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“Is a very important video some people some dumb balls. Still think the earth is is flat my god how can you be so stupid logan paul thats. Right. Disappointed let s look at this earth.

Okay. What shape is this that s right round wow. Well what a lot of people don t know is if you keep zooming in over here over in canada over in saint. Pierre.

And miquelon over here. At st. Johns. Over.

Here. At witless bay. Insert. Dubstep music.

We are getting closer. O dubstep. Intensifies over to burnt cove over between the gret island and sant miquel wehavee peepee. Islaaaannddd1111111.

Do do do dudu dodo doodoo clap clap clap smash a like on this video. If you want to visit peepee island cause i dunno about you guys i really want to go visit peepee island what happens in peepee island. I don t know why does it have such an amazing name. I don t.

Know either this is proof once and for all that the earth is round..

I think eu yes. I wanted to explore a little bit more here today where you can discover on this amazing planet earth thanks to google technology with google street view and google sattelite there s so many different things to look at so many things to appreciate such as this new viral clip. Thanks to in uh new jersey or something like that we have a google street view of a man falling down the stairs. Sly chuckle.

I shouldn t be laughing. I really shouldn t oh no oh god i haven t seen the second one. I hope hes. Okay.

I genuinely do let s see if we can find this uh alright. Let s add the little guy continuous elevator music. Oh nooo uhohoho jesus christ the blurred him out atleast god i hope he s okay felix is a good man. The world is a wonderful place to live.

We also have this incredible clip which. I think i ve shown before a cute lil dog uwu on another note. Just an adorable little dog chasing over the google street view car thing warrior music uwu come on doggo you can do it111. Some say.

The dog is still chasing the google street view car till this day to this day. He just doesn t give up does he ebackeda huhuhu. I got u now. Google jesus.

Christ okay here. We goo zoom in we re in japan. Everyone oh. My goood how did they know only in japan for those of you who haven t visited to japan yes.

This is how everyone walks around where did they go ahhhhh hue hahahahaha uh ahahaha uh hahaha oh thats so creepy go..

Damn pigeon people they are everywhere take it back the earth is not fl why does the japanese earth look different. Okay explain. This scientists huh. Oh.

Yeah. I know this one okay so you look at the speed limit god damnit google look at the speed limit 37. This is taken by the google car btw turn around here what is the speed limit god damnit google oh they blurred it those fu 20haha owhat. The freek google you break the law everyone tweet this out right now googlebreakalaw.

I m crying and i m shaking right now google just confessed to this horrific crime. Sad piano music found online pro tip google if you break the law don t film it take it from me who s never done anything i llegal moeving on okay here s another coordinate alright. So you re just in a park. It s a nice day.

It s a nice weather you re in co fn whatever that is you walk down the street and boom. O issa cow. Incredible d cows exist clap how did he get passed th. The cow.

That is the real question oh. Thats some close up action right. There thank. You very much google keep shane dawson.

Away from th eh. That s not even a joke jesus christ alright. See you later cows you can find all kinds on google street view. Why go out side when you could just click through this look at this people lookin akward.

They always loook at the camera..

It s so creepy eh huhahaha. One cool thing i actually find is that is that could actually go underwater uh in google map and like here on island you can go underwater and there s a turtle pretty e p. I c. See everyone looks into the camera this is what i m talking about its so weird damn that s epic look at that amazing and we are killing it congardulations everyone alright next up i have some coordinates.

I want to explore where in the world are we gonna go next that s right everyone we enter the coordinates we enter the sattelite view. We zoom in one sattelite view. I assume it s over here zoom in god damnit and there we have it hu. He ha ha.

Ha a giant stuffed bunny everyone giant stuffed. Bunny thank you italyvery cool we have this one if you go to google earth type in the coordinates blah blah blah. It s a man dragging a dead body to a lake 0 huh shocked face o o. That is so creepy okay we must investigate let s enter.

The coordinate. There it is huh where are they where did they go the mysteries of life we will explore this we will dig deep what happened to this person it s a wet dog . I mean i should be happy i shoul eu he haha i ll take it panic averted. I mean it looks crazy alright so just another.

Oh god chad. The magnificent country it even has the eyes my god chad all hail chad. The greatest country of all time now if you zoom in a little bit outside of chad and if you zoom in a little bit and then just go and that s right and that s a mouth isnt. It well whatever it lips huehuehue.

Very facinating. The world is a magnificent place prepare to be more facination facinated upcoming here adding some more coordinates bee bo bee bo here we have innn what the hell is this bing bam boom zoom timezoom time you can actually see i think atleast no suppost to be a ship wreck god damnit akward scilence well that makes it lame. We also have this fantastic picture. What the he i think this is in mexico so creepy jesus christ theres.

Also this wonderful place such as chicago d..

Hehe idk. If these are real. I just love it so much heha welcome to chicago. Everyone where you can also find arguably one of greatst things on google street view this dog everyone uwu look at this dog.

If this isn t worth smash like subscribe. I dunno. What is incredible good boi meanwhile is russia s google street view. What is happening here does anyone know look they re looking too like aw s .

They got it aw damnit. Google street car got it there is also the i dunno what this is i dunno what happening here. But i could only imagine. But they re fighting us.

Oh. My god they even convicted. A man in taiwan thanks to google maps because an unleashed dog was responsible for a neighbors bicycle accident jesus christ google maps will getchu man big brother is watching you but i think the most the worst. One is when haha just falling poor nawww look at the poor dog human falls down.

Oh. No the poor dogs hahaha look at them i stumbles upon this random sequence randomly who just randomly goes on google street jesus christ take better care of your dogs you dummy fancy lobby music theres also wonderful images such as baby d being born and naked man in sleeping trunk. But if you go to gothenburg sweden. My home town you enter sattelite view.

And you zoom in just enough on stadium ullevi and you will find that s right everyone representcom pewdiepie t series may have beaten us so you might as well buy the 90 million club merch. Because we sure as hell aint getting to 200 at this point so thank you for your support. And i really really really appriciate it see you guys tommorow attempt loli voice bai fancy elevator music what no no don t leeeeave this game is still relevant god damnit ” ..


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