Gam3Gear Brook Xbox One to PS4 Converter – How it works and full demo

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“Everyone burt from season gaming in back with another accessory for your controllers you tend tend to do a lot of these and some of our biggest requests have been typical conversions between different consoles and you re jumping around now this one comes from a company called brook. I m gonna kind of zoom in as best as i can here and you can kind of see the actual brook iguana right there so be roo okay. And what this one specifically does is it allows you to play xbox controllers on the ps4 now one of the key. Things here is in very detailed description.

They do state that you have to be wired in to do this. So. If you do have a wireless controller and you re hoping that this little dongle here will convert your elite or your typical xbox controller into a wireless controller for the playstation. 4.

If that would not happen i ve tested it in a number of different situations. I ve also used the wireless adapter from microsoft and plug it into here hoping it would work. But so why would you use this why is this important well a lot of people consider. The xbox one controller to be a lot more ergonomic.

And it also has the offset joystick so a lot of people prefer to use that on different consoles. Well the dualshock has the two joysticks right in the middle and they re pretty close to each other a lot of people don t prefer that so what else would you use it for besides a dual shock replacement well let s say you have a really nice steering wheel maybe you have a logitech c920 maybe you have one of the microsoft wheels and you just prefer that and you want to play gran turismo. You want to play an f1 game you want to play something. But you don t want to have to buy another wheel well that s where this comes in handy.

Other thing would be your big arcade joysticks for fighters. So this one really comes into effect with a lot of different situations. That you might be interested in wanting to use an xbox type controller. Now another cool.

Thing. Here is third party. Wired controllers for the xbox work with this as well. So.

If you re using like a power. A maybe a pdp maybe those cheaper controllers that are wired. They will work on here too so let s get this open and talk. A little bit more about it one other key thing here is that it also works for pc.

So if you have maybe an older xbox controller or a wheel funny enough and i haven t tested the wheel. But that got me thinking maybe you picked up a pc. And maybe you re on game paths or something and you want to use it you can use this adapter as well so for starters. The packaging is very straightforward.

It is simply a usb dongle and there we go if i can show that to you even more close not much to it you do have an led that s gonna show you here to show that it s working brooke does highly recommend that you update the firmware on this when you get it one of the neat things here is that it does have a couple scannable bar codes here that you can actually use or pc code. So am. I thinking here. But you can actually use for the user guide and also for firmware it doesn t really make sense because if you re getting the firmware you re gonna plug this into your computer.

And then update. It now it has been updated fairly often so this is actually a pretty cool device because it s supported by brooke as a very lot of different controllers and wheels are upgraded all the time so how does it work you simply are gonna plug this thing into the front or back or wherever you want on your playstation. 4. And then in the back here you plug in your usb cable.

If i can get this to zoom in into the dongle here and you re off and running. Now. This is what they consider plug and play so the second you plug in your corded controller into this dongle it automatically recognizes it and you hit a button on your xbox controller and you re off and playing now obviously if you have an elite controller you re gonna definitely want to program your buttons properly for the playstation. 4.

Obviously the plugins tone switch you re not gonna see an abxy or anything along those lines or the bumpers everything is still gonna be labeled in the sense of a typical playstation. 4. Controller. So let s take a look at that i m gonna go ahead.

And do an example. I do have a steering wheel on how this works in an xbox controller and a third party xbox controller that way you can see how this is working once..

Again. The most common faq. Question is gonna be why is it not working. What s happening.

And you do have to update. Your flying. There let s take a closer look at that i m gonna be switching cameras now to the actual test of how this works. Okay so before we get started with all the connections and everything and how it s gonna work i want to show you how these buttons are gonna transfer to each.

Other. So. The brooke converter has a standard setup as to how these are gonna work. So you have your joysticks.

Obviously they re gonna work the same way the things that are different is your power button up here is gonna work the same way as your playstation button right here. Now the other things are is you have your share button. Which is going to be on the playstation controller will transfer over to the menu button here and the options button will come over to this other menu button here for the xbox now as i mentioned earlier you are gonna lose a functionality of your square triangle or anything you have to know those buttons just based on what you have so they re literally gonna transfer squares gonna go to x triangle the y beat a circle and a yes x not cross and then your your triggers. They re gonna work similar so you have you have your your right bumper will go to r1 and then your r2 will go to right trigger.

And then left bumper will go to l1 and then l2 will go to left trigger. It took me a second there to think about those so keep that in mind when you re connecting. These you do have a way to switch over the way things are programmed inside of your your broke accessory your brooke usb stick. But it s actually a lot easier just to leave it the way.

It is now one thing you lose a bit of functionality on is this touch sensor. The other thing that you will lose functionality onto your playstation is if you re playing vr you do have to have your led sensor only on the playstation. 4. Controller zeelandia work.

