Does It Basketball? $70 Nike Precision 3!

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“Was done see we are the soil brothers back up in it performance review. We we on a budget and nike shoe. This is one of the nikes cheapest shoes think there is only one shoe that s cheaper enough to fly by and donny boy. Did a review on that as well dang that one sucked yeah.

So this one is 10 more expensive than the fly buying the bible was what 60 70 bucks on with that yeah how much is this 77. Yeah so fly mike 60 man so 70 is really cheap and i can definitely tell i am pretty sure able to tell hey looking at it that it looked cheap right. But does it basketball well it s not gonna need a titleist video. I don t know maybe i mean 70.

I m not expecting much you know to be honest especially nike they don t really do budget models too well under armour s been known to make a few good budget models around that price range you know like when nike had the chance to make a shoe that goes like cheap they make it really leaves the shittiest material. You use everything so ii didn t like getting expect much right no i m not at all. But yes. If you guys want to call believe a link in the description box.

But let s get to start off with the track. She owned is you have this looks like a hyper dog you have an attraction pattern. Does it with my dog is it pointing like circle slash hang bone you have in kind of yeah. How s that traction insane.

Yes. Oh. You had two colorways. Yeah.

Right so you had the great one yeah. It s like a white graze. And it s like a white outsole that fit like crazy uh huh and then i got this black out call it away because it does run a little long we ll talk about that it fit yes. But insane in both i really talked here no issues whatsoever and i don t think i wiped ever you know just once or twice just out of habit.

No no break in time right no break in time. I m ready to go out of the box. Little squeaky and outdoor. You should be good too i mean it seems pretty hard pretty durable yeah.

Very interesting it is a slightly decoupled. I mean you don t we feel that it s just a slight decoupling in the mid foot. Very impressive attraction. I mean that s a good start yeah.

It s a good good unclean corn no no whitening on dust and it seemed durable yeah super hard bite. I mean it stopped here okay..

Which is kind of crazy for the price exactly i mean these two pivot points. I guess i ll just mention that real quick does they mention that in the description. Which is like yeah you can t really tell on a man who s gonna be doing the kiddies like this ballerinas dog anyway subtraction is top tier let s move on to the cushion or whatever the cushion is it doesn t say zoom anywhere sound guessing. There is no it just says foam cushioning.

It says if all great they don t use a firewall or not great be nothing but a holiday nice yeah like you can see from the video there s a lot of compression that you in fact that can seems nice is there a little bit of a bouncers and more of a softer and less you type of feeling. It s not mushy at all it s a very very firm bounce. Okay reminds me a lot of like a very thin react maybe impact protection isn t like off the charts or anything like a full length zoom or something. Like that you very very low to the ground which i like it feels nice like you feel super quick and responsive and you do get some impact protection and it s like a nice little bounce.

I mean. The cushion is like really nice the fourth way. There s nothing else a little bit a little bit a little bit a little bit oh that s interesting so you re gonna specify what the goodness. But it s nice it s really nice you know what they should do is just put this cushion.

You know every good why not sure one thing. I do speculate is that it might bottom on maybe. Yeah after a couple do sure i mean feel it it s mine. Softer yeah really soft the hang yeah so i just watch out for that we are he hasn t been playing this for like a couple months yeah so well update you guys.

But as of right now it feels really really good really notice. It s just crazy to me they don t even name this or why don t they implement this in other shoes. I don t know yeah. Why would you use like the zoom live to fineline.

Yeah. That shit is so stiff. You know alright so cushion is nice traction is nice. How are the materials real cheap yeah.

There s two right so this black color has this really shit synthetic suede. Yeah. Thing it did this this one is called the n bk and bk what does that mean i tried research lying luther king new book maybe that s selective corn it s like a new book and the taro. It s a synthetic leather in this colorway.

All the other ones are just a textile. Yeah shit mesh in the toe real horrible. The rest is not great either i mean it really looks safe when you hold it you get up close to it and look at this. Oh that feels so nice.

It s dusty so you know that the laces are just like the shitty nike laces. I mean that material is really thin in the tone and if you look like it you know like conform to your foot..

