Canon PIXMA MX860 Inkjet Printer

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“A look at this a new all in one printer from canon. The canon pixma pixma mx 860 and when we say all in one for real. It s definitely in one it prints it faxes it scans it does photos and it does it all wirelessly if you so choose so if you want to be able to print over your wireless network. This is going to be able to do it right out of the box.

Very high resolution when you re printing in color. It will actually print up to a 9600 by 2400 resolution. Very high very very high quality prints that come off of this thing. It uses five individual printing tanks.

And if we open up this thing take a look at what s going on on the inside of it or pull this up you can see it s almost like a car. It s got like that thing that car hood thing underneath. It it does have six individual printing heads that come out there and you see them rolling by their six tanks. So if one should run out you don t have to replace an entire bank of tanks.

All you have to do is replace the one that is the lowest it does have a 35 sheet auto document feeder which is right up here so when you re doing your scanning you re actually going to be able to automatically scan up to 35 documents through the integrated adf. It also will do full duplex printing as well so you re be able that what set. But that means is that you can print both sides of a sheet of paper. You can save so much pay for that way and your prints come off as being very very professional when they re printed on both sides.

And this will do it automatically the scanner will actually scan at up to 4800 dpi..

So again a very high resolution on the scanner as well and as you can see i this is the auto document feeder and all of its workings. Right here that s what makes all of that magic happen when you want to scan all those documents at one time. The fax is a high speed fax g3. Which means much faster fax transmittal and reception over your regular phone lines now it does have a two and a half inch color lcd to help guide you through all the various functions and all the stuff that this thing can actually do this right.

Now is setup for the various copying functions and it will do all of your standard copying you can print. You know two sided to one side one side two two sided to do all these sort of advanced functions that you would expect from a small office coffee machine faxing is very very simple you have a numeric keypad right here to dial your numbers. And you also have all of your quick dial buttons right over here underneath all of your function keys as well so you re going to be able to really easily send and receive faxes from this thing. Scanning is very very simple scans can be automatically sent to your pc from the scanner.

So you don t actually have to scan. The document from your pc necessarily so if you have a computer say in your living room or in your office. And this isn t a completely separate room you just go over put it in a scanner send it to your printer or send it to your computer and you re all set also it does have memory card readers as well tucked underneath here you can see that we do have slots for compact flash. Sd and for memory stink.

So there s your if you have a digital camera or if you have anything that uses these media cards you re gonna be able to print directly from the cards in fact. I ll show you how that works right now. It s very very simple you come over here. You choose your memory card as your printing source.

Which is right here..

We want to say we re going to go ahead and select a layout. We re going to do just a basic regular print here borderless. Two of them eight and a half by 11. We re going to put our picture in there you hit ok you ll see this automatically pops open.

There. And it will print your pictures directly off the card in full color. So it s really really easy to use it s so simple to print your pictures right off of the media cards. It s also extraordinarily simple to simply print all your stuff right from your computer.

Wirelessly. If you are a multi computer household if you have a lot of say wireless devices like laptops and maybe a couple pcs scattered throughout your house which more and more people have this makes it so incredibly simple to print your stuff you so. Let me go ahead and give you a quick tour around the printer here. It s a it s a very nice design will look great in just about any office situation.

When you re not using it all kind of buttons up a little bit so it doesn t look like this big hulking printer. All your buttons are located right up. Here your paper tray is right underneath here so you just load this up with paper and shoot that in there. As i showed you before card reader located right over.


You do have a usb port up here in the front. As well so you can use that for your wireless configuration and for sending pictures into the printer as well around the back. This is actually this section is responsible for the auto duplex printing. This is what does all the magic flipping your paper over this is your manual paper tray right here.

Where you stick things like photo. Paper and all that stuff those are going to go right in here. As you can see you also have your fax lines right here. These are for your telephone.

You got ethernet right back. Here. Now you can only use wireless or ethernet at any given time you can t use both and then we have our usb port right here. And this printer can be connected directly to your usb port up here on the top is we re going to find that auto document feeder.

It does unfold. So you can lay all of your documents. In here maximum again of 35 inside of there and of course your scanner located right in here. And you can get under the hood by pulling up this entire thing.

And that s pretty much the entire printer..

It is fast it does great borderless color printing it s all wireless. It s going to fax can copy print. All that stuff and it s going to look great in your office at the same time it s the canon pixma mx 860 to more info on the canon pixma mx 860 wireless. All in one printer go to any of these retailers.

You see on the screen. Here and type in c1. 5. 9.

0. For 2 for computertv. I m bauer. ” .


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