Darkness Rollercoaster: Ultimate Shooter Edition PSVR Review

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“Downloaded darkness rollercoaster from the european playstation store a few months back played it was wasn t impressed at all but i left it on my hard drive knowing i have to review. It eventually in ever since i ve gotten roughly one to two notifications. Almost every week about updates and patches for it that my playstation. 4.

Was automatically downloading and installing. I ve never seen a game get patched. Quite this frequently. So i have to admit.


There was a small part of me that was excited to jump back in and see what had changed in the answer saddle ees. Not very much for the uninitiated darkness. Rollercoaster is a little budget title that when he grows up would love to be until done russia blood and to be fair. There s a few things here that make a solid first impression.

There s a bunch of levels and bonus stages and a lot more in the way of gameplay mechanics than you d expect in fact during the first stage. I ve really enjoyed the slow paced deliberate movement of the coaster that gave me a lot of time to look around and take in the low poly. Almost theme park aesthetic where rush of blood went for a gritty realistic tone. I thought darkness rollercoaster might deliver on something sillier a more lighthearted cartoon approach along the lines of spooky s jump scare mansion.


But none of this actually happens the further into the game you get the more apparent. It becomes that darkness rollercoaster despite a myriad of patches. It still isn t ready for primetime first a game never really knows what it wants to be some stages would be on a roller coaster shooting through a forest and other times. You ll be floating in outer space.

Without a tracker even a cart and don t even get me started on the beat saber inspired bonus stages. Which are really just terrible. I suppose someone could describe this as an attempt at level variety. But it never comes across like that instead it feels like the developers pulled in whatever assets they could to create any new environment.


They were able to the one exception was when i was approaching a cyberpunk looking city and couldn t wait to get thrown back and forth on the track dodging futuristic skyscrapers and neon signs like the first stage of vine and er. But unfortunately that came to an abrupt stop before it really even begin and the game quickly brought me back to one of its more generic stages that are all fairly short and somewhat empty you ll want to activate your detective vision regularly to find all the hidden enemies and when things get hairy you re also equipped with bullet time and the ability to throw your shield out as we used as a secondary weapon. So there s a lot to do but in the face of frequent framerate hitches. Inconsistent shooting mechanics and the menu screen was a really frustrating form of locomotion.

I just never felt like i was having any fun at all. It should also be said that there s an extremely limited track editor buried in the settings menu. But it s really tough to use and i bailed on it long before i was able to create anything worth playing you i m a huge fan of indie titles and small dev teams. Which is probably why this is a part of me that wants to commend the developers for sticking with darkness roller coaster improving that they re committed to their game.


But this unfortunately isn t steam early access darkness roller coaster should have been done long before it ever hit any region of the playstation store and with until done russia. Boyd absolutely killing this formula for only 5 more this little to no incentive to spend the 10 at this game commands. ” ..


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