CAPE TOWN: Iconic markets at Greenmarket Square, what to buy! (South Africa)

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“This is vic welcome to my channel and welcome to green market square in beautiful beautiful cape town in south africa. Now this is a market that is specializing in african art. So what i m gonna do for the next couple of minutes. I m going to walk around and show you some of the products that you can buy in case.

You are in cape town. And you re looking at some of the products here so it is a it is a very very interesting market very well organized it s some of the products here so let s go through and see what else we can find here you can see some necklaces right here very beautiful let s go through now a lot of merchandise. There s object to people photographing or videotaping merchandise..


You can see some of the masks over there african masks. Some of the products. What i was saying is if anybody tells us to stop videotaping. I m going to do that that s so far so good t shirts here s interesting arc metal well these are made out of metal.

As you can see wow you can see the aisles right there. Well pigs and very interesting bracelets wallets wooden statues masks. These masks are here that you see here are animal characteristics like you can see a zebra right there in the middle of the frame that zebra mask and bags as percy..


What else we can find more stuff here s an interesting one they re always like to videotape. And it is african masks. Which i find very very interesting and very unique and special now. There was a sharp at chalk forearm and they used to sell these masks.

Unfortunately they closed down. So farm in london by the way here small bracelets. More woodcarvings trades..


Let s go another direction. See if we can find anything different. Oh. Here s something women convert paintings just put a few are on here with paintings can see the giraffe picture ups baskets right there.

I don t know why. But i just thought of marrakech and morocco. Which is full of these markets and you can spend days and those markets just browsing and looking at the different local art..


You can see handbags here made out of animal skin right there you see the red one and the green one in the middle you can see the tails of the animals. And you can see and bags and wallets here s another interesting can see as wood carvings or statues inside frames. Actually these are very beautiful here very tasteful. This is vic hope you enjoyed it all the way from beautiful cape town in south africa culture shock beautiful culture shock.

” ..

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