So if you re planning on using an xbox controller on playstation vr. Won t work so keep that in mind and as i mentioned in the other section of the video its corded so you do lose functionality regardless of if you re using a bluetooth xbox controller. It is gonna be courted so what we re gonna do here is i m gonna move the playstation controller completely out of the way you ll see it s not turned on at anyone. So there s no trickery that s going on and i am actually going to pool.

My playstation. 4. Over here. So you can kind of see.

Here s the top of it okay. So we are now recording screen capture with playstation and i m pulling that in right now. So you can see that and i m taking the brooks accessory and literally just plugging it right in here and i m not sure if you can see it too well. But the led did turn on here.

So we have a blue led and that means that it s ready to be paired and i m literally just gonna pull a standard just micro usb cable here and i m gonna plug it straight into the end of the usb stick have my xbox elite controller. So this is what a lot of people consider as the creme de la creme. This generation as the best controller from an ergonomic perspective a comfort perspective. It s got everything you need so literally just gonna plug the microusb in now you ll see what happens here.

When this is all plugged in so immediately. The controller vibrates and right here. You can see the light to the xbox. One controller has turned on and all i m gonna do is click that the second i click that i am now good and going you ll see the playstation is automatically recognizing me.

If i want to see the different profiles that i want to use i m gonna use my own and that s it i mean. It s literally plug and play as i mentioned this is how easy it is to use there s no downsides at all to it like i said the main downside is you are now corded. So. If you were planning on using some sort of wireless attachment.

I did test the xbox wireless adapter to see if that would use i plugged it into the back try to get it to connect to a number of controllers no luck there whatsoever. So that s that is a negative..

So you re probably gonna want to use a stronger braided cable. Just because you re now using a cable for this i m you can see me here. I m navigating straight through everything i m not having any problems. I can you know navigate to the different menus.

I m gonna start last of us just to show you the gameplay here just to show you that it works just fine. And i hit x. And you can see the game is now launching so no delays there at all like i said you have to be somewhat of a playstation player. Remember the layout of this of the controller.

A lot of times playstation people can you know and xbox people they don t have to know what buttons are pressing. But as you know this is gonna be x circle triangle square and then you should know your bumpers and then here s your share button. And then here is gonna be your options button so here you have once again the offset controllers. If you are maybe an xbox player.

You don t play playstation that much a lot of times. Just your hand muscles aren t used to the different designing you cramp up really easy depending on the game that you re playing so here i m being asked any button. I m hitting the x button. And it s working no problems no questions anywhere so let me see if actually it s gonna remember my game.

And funny enough. I forgot to do the cloud update let me just do last of us here. And see if it lets me continue alright. So we re gonna be launching from one of the main missions.

Just the first one to show you how everything moves round. How the buttons will work the way they should i will tell you being a fifty. I d say probably 60 40 xbox. The playstation player depending on how what you re playing.

It is definitely a switch to switch from your r1 and r2 and then left bumper to left trigger and stuff. There is a bit of adjustment period. That you re gonna have to get used to there these face buttons. They re pretty much normal your joysticks will feel different as well and having that d pad down here instead of up.

Here is gonna take a bit of adjusting. I m not gonna say it s like some otherworldly science or something like that. But there is a difference and your hand will feel the difference you re sometimes gets so used to the playstation or xbox controller. But you kind of forget your muscle memory.

That s there so um keep that in mind. When you re playing let me just get started here. Let s see if i can skip some of this so i m just gonna start moving with joel and you ll see everything s working as it should some literally moving down the city as normal my joysticks working just fine. If i do a circle.

You can kind of see everything works right away. There s no lag whatsoever. Coming through here so fantastic little option that you re getting from brookes here. Let me actually just unplug this one and show you another controller so i m gonna hit start here just so it pauses my game gonna easily just disconnect this automatically turns xbox controller off this is a standard xbox.

Controller this was technically the. Version two that has a 35 millimeter jack from microsoft and little just gonna plug them into the top. It vibrates again and then here s our light that we re looking for and automatically it shows the snake you can kind of see the controllers in there and right away. I can literally just pick up right where i left off here.

I go walking with joel again it s as if nothing ever happened so you have all your buttons ready to go for you pretty cool so nothing really too different here just wanted to show you the difference on a standard xbox controller versus an elite. I m gonna unplug this now a couple other things that i wanted to show you here is i have a fighter stick. So um. The this is a mortal kombat x.

Distance. Show you how old it is actually works with a 360 and xbox and the easiest thing you can think of is if you have an xbox controller that is designed for xbox and you want to try it out it will work so i actually tested this earlier..

Let me just remove this standard. Because it s got its own plug. So. This is actually a controller from pvp and let me get to my cable.

It s just usb so one of the good things here is that it is corded. I don t have to worry about any difference. But i m simply gonna plug this in and you can see maybe you can t you re maybe you can t. But this light just turned on and immediately.

