Best Advice for 18 Year Olds

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“Often when i pull up to a gas station. I ll have an eighteen year year old kid come up to me. And say oh my gosh you know how you get a rolls royce like the sort of lambo or the ferrari or the i8 and how did you make your money. And what did you do and they have no idea.

What happened prior to it for 18 20 years of making decision so finally. I said what i tell these eighteen year olds. These 19 years i want to make a video of it so you can all exactly since many of your graduating from high school. If you have a friend or kid somebody share this video with them look probably the best advice.

I can give you is there are certain things you have to take your time in you gotta take your time in the following six things one marriage. Take your time you re still learning. What the word love is you start learning. What you want what you don t want and who the data who not to date you may have a boyfriend you re loved right now you think you love right now.

But 10 years from now. He s gonna have three four qualities. You do not like about this person take your time you may have a girlfriend you love right now. But take your time with marriage.

Take your time with kids take your time with buying a house..

You may not live in the place. You re at you may get an opportunity six months 12 months 24 months 36 months from now. We can move to a whole different place. Take your time with buying the house take your time with your inner circle on who your friends are many of your current friends will not be your friends 5 10 years from now and if you re not too careful.

Many of them will hold you back from getting to exactly where you want to get to believe me it wasn t easy me having to tell some of my friends to stop calling me on friday nights and saturday nights. Then i m no longer going to the clubs. I made them very upset. But i wanted to go to a whole different place take your time with your political beliefs.

Most of your political beliefs are different it. ll it s going to be very different when you pay 100000. In taxes. And you realize who is really working card and capitalizing off the system that you have in your country.

And who is not and last. But not least take your time with your life purpose. My purpose took me a long time until god i got clear on what i wanted to do i see so many people trying to get everything right now. Especially with the social media world that we re living in but take your time in those areas take your time now what areas you shouldn t take your time.

In is the following..

Don t take your time learning about hard work go learn hard work. Learn what it is to work 80 hours a week go learn about hustle go learn about studying people watch. Everybody study. Everybody study.

Your parents study your cousin s study. That uncle of yours that does so good and at the dinner table. Don t say anything just watch them ask him questions when you work with a guy ceo. That s doing very good.

Just ask him watch. How he handles meetings. Watch how he handles in certain challenges issues study. People your entire games gonna be studying human nature.

Because if you re gonna move up you re gonna deal it with the number one product in the world. Which is people so study people study communication. How you relay your message to everybody most your life your parents your kids your wife your boyfriend your girlfriend your customers your investors your business owners your boss you re gonna have to learn how to communicate and learn how to communicate fast don t take your time on learning. How to communicate get that down now study yourself study.

What you like study..

What you don t like study. What kind of people to rub you the wrong way study. What kind of people you get along with find somebody you want to model find somebody that s way ahead of you and say oh my gosh. I just love watching this guy.

How he handles himself find a group of people with certain ways they live and model them. And by the way as far as experimenting let me give you one thing. I would tell you to stay away from a hundred percent and that is drugs alcohol. Stay away from any man made drugs and alcohol because they mess with your mind and the most biggest thing as i m telling you all this stuff when you see it alive people say how do you live in a fifteen thousand square foot home how do you have this business.

How do you have all this stuff that you re doing. It s the period from eighteen to thirty nine. The decisions that were made during that period. It s purely a combination of decisions.

I ve made a lot of bad decisions. But i was lucky enough to take my time in marriage in kids. And my purpose in buying a house in my circle in my political beliefs because i was in learning mode. I was an ego to say i know everything i was in learning mode and then obviously things became more solid strong foundation.

I was able to get exactly what i wanted in my life because i took my time with those six things and i was very urgent with the other things that helped me get to where i m at today so again..

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