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“Stop cinnamon bun welcome back to my channel today it s time for another top top 5 video and today s top 5 video will be about my top 5 ds games. Yes. The nintendo ps we ll get some love today. I have to play so many awesome ideas back when i was a kid left teenager.

I really love my ps. I know that i ve already done a favorites ps games video. But that was about 100 years ago. So i decided to do a new one cup.

My favorite games changed all the time and please keep in mind that every person has a different taste in games. Don t hate me just because i don t include the game that another person. My thing should be in the list. So yes it without further ado let s get started so the first one i m going to show is the legend of zelda phantom hourglass.

This was released and it s in europe germany..

It was released in 2007. Oh. My god that was 10 years ago. Can you believe that that was 10 years ago.

Oh my god what ok nevermind. I know that i love this game. Because it reminds me of let us know the wind waker. Which is one of our all time favorites and the title i loved that you could customize your ship throws with which you are saving the seat i love the storyline i love everything about it i can remember that it took some time to get used to the controls.

Because because you have to use your stylus on the bottom screen. But as soon as you learn how to use the controls. Probably this will be a lot of fun. It s the same with the national fellows.

Very trick..

Oh i got the soundtrack promise me that after you watch this video that we ll have a look at the soundtrack of this game. You will love it the next one. I m going to show is it s also related to the national seller franchise. It s called tingles rosie peel em and i know that a lot of you guys hate this game.

But i realized i don t know maybe it s just maybe it s because i m a huge fan of single he s so funny yeah you have to connect those rupees. But to be honest. I can t really remember the storyline. I was going to include this anyway.

My list because i know that i used to love playing this game. The next one. I m going to show is super mario. 64.


I know that this is just the remake. Often often in 1064 me. But i love this game for so many reasons and the biggest reasons are those reasons. It s definitely because it makes you feel so nostalgic.

I i feel like i m playing a piece of childhood whenever. I am playing this game so super mario 64. Was one of my all time favorite nintendo 64 games ever so yes and i was in so here we make that one of the other remake not but at least a depressing wild world. I have to admit that this wasn t my my first ever crossing title my first and recrossing title was actually animal crossing new leaf.

But andr crossing new leaf makes me want to try out animal crossing wild world. And yeah. It s it s another pressing game you know if this not very surprising. It s just lovely it s nice and yeah as always going to transfer music i listen to encrusting music whenever i m driving in my car.

And yeah you should definitely try it out if you if you re looking for relaxing and super cute game okay..

Which gangs are your favorite games. I would really love to know. Which the f games. You ve been loving when the bs was still a huge thing in the handheld gaming community and yeah leave a comment below.

I would love to read them and can set it for today. I really hope you enjoyed this short video. If you did give it a thumbs up don t forget to subscribe and i will hopefully see you in my next video. I ” .


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