Clear Your iTunes Library Delete All Unchecked Songs

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“Go specie tutorial for you here this is how to get rid of all your your old itunes songs. What s this i m gonna where i am forgot in. Library can say what like i never got 3500. I don t want half of these i don t want i don t want more than half of the lesson of these no is a i hardly want any of them that is all this sort of random.

Which i don t know how it s got on there just from like uploading whole albums. And you know only wanting like one or two songs off of them. So this is how to get rid of all that basically i m going to maximize this for a start and for some reason. I can t get rid of that and then i get rid of a hat right first thing you want to do here.

Is you want to go to file. New. Smart. Playlist and mash your following rule.


Is true. Ok. Click ok. And you wanna.

Make sure live. Updating. Cool. Also so dict songs.

In here. This will put everything that it s got a little tick on it and for example. I don t know why that isn t here. I don t want that my ipod.

So i will uncheck..

It and it will go away all as long as i want what s this 5 4. 6. Songs. So that s ok i saw some which i can t get what the heck s not doing there that s alright anyway.

What i also want to do is go to my ipod. And i know this on the front. Here you you want to have a sync. Only tick songs and videos.

So as it suggests that lonely sync. The ones. Which you tick. Which if you ve got a large library is quite useful anyway back to getting rid of the old songs so you ve selected every song.

Which you want you want to get rid of all of the old ones you know which you just don t want so you want to go to file another smart players smart play this sorry following rule..

She s going to be ticked and it s false and like that datings okay and then not ticked seems a here going on what s out three three thousand items. I don t want the majority of these brought up on all of these because i ve already gone through one. But to obviously do this after you ve gone through yours. What i m going to do is select them all and you notice that there s no sort of direct way to delete them so what i m going to do is also if you just press the delete button yeah.

Because it takes so long to select all these songs i keep licking it area right also you press the delete button it does nothing so. What i m going to do is hold shift and then delete that s the button above control and below caps locks. The one which turns it you know typing into capitals. When you hold it in and yeah.

I want to remove them from my library and if you want to keep them or delete them your choice. I m going to move move them remove sorry move so yeah. That s pretty much how to do it i thought. I was going to show you so wall starts deleting or just sort of plug in a bit of whoops.

There we go alright on my channel..

And what i would like you guys to do is to if you re watching this just spend you know thirty seconds coming to my channel over here which will eventually scroll down. I can view is spazzing up and you ll head then to moderator. Please do submit an idea in here they really do help i m sort of a loss as to what videos to make at the minute. So.

If you could submit any ideas that you do have for videos. Which you would like me to make please do and even if you don t do that see what other guys have posted and thumbs up or thumbs down them depending on if you want the one. And yeah. That s pretty much it for this tutorial.

This is going to take probably about five minutes for my song so yeah. ” ..

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