Exchange and Completion: What s the Difference?

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“I m afraid. It s just a matter of discussion with your neighbors and a a bit of negotiation. If you re able to agree terms come to a price enables you to offer potential purchasers access down the side of the property. Then then great you would have to register the change with the land registry.

Because it means a change in the deeds and the title boundaries. But that s about it it shouldn t be more complicated marty it really depends on your time. Scales. And how keen you are to get this house sold.


I mean you re absolutely right the dead of winter is not the busiest time in the housing market. And it might be nice to come back to the market fresh in the spring and kind of relaunch. It having said that any buyer worth their salt doing their research. Nowadays will be able to establish the marketing history of your property.

And it s been off the market on the market off the market on the market. That doesn t look too good and people will discover it anyway. So with that in mind. It s probably better just to leave it on.


But i would urge you make sure you ve got the right price. And the right agent. Helping you good luck. Thanks for your question about the difference between exchange and completion.

There are articles on the website and to do with this but exchange of contracts is the first time when both buyer and seller are legally obligated to the deal. It s the time that two people sign the contract and the purchaser puts down a deposit. It s usually 10. Everyone at that point is tied into it.


And it s only at that point that the date for completion is set that date is the date that the seller moves out and the buyer takes the keys and takes possession and the mortgage starts that completion date is the date that houses your weather. It s better to stay. And do the improvements or move. It s really related to whether those improvements are going to enable you to stay in the house for longer and not move.

I think it s unlikely that putting in a new kitchen and doing a conversion and getting an extra bedroom will make you significantly more money you ll get your money back. And you might make a bit of profit on the site. But it s not going to put your ability to purchase into a different price zone. You will have spent cash on your refurbishment and it s cast that you ll need for your deposit in order to fund your mortgage and your forward move.


So. It is a complicated one. It s a difficult question for me to answer accurately. Without kind of all of the facts and figures at my fingertips.

There are pros and cons bite sized accessible completely sitting on the fence. ” ..

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