And yeah kind of soft but like when you feel it and it just she s cured of their shoes materials ever on foot super. Comfortable really like werewolf. Use it just like you put on it s just like super cozy right away no break in time. But yeah not premium at all so just straight materials or just garbage.

Okay alright and moving. I think. The figge sandy fever on long runs real long don t really definitely go down to emphasize you know i m able to go down full size. Sometimes.

Because i have a real narrow foot. The feed is kind of narrow a slightly narrow than normal. But definitely really long okay. But other than that it s a super super cozy nice fit yeah.

And it is kind of like a high meet in a minute. And then you have a traditional lacing system. With you i guess regular ice laces. It says with extra eyelids for enhanced fit can you believe the title yeah.

Offering you here. It s like two more holes. Yes. You have a pretty nice heel tab.

So a easier to put on right. It s a little bit yes or two. But yeah so i mean your basic tech. But i guess they do implement the best that they can yeah you got a full tongue.

Here yeah. And it s like well. It s almost like a half a half tone. Yeah come here it connects down to here so uh fit.

It s okay i mean for your narrow foot. It s not bad if it is really good we re gonna slice down so there s not a lot of toe space or anything. No a lot of time. Okay.

That s good yeah supporting lockdown. How s that support lockdown is good not like incredible you know i didn t really notice anything and then when we started doing the the attraction test..

You can see i m kind of coming out sam s like that it looks like you re kind of come out of footbed and you know if you put like a ton of pork or like a cross then maybe you feel like a little bit money you also sit so low to the ground that it doesn t feel like it you don t feel like you re gonna come out of the shoe. It s definitely not the most you know strong is most supportive materials. Yeah. Most supportive upper this really nothing that cages you have a lot of side too much.

But you know i didn t notice much okay and the ankle. How s that ankle support also ever it s okay yeah. It s pretty much non existent. Yeah.

I mean just it was kind of like a low as far as ankle restriction is oh okay alright moving on to the equates things these feel really light light for me would be 14. Yeah fourteen point four three that s real life. We re gonna light your 360s or what like 12 13. Yeah.

So mike does so two ounces. More is actually i really really like yeah real life. It s that she played right yeah. They re real cheap like the materials feel really thin.

Very cheap long so i mean. But it feels responsive right super response yeah super light on your feet super responsive it does feel like that sheep light. But you know i ll take it over it being heavy the astra s all alright. Any breaking time for anything.

No ok good right out the box. Yeah. How is eventually sione s ventilation was good. I didn t really notice anything you have a little bit of ventilation yeah.

But it does look like there isn t underling material underneath. It so yeah. Oh you re not gonna feel a breeze or anything. But there s no reason yeah.

That s pretty thin so i didn t really notice any you know excessive heat or anything so that was good what about stepping comfort stuff food coverage. Really nice like you know for casual even for casual use. I was just walking around you can feel just a little slight little slight compression and then just the no fault upper is very very comfortable on foot. As well just casually mm hmm.

So and then yeah. Durability..

I think is gonna be good just regarding now also the upper. I don t think there s no last too long yeah you know we keep harping on the upper. But it s just really not premium you know there you go so i can do a lot of tote bags and stuff. I think you re gonna blow right through it very quickly yeah aesthetics.

I don t know and then they re not horrible. I left that go there i think there s a whole one one with the gold swish something yeah. That s that s my other problem. That s other one has that has gold soosh.

I think this silhouette looks really good but like once you kind of look at it close it looks realty. Yeah. It just looks kind of budget like kind of basic. But you know in this black hole that we actually really like wrapping things up what 70 bucks 70.

It sounds like it s good dude. So i need these are my rotation this guy like what s up with us so i meet to 70 bucks. Do you that our minds. Me of a flight like a new flight truck that s crazy i mean.

But you should get a pair. I mean they re just gonna get it 70 nuts. I thought yeah he did recommend it yeah very much so recommended especially for anybody looking for a budget shoe. I mean if you don t wear these talk to you as far as your performance goes.

Yeah. Yeah. Alright so you already here go ahead and cops watch out for the size. It does run long.

But if you go down a size everything needs to be great. So i like minimal just like solid. You know cheap yeah. I don t wants to sit you know and go ahead and copy.

Few want links are down below as always yes. But that s the review thanks for watching was he handsome ” ..

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