Conor Mcgregor VS Khabib Nurmagomedov Full Fight 2018 HD UFC 229

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“By the nevada state athletic commission chairman. Anthony marnell. Executive director. Bob bennett commissioners jc jc alonzo christopher hall dallas e hahn and dr.

Robert mcphee. Our three judges scoring contest. In octagon side. Are derrick clearly saw yamato and junichiro kamijou.

And when the action begins. A referee in charge of the octagon herb gina. This balanced posture by harley davidson. Get your first taste of harley davidson adrenaline at a steady calm and p3 the official protein snack the ufc metropcs is now metro mikey model discovered the smarter way to get eliminated as he wants to on october 8th.

For those in attendance and ufc fans watching around the world. This is the moment you truly i ve been waiting for live from the soda kimmel arena in las vegas for the undisputed ufc love way chuck pitching the world introducing groups fighting out of the blue corner columbus. Lady. But that s another 21 hands queen losses.

He stands 5 feet 9 inches tall weighing in at 154. And wow. You must see a champion the champion fighting out of the red corner of mixed martial artists record 26 wins no losses he stands 5 feet 10 inches tall weighing in at 155 pounds russia my instructors we got to keep this clean touch gloves now if you wish to all right let s do it well. If you bet that the fighters would not touch gloves.

Those tickets. And wherever you are in the world tonight. One way or another. We will all witness.

A piece of ufc history. The king is back looking to regain his drum and we are underway this flight clock. Watcher bob modell especi. All grew with a fighting spirit since 1925.

Mcgregor and green romano battle and early pressure right off the bat by conor. He s trying to force the shot out of compete with presser instead of waiting for kebede to come to him to be got a hold of his ankles. He s got his leg. And what he s got to do is get his left leg over the back ankle of the beads right leg.

He needs to get that let conner needs a left leg behind the ankle to be in order to stuff this and now. He s got it but a good defense. He s doing a fantastic job of defending look at him spinning around to be looking to complete the takedown and donna gets right up to the cage. Let s see if we can get back up to his feet.

One of the big questions..

He s got his feet tied up well look out good beep has done a job of wrapping those two legs up together can t get away then you can t get up you re pinned to the floor. And he s done this better than anybody elevates and straighten her legs out. And now what he s going to do is try to lift connors knees and legs higher than connors head. So that he can t move.

He s not taking damage here it feels like he s far better equipped to handle five rounds than he was when he left in 2016. Kabhi does such a good job of wrapping those legs up extending them and wrapping them up. So you can t get the malcolm. Under you never seen anything to be able to straight and the owners new bonds you like collecting your healing.

It s just different now we won t do that most people can get away when you get out. But when could be grabs your legs. He just keeps on you yeah. He s doing it again look at him pinch those legs.

That s it different they cost every single time you cross. He s just so good at squeezing. This is what you got to do the partner early they ll get to be you have to do this early. You can t try to give him all the rest he needs in his first couple rounds outs.

When connors the most dangerous couple right hands have landed for khabib. His first strikes of the fight mcgregor trying to control his breathing ain t a big right hand. There. And what connors doing is he s trying to dig under hooks and stay in a ball.

So there s no hooks. So connor and sierra s got over the top akka bebe s head or his arms. He used to get in between the arm legs could be if he s gonna get up. He can t be on the it s arms here again to be ties those legs up together.

It s something you see him do against every single guy he fights they know what he wants to do they can t stop it s got a different type of pressure from here i think he s just extremely strong as well now he s under the battle connor. So that carter can t get his hips underneath food. It s a lifetime of grappling and you do have a referee in her game. That is going to get the beef every opportunity to work on the ground especially.

When he has the leg strap okay. Because he s not taking damage so he s staying very calm so he doesn t waste his energy. But once he gets wore out from this grappling. Then you re gonna start seeing could be posture up and start landing the big punches.

But he can t do it too soon because otherwise connor will get away. He s got to play the squeezed game right now i straight to the pressures just heavy here that shoulder in the channel. He does a tremendous job and he keeps you from being able to breathe pressure on the chest. And then the overwhelming sensation that he can continue to do this as long as he wants and that is exhausting in and of itself.

You ve got to smother and they re trying to take something out sails early so he s not so powerful take some of that top away and then get take some chances after that if you could be and connor can t use too much explosive energy to try to get up without technique..

If he does that he knows he s gonna burn himself out and he knows if he can t stop convened to be gonna be able to do this in a second the third the fourth and then can he keep him away from well don t forget how to use literally no energy right now because he took no damage. He did get stuck on the floor. But he hasn t sold this second round. He ll be fresh let s see why he doesn t go exactly the start that help even imago mehta was looking for in round.

One calm down a little guy give us some real feedback. I don t know well every mixed martial arts round begins on the field let s see how it goes here early round. Two connor knows he can land that left whenever he wants so that s what he s waiting for he s waiting for that counter. He s waiting to force could be able to take a bad shot and then make him pay for it that s what we re seeing here.

The dragger fires. The knee appear to just miss right hand. And that s the problem with takedowns is they gain the respect on the striking striking gets better if you corns ticked off because they re thinking about the shot now the shot setup from the other hand. She goes back and forth.

And that s what what an entry by nurmagomedov and now he has mcgregor up against the fence. Four plus minutes. With which to work. And this is what could be this done everybody if you stop this wrestling that he s gonna punch you once you start getting punched his wrestling opens back up and that s why you need a threat of grappling and striking mixed together the shot this goes to kannada striking.

But the grappling is just so on dimensional and so over triangle here. He s got it off. He s on top of them full mallet good stand with iconic. It was back the biebs all over here and mcgregor exploded.

