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Is an incredible deal come on down visit us in american fork details below have an awesome day. hree bags as a whole. I would definitely say that this bag in particular has the best back support now. Let s go ahead and dive into the middle pocky here.

There s a lot of very neat features and off to the bat. There s this little key string that i just fell in love with so say you re jumping out of your car. You re on the way to class you re going into work you don t want to put your keys in your pocket for whatever. Reason.

That might be there s this little key fob thing all you got to do is stick it on your keyring and this little string. And you just pop it right into place so a very very neat feature to have and i m very happy with that tom talk on top of that with most book bags. We also have some pin and some pencil spots so it s going to be good if you re going to class or work or wherever you might need a pencil and on top of that we also get a couple small compartments here for things like a wallet. Maybe.

A hard drive or something like that now let s go ahead and jump right into here to this main pocket..

So there s a ton of features of this main pocket here now for one we get this mesh zipper pocket. Very large pocket here definitely large enough to throw a macbook charger. In or whatever that might be now on this laptop tablet area you re getting a good amount of foam. Padding.

So you know how book bags are they re always falling tipping over or whatever it might be maybe getting turned upside down. It s definitely awesome that they have a good amount of patting. There now one of the coolest features in this main pocket here is it actually has this strap this velcro strap protecting anything falling out so if you have a tablet in there or your laptop in there. Your bookbag falls over a twist over something happens to it you re going to be okay.

So i m definitely very very happy with that and glad to see that was a feature with this price point so moving on to the next bag. Here. What we have when we table is the coke pack tiger. New backpack now taking a look at the outside here.

We have this nice little hidden zipper. So if you don t want somebody to see that zipper or for whatever reason that might be i fell in love with the zipper and i think you guys will as well one of the biggest features with this bag here is these zippers are actually lockable. So if you re looking really closer you can actually see there s a pretty large hole on the zipper itself. All you have to do is buy yourself a little smaller lock maybe something five or ten bucks on amazon or walmart or wherever it might be and if you re leaving the room or you re leaving the book bag unattended you can definitely feel safe now another thing to note is that this bag is actually offered in two different colors.

So we have the grey version like i have on the table. And we also have a black mess well so it s definitely good that the customers are getting options so good job. There tiger neck. Now going ahead and jumping into this middle pocket.

Here this middle pocket is going to offer a ton of features so for one just like the last bag. We re actually getting a mesh zipper pocket as well. So if you wanted to throw something again. Like your chargers or whatever.

It might be that s definitely an option just like the last bag. We re also getting some small compartments for ssd hard drives your wallet whatever it might be and we re also getting those pen and pencil slots as well so going back to school or work or whatever. It might be you are all set. So now jumping to the main guns of the bag.

Here let s see what we got to offer now in its main pocket here. We do have this laptop or a tablet slot. So it s definitely a neat feature to have you can pick one of these two so moving up from there we also get this neat little zipper pocket. So if you throw something maybe a little more valuables if you don t want people to see maybe some jewelry or your wallet.

It s definitely an option now moving down from that zipper pocket..

We also get a phone and a battery bank block now these could be interchange to different kind of things. But it is great it s just great for your phone. It s just great to your battery bank. They could fit something from a 5000 million s.

An hour battery bank to anything like my twenty two thousand four hundred million in are causing. So options. There that i really enjoy now having a backpack turned around here. If we actually lift up the sleeves.

It ll unveil a totally different pocket now. This is actually the main laptop sleeve. So now earlier. If you heard me saying.

Laptop or tablet. You can actually feature two laptops of this bag. Or you can have your laptop here maybe your tablet on the inside or whatever kind of works of agenda you guys might be going on alright so moving on to the last bag here what we have on the table is actually the tom talk premium. Now again.

This is a miller bag from tom talks. And what i ve seen from this company is they just offer pretty reasonably priced. I mean i don t want to say cheap. But definitely very budget friendly backpack now looking at the outside here as you can see.

It s definitely. The most simplistic bag out of these three now in my opinion out of all three of these bags this bag is definitely the most aesthetically pleasing so if that s what you want to go for if that s what you want going back and forth to class or whatever. It might be this is the prettiest back again that s my opinion and i wonder what you guys think definitely drop a comment down below and let me know what you think so you probably can t see it or if you can see it you could probably barely see it there s actually this little hidden zipper down. Here.

Now the neatest feature about this hidden pocket. Here is the fact that it has this zipper tied up. So you re not going to be hearing any jingling from this area of the backpack. So it s definitely not going to draw too much attention.

So i m very happy with that so let s go ahead and jump into this front little middle pocket here now. This is definitely a very standard pocket. So there s no little nips and gadgets and all i kind of crapped in there all it is just a straight up pocket and that s something that i enjoy slaw throw my battery bank in my wallet in there and that s about all she wrote now into this main pocket here. There s actually a couple really neat features things that i wouldn t expect to be in here.

But they re definitely awesome now for one we have this really cool headphone hangers that aren t really never seeing that they bag before so instead of your headphones begin at the bottom of the bag probably rumbling around your shoes your gadgets your phone and your keys getting scratched up a lot of stuff..

All you do is you just take this little belt or strap. In here. And then you just tie your top your headphones to it. And kablam your headphones are floating right in the middle.

Your backpack. So an awesome feature. There tom talks. Now the laptop compartment in this backpack is actually pretty well padded.

So. I m impressed with that even though. It s a very simplistic. Backpack and one of the coolest.

Little features with this backpack. Here. Is there s actually two more drink apartments right on the inside. So.

What i ll usually do is put maybe some drinks without all most people to see maybe some red bulls or something like that or if your mind gets a little dirtier maybe deserve some alcohol or have that as a little secret pocket or a little secret stash in your backpack. You can definitely do that as well now you might be asking yourself hey corey. What s your favorite bag or which one are you carrying the most and that answer. Depends depends on what i m doing and depends on where i m going.

But here s what i have to say about that if it comes down to an everyday carry maybe me going back and forth to work because i ve spent a lot of time there or back and forth to school or different daily activities here s what i would have to go boom. Very simplistic very easy and i just fell in love with the fact especially at this price point. I m very very very happy with it now on the other side of the spectrum. If i m taking something maybe to the airport or if i m using it as a travel bag.

It s hard for me to decide now i would go ahead and have to say that i would use both of these now there s reasons to vote both of them have about the same amount of gear that you can put in it and both of them are pretty aesthetically pleasing. So i really can t pick one. But if i have to pick one if i have to do some silly odd reason here s what a seasick so i hope that you guys enjoyed today s video. Now if you do have any questions for me feel free to drop them right down below.

And the short effect that description box for any links of the items featured in today s video hope you guys have a nice one hmm really bro. ” ..

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