I m right back in like i mean my stuffs working as a if it was normal let me see if i can go so. There s the start button. Now one of the things is that it s tricky here s i probably want to think of a simpler game. But you can see i m now navigating with this controller.

I m across here so this is a fighter stick. I don t know if i have any fighting games. Installed on my play station at the moment. But i did test this earlier to make sure that it worked as it should on my pro.

I didn t want to pull my program using my standard its launch playstation 4. I ve got guilty gear on there and i did play with this no problems whatsoever you can see i don t have sticks here. I just have a standard d pad with a fighting layout. I guess you can kind of call.

It got my bumpers and then here. I have my start button and or i should say for playstation options button. And share button are right up here. So it was really cool to be able just to plug this in and play the one thing.

I can t show you here is that it s working on the dashboard. So that s the easiest thing. I guess please take my word on i did test. It i played a bit of guilty gear with it so that was really cool to do another thing there i go with these forgot how sensitive it was play.

But i m at least still recording here with you guys it doesn t matter. It s fine. I do have let me just turn my playstation 4 back on you got to forget how sensitive this little area is you barely touch something. And it s gonna get all messed up this is a newer controller from pdp and this goes to show you how quick they are updating the actual sticks firmware launch.

Again the playstation with your sensitive buttons. But this just came out and we actually haven t we have reviewed it. But we haven t actually uploaded the actual video yet that s not till next week. But it s already has a firmware up update.

So i m back on the playstation screen. I m just gonna plug it in and immediately you can see that the little light turns on here at the top and if i hit this button. I m right back in so maybe you have a playstation. 4.

And you don t want to use it only you don t have an elite. Maybe you just prefer to use the thumbstick layout that she burries controllers only run you 25 bucks. I have seen them on cilla ready for below that but now you can have the offset sticks for a lot cheaper of an option. So you re looking.

At 25 bucks for an offset. Maybe a more comfortable maybe you were an xbox player. And you ve kind of abandon. The xbox one you didn t like at this generation you d become more of a playstation player and you want to go back to this layout.

So now you have the option for a cheaper thing and this works for third party controller. So here i am already controlling once again it s it s kind of funny..

How easy it is to switch in and out of just different controllers that you may have maybe you didn t want to use the elite that moment you wanted to go back to standard menu have a fighter game whatever. It is once again plug and play that s the biggest thing they talk about now the other thing that they do they support is tournament fighting stick. So if you ve got the joysticks and you may be your big street fighter mortal kombat whatever player those are supported here as well for this if you ve got an xbox stick you got a playstation you don t want to go buy another one it works for that as well and then steering wheels. So i do have a logitech g.

920. Did test it on a couple games. Now unfortunately. Games.

That i have which was gran turismo that will is not supported on grant regional. So i was still able to go there and turn the wheel and everything. But the the pedals weren t working as neisha so that was a bit of a letdown. I would say the biggest thing is if you re trying to take advantage the most out of this actual of this usb stick this converter.

It s probably gonna be best suited for your actual controller on that you re trying to do maybe tournament sticks. I can t speak too much on tournaments like so i m not a big fighter when it comes to games. So i m not anything to start into fighting games. So i can t speak too much on.

That but it is pretty good value so you re looking at 3999. For this converter for plug and play functionality. Now a couple other things that i do want to mention is you can this is actually coming from the actual box and you can use your camera on your phone. You use a qr code and it gives you the whole user guide not only the mappings are there for you.

But you can also take advantage of other things like the turbo button there s different ways that you can set up a turbo button by holding your actual xbox button and then whether it be a sharer options button. It s on the user guide and there s ways you can flip your buttons as well so let s say you want circle in x to flip on the playstation side. Well you can do that you can program your actual of usb stick to remap the buttons on your xbox controller. So those options are there i m not going to mess with that too much i prefer to leave the layout.

The way it is between playstation and xbox. I m not gonna do any tweaking with that here. But uh. If you have any questions let us know i do encourage you guys that if you do plan on picking it up once again it is called the brook of game controller super converter.

This is the xbox to playstation 4 adapter awesome reviews a lot of people have asked us you know instead of buying that nay con or stuff or you know the the new astro controller. Why don t you just buy an elite controller. You know you re a league controller. I m trying here trying to plug this control in any form whatsoever.

But a lot of people that are coming from xbox. The playstation consider this as the best controller and you even have playstation people that love this controller over the dualshock. 4. So the option is there for that it s kind of really cool.

I can t suggest it anymore like i said the only functionality you lose is you re going wired. So you have to use a wire and if you use vr or if you like the functions of a typical dualshock. So the dualshock you re gonna have that speaker. You re gonna have this sense a button up here.

You re gonna have your lighting in the back. If you re okay with losing those functions. Then this is the way to go in my opinion. If you re wanting to take full advantage of that so hopefully you like what you saw here folks.

This is kind of a really cool adapter you can find it directly from them amazon whatever. It is let us know if you have any questions and simply as i always say thanks for watching. ” ..


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