There to try to escape nothing doing ninety seconds gone by here round two and the moral victory could be that big right hand. Oh beeps everyone to change his face. It s one of the scariest things tony ferguson thabeet can go all day yes hands landing from romano metal. Who came into this place unquestionably in the best shape of his life socket um.

I can hear we sang that s the beep talking ladies open just interesting i don t understand because you can hear it land. It s just for us it means the best planters in serious serious trouble. Oh massive crab strikes. Here her be watching closely trying to smash his face mcgregor for stooges cover up take two minutes to go around and he s trying to win these shine of gas could be back that he s not he s taking shots.

But they re not the worst shots. He could take he s covered up they re just it just doesn t look good i don t think he s trying to guess could be bad. I think he s getting smashed. I think it s a mixture of everything i don t think he has a choice here.

I don t think he s trying to cast him out i think he s getting smashed on the ground by konnor meters ahead of a downed opponent can t interlock the toes in the fence mcgregor got away with that one still doing it jardines should be working in there. He s going for it come on yes that is tight that looks like it s gonna get finished here ladies and gentlemen that s tight good defense. Why isn t he trying to get up because he s exhaust. And he s getting his face punched in and i don t think he can i just think beavis so much better bananas mcgregor catsup right for how long he s taking something and i don t that is correct.

Donna hasn t had an answer at all for the gravity could be been one bit mago met up with a huge second round like we attend eight you can get a little air..

If you pressure in the beginning and cook each time. Don t forget that the striking is full of blood. Perhaps mcgregor sensing that now but we did see him slow down considerably begins. Al iaquinta in the later rounds and now you re seeing connor.

Got the body that same thing you did the mendes waited to round started. Yes laser teach to depandi s is trying to take their havoc. You beep let it could be wrestling self out cuz. You got a it can go both ways well you hate to read too much into the body language.

But this is s fatigue as i ve seen khabib nurmagomedov in that octagon. I don t know if he looks fatigue to me it doesn t look like he s breathing heavy it looks like he s trying to find his moments. But he s getting out boxed. Yeah.

I don t think he s tired. I think he s just a little heavy from that from the grappling last round. He s not perseids muscles are full of blood. So he s a little slower and that s where connor can use his left.

That s what i was talking about said. The first couple shots here to come heavy ladle. We saw heavy big right hand like to be just over three minutes here in this third round. Little change from cubby.

They stuff that as well look at this this is where it s getting interesting now the real question is how much endurance this conor have now how much has he worked on his conditioning. And how do you prepare for a dialect nurmagomedov. I see the body back on those knees to the body nicotine. These guys are staring each other in the face right it type no they re punching exchanging mcgregor continues to pack that bodywork seeing khabib standing right in front of connor like this is crazy.

I don t understand why he doesn t shoot right he doesn t mix it up oh a clip from the left hand the slapping it slapped him on that one front kick to the body by connor. He s pawing with that punch except the hard time getting that snapback and the biebs standing right in front of perhaps. The best striker in ufc history. Mcgregor of the body again killed left and the body another good knee now beat to the body.

He doesn t seem to fear the power coming back from mcgregor ass. Yet your mama dog gets mcburgertown briefly back up their interest slight edge in terms of these significant strikes and round three for conor less than a minute to go in the road can you see how connors collecting the left arm. It could be that stops him from being able to connect his hands. And he can t double up or grab a single leg.

He together you can t finish a takedown so connors leaning against the fence of just controlling one arm. So what does could be do to counter that you got to try to get a single leg. The best you can because you can t get a double as long as connors controlling your wrists hares. Grabbing the glove.

There you can t clasp your hands..

Together. The only thing you can do is keep the pressure like he s doing so you re not water picked apart. But you got rabies he s got his blow. He s got his he just held that so he can t complete the takedown.

Fifteen minutes in the books left we head to the championship round grabbing. We need to be to say to them and understand it well connor was grabbing his glove. Which is it who whomever the referee his opponent round for watch the counter left handed carnot s but he s been set up. He s waiting for the right hand.

It could be very good coming off his fourth round. I think i swear i think. This is when he was looking to try to get him wait for could be to get a little tired on the takedowns and look to knock them out later. He would think it d be the other way around them second time for both of these fighters too badly seen a fourth round in their careers.

The jabbing front kick to the body. He used that fantastically against chad mendes. And he s usually in here at camp tonight. There it is again i m so worried about his guitar in his hands that sometimes you forget about his legs.

Good entry by nurmagomedov mcgregor trying to use the fence to his advantage. He gets tripped right down to good. He does such a good job of using his legs to wrap up your legs. But connors back up to his feet almost and this is where cookie really starts to get ahead from this position once he gets here he doesn t let go of that grip he goes back and forth between the double and he wears you out by putting all that pressure on your arms.

Like that makes you carry his weight up against the fence. When you try to stand up without handcuffs. All he throws you painful offense grab there just two more step ahead. There s tremendous control on the ground.

Four of seven on the take downs for an embargo metal. What he does with them two minutes have gone by here in round four triangle. Most but karna got his other weasel. His other arm in there it s in there.

But it s still the fact that he can pin the head against the arm is just it s a big part of securing them. If he can control that down and step the arm. Oh. But now try to regain that arm the one thing.

Connor has done is stayed pretty safe he just getting controlled very badly as the only good ones didn t hit the state fair matata needs to keep going if he has the energy. But again could be uses those legs to tie his legs up you know some big part of his grassley. It s not just grappling with his arms to utilizing his legs for control fans from her mago met off again filmer finished cutting record go get him go get him screaming at the ” ..


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