Borderlands 2 Easy Kill Hyperius With AI Glitch Tutorial

borderlands 2 hyperius This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Borderlands 2 Easy Kill Hyperius With AI Glitch Tutorial . Following along are instructions in the video below:

“What s going on guys joke dude 1t9 here and today. I m going to to show you a little glitch here to easily take out hi peers. So without having to worry about the bots during the battle. But i m going to go ahead and show you how to do this here it works with any character.

I found this a couple days ago. And basically what this is is we can have hi peers and active actually sitting in his little super saiyan phase. While the bots are still actually active and to do that are you going to do is walk into the arena and then activate them and while he s activated just run out my back end and after you do that you could see here the bots spawn in and he actually stays inactive. Because we d be sighting by walking out and if you stand up against the gate.

Here the bots will not actually attack you as you can see here they ll just stare at you. But if i step over here. They can go ahead and attack. Me so we don t want that so we re going to stand up against the gate and actually weaken them and with that in mind.

We can go ahead and take them down to a little bit of health and then go ahead and take on high periods. But easily so because we won t have to worry about the shield so. But the thing is you don t want to kill them because if you kill them..


And then go ahead and attack hype here is he will actually spawn in new bots. And you don t want that so so just go ahead and grab a long range weapon. It doesn t matter. What you use and then go ahead and just take out the bots you can go ahead and use the gun soaker for easily taking these guys down.

And actually you can do another glitch. Here. The aim down sight glitch. So what s going to do is just hold the aim down sight button and then throw grenade and gun joke while holding the aim down sight button the whole time and if you do that right you actually go into a quorum you down sight as you can see there my guns are backwards sir.

Because i don t have the drywall s on my left hand. Which is kind of a bummer. But you can see how i can go ahead and just weaken these guys walk guns looking enemy downside. Which is pretty cool so and i yeah so if you re playing as salvador.

You can actually go ahead and just get an oak leg of a cup on this off these guys. And there s pretty much waste type here is so because my old method involves actually just going over. There killing..


The loader in the money back in and taking out. Hi peers. And that involves resetting every time you want new loaders. So.

But we can actually use these guys for another bonus. Which is what we re going to do some so we ll wait for our guns like to come back. We have plenty of time there we go and then we ll go ahead. And just tell my conscience to backwards.

Ah. That needs to be let s just take that off there we go. And we ll get down to the money shot. And just go ahead and hit a nasty crit money shot on the sky gum and then from here.

We can go ahead. And just lay waste type here. So we had to be let s go ahead and drop our health just to be safe go and there we have it he s dead thanks to no calico vachel and i ll take that thank you and i you can just go ahead and reset and start it again..


And do it as many times as you like another thing to note. Is actually if you kill a loader like i did there and then exit and come back in sometimes. The loader can actually stay in the arena. And we actually got there cool and with that in mind we can go ahead and do the kill again i might fail.

But we ll go ahead and try hopefully we don t fail. A shredder fire that s pretty cool. So let s go ahead and try it again and this time. We don t actually have to do the glitch.

Because we have a loaded view to overkill. So we ll go ahead and try to do it. Again my guns are backwards hey get that out of here jesus all right go right for the scottie do his little rockets. We re down and that wasn t a full bonus.

I didn t have the fun of the ancients on the right one whatever we can maybe still do this let s go ahead and try it if we fail. That s no big deal obviously got them cool. And i yeah..


That s basically the glitch. So you can go ahead and try it out weaken. The loaders and then go ahead and start hi. Piers and then you can just easily take out the loaders.

Not actually have to worry about them so so i hope you got enjoyed this little tutorial. I tried everything in my power to find a way to crush them with the gate. But i couldn t actually get that to work. Which is kind of a bummer.

So that is probably your best glitching method for killing hyperion s. If you want to try that so go ahead and try it off yourself have some fun with it. And yeah. That should be it so anyway.

This is jill did one thing on if you guys enjoy the video then please be sure to delight cassabi epic and i ll catch you guys later peace out. ” ..

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I couldn t crush him with the gate, but I could weaken his backup before the fight. If you enjoyed the video, please be sure to leave a “Like” 😉

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