of the case. But that s just me being really picky now based on my time with a griffin identity.

I ve given a score of four point. Four a s out of five. It scores just a smidge lower than the survivor core and a tad higher than the slim armor and it definitely does better than the griffin survivor. All terrain.


If you d rather read the rest of this review head over to the website. Today. If you re gonna get a griffin case check out the comparison tool that we have for all the griffin cases that we ve reviewed links are in the ir in the description section. Below real usage.

Real reviews. Mobile reviews a ca and mobile reviews a dot c. We base our reviews on actually usage. So when a company says you could drop an iphone case well we drop an iphone case as a side note.

I do have to say that i ve had these identity cases since actually before i had any of my iphone 6s i pre ordered them and they showed up before i got my six. I didn t do the review for them. Because i didn t think people had the appetite for another griffin case but according to the rancor tool. Which i m very grateful that you guys do vote on this is the case.

So you guys one of the higher rated cases. So here we go in terms of design. The size of the case can be quite thick or it could be quite thin. Depending on the version of the griffin identity then you get on the iphone 6 plus.


I purchased an identity whose back looks like a speaker grilled that has a slight round on the back. So coupled with a screen protector. This identity is almost as thick as the survivor slim however on the iphone 6 i have the graphite version which is quite thin with that the screen protector in terms of build quality. I m not a big fan of how the case is good together as the bumper in the back kind of breaks.

Apart. Quite easily you can easily snap it back together other than that the case seems to keep together fairly well in terms of protection. This is one of the toughest slim cases that reviewed as a struck rate. It has multiple layers comes with a screen protector and has decent edge for scream protection and no unnecessary cutouts.

However as i said earlier the case does come apart slightly. So there is a chance that dust and debris will get to your iphone because of the fit issue. If you do get this case. Consider cleaning it periodically.

My sister used her identity. Without the actual back has just a bumper and she definitely didn t notice dust and debris tends to collect along the side of the phone of the iphone case now as another caveat. This is a tough case it is drop rated. But it s not as tough.


If the survivor slim and this a survivor. Core these two cases are drop rated to. 66 feet or 2. Meters this is only four feet or 12 meters.

So. If you re looking for ultimate drop protection from a slim case. Then consider getting you these two. And if you re just okay just occasionally dropping it out of your pockets.

This is definitely gonna do the job in terms of accessing your iphone inside the case. I didn t come across any issues. The buttons are easy to use especially when compared to the griffin survivor. Core the cutouts at the bottom of the case are large enough to handle a variety of different size cords and the touch id code on the screen protector though a little high doesn t get in the way of the sensor.

There are also no camera or sound issues. Now the screen protector is quite nice. But it is one of the things that annoys me it juts out ever so slightly so it just really takes away from the sleekness of the case. The screen protector has an adhesive back so it eliminates any sort of gap between the screen protector in the iphone.


Which is nice hopefully they decide to do the same thing with the next iteration of the griffin survivor. All terrain glare isn t an issue and most importantly. There s no diffusion of the iphones wonderful great hd screen. So that s all i got for the griffin identity.

If you have any questions leave them in the comment section below. And yes. I realize i did get two cases that were yellow and i m wearing the yellow shirt. That is a coincidence not a code not a coincidence find me on google twitter as well as facebook.

I m here in the hole. If you have any questions name in the comment section below. I mean more than happy to get back to you go to my website. Find the end of pipe post and vote on the rank or tools to let me know what you guys want to see on my channel thanks.

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