Best $1,000 Laptop PC – Acer Aspire VX 15 – REVIEW – i7-7700HQ – GTX 1050 TI

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“And welcome to tech deals are you looking for the very best laptop that you you can buy today for 1000. Stop you have come to the right. Place. This the acer aspire.

Vx. 156. Inch. Full hd laptop computer.

And it is one of the best deals in terms of price. To performance on the market today now i ve covered many laptops on my channel in the past ranging from multiple thousands of dollars down to just a few hundred dollars. This is a very nice top of the middle road solution that will cover most people s needs in a computer. Do you want to play games.

Edit videos edit images multitask browse the web even do advanced stuff like 3d animation do you want to be able to basically do anything you do with a desktop computer. But in the convenience of a five pound laptop. Well then you definitely have come to the right place. The features and abilities in this are very very nice.

Now i am going to talk about this machine and its technical specs in detail but let me just say when it comes to non gaming tasks you can do no better than this machine. This has the very top of the line chip from intel. Their latest seventh generation i7. 7700 hq processor.

It is a true quad core. Processor with eight. Threads very nice cpu up to 38. Gigahertz.

What that essentially means is that compared to a desktop machine. That has an i7 the very fastest of the i7 desktops you can buy this is within about 20 of the performance of the best desktop i7 s. It is an incredible performer for cpu bound. Tasks such as video editing video rendering.

Etc. Now as far as gaming goes. It s more middle of the road it has nvidia s geforce gtx 1050 ti 4 gigabyte gddr5 dedicated graphics chip in it now that s a mouthful. But what it essentially means is that it has enough performance to play all current games.

At about 60 frames per second at medium to high detail let me give you a few example grand theft auto. 5. High detail over 60 frames. A second overwatch high detail way over 60 frames.

A second league of legends. Sure like 150 frames a second..

But even games like the division. Which are much more challenging than gta. 5. Is still plays at 60 plus frames per second at medium detail now.

I said medium to high some games will play at high some will play at medium. If you are a hardcore gamer and you want the best of the best gaming performance. You do have to spend more money you re going to spend in the 13 to 16 hundred dollar range to get a similar laptop to this i ve covered them before with a 1060 or a 1070 graphics chip and those will perform better in games but don t sell this short every game. I have played has some setting usually medium or high that will provide over 60 frames per second average performance at great quality.

It s a very nice value for the money now connecting the awesome cpu and the very good quality graphics. Chip you have this beautiful. Screen this is a 156 inch full hd 1080p ips or in plane switching screen. That s important that means.

Viewing angle and color reproduction are gorgeous. Now how this looks depends a little bit upon what device you re watching this on. But what i ll tell you is this i ve tested 200. Laptops i ve tested 1500.

Laptops this has a 1500. Laptop screen on it not the 500 hour laptop screen. This is gorgeous. The colors are sharp.

The image is sharp the brightness is good it is a beautiful beautiful screen. Frankly one of the best laptop screens. I ve ever looked at it s right up there with the very very best of them in addition to the excellent processor graphics card and screen this system comes with 16 gigabytes of ddr4 system ram i m very pleased to see that as standard. 16 gigabytes is enough for this machine.

It s enough to do video editing. It s enough to multitask. It s enough to play any game on the market. You really don t need to mess with it i m very happy to see that they re now including 16 gigs because this is to really will use it and that is a very nice thing to have in addition to that storage 256 gigabytes of solid state drive.

But not just any this has an mdot 2 nvme intel solid state drive very fast one of the fastest. I ve tested now i ve tested ssds in other laptops before and they re all fine. This is a cut above the others. Very very quick over one gigabyte per second read speed very very nice now it does come with the usual accompaniments of a laptop computer you have a webcam.

An sd memory card reader multiple usb ports. A key locking port over here an hdmi out to plug into a external monitor or. Television and a usb 31. Type c.

Port on the side. It s the new mini reversible compact lightning type connector..

It s not a lightning connector. But it s the it looks like it it s the new standard in usb. So this thing really does have the latest and greatest in technology battery life battery life is very nice. I ve had this running for about two hours now.

I ve actually been filming the bumpers to each of the videos when you watch windows performance and you watch first boot windows update. You re going to see me for the first time usually. I do that starting up full screen with a voiceover. I ve been filming all the bumpers for this i ve already tested everything on this machine.

I m filming this last the game videos all already filmed so this has been sitting here for several hours running the heaven benchmark 40. As you can see right here we are on battery. It is not plugged in and it is still doing very very well that being said when you re playing games. If you are not connected to a power outlet.

You are not going to get five hours out of this laptop. While you re playing say grand theft auto. 5. Or battlefield.

One you really will need to be plugged in for those to get any extended gaming session. However if you re just browsing. The web and watching youtube videos you should easily get. 5 hours out of this machine on the battery.

It also includes the latest and greatest ac wi fi and i have tested it using my local wi fi router and i over 450 megabits per second hilton wi fi is really really nice it s not gigabit speed. But it s awfully close to 50 of it which for most people is actually plenty now it does have a wired gigabit ethernet port. If you want to physically plug the cable into it but the wi fi is excellent in this machine. We also have a dual function headphone microphone jacks you can plug in a set of headphones.

If you don t want to use the included speakers while you re gaming. Which i recommend because frankly the included speakers are decent. But there s nothing special. I frankly i ve never used actually used a laptop that had great speakers.

So if you want to know some of the negatives. Well the speakers are laptop speakers. They don t have a deep bass response. Because there s no room for a subwoofer.

They are what they are use headphones. If you re serious about playing games on this heat in noise. Heat and noise. Are always something to be concerned about with a laptop first of all let me talk about the heat.

The exhaust for the laptop are on the back the heat comes out of the back and the bottom now. If you re actually going to play games..

You ll want some kind of hard surface to put this on because the bottom of the laptop gets warm if it s on your lap it s going to get really really hot it does not get hot when you re just in windows. If you re browsing the web. Watching youtube videos such as this. But it does not remotely get hot at all gaming.

Yeah. It does fan noise. Yeah. The fans are audible.

When you re playing games extended. Gaming sessions. The fans are definitely audible. There are two fans in here they both exhaust out the back on the edges.

But they do exhaust directly back. And yes. The air is quite warm coming out of this machine if you re gaming. It needs to be on some kind of hard surface either a lap board or a desktop or something.

That lets air circulate underneath the machine. I mentioned the speaker s before headphones. That s what headphones are for if you put headphones on you ll never hear the fans. But if you re gaming while not wearing headphones you re going to hear the machine.

But in fairness to this computer let me say all of the top end gaming machines with dedicated graphics chips have that problem the msi and a soos republic of gamers machines that i reviewed over the past two months or so they have a ten sixty and a ten respectively. You can hear those fans as well when you re gaming. The only type of machines that you aren t going to hear the fans when you re gaming are the lower end 500 are laptops such as the acer aspire 550 dollar machine but you certainly won t be playing grand theft auto 5 on that at 70ish frames per second at high detail the laptop itself weighs about five and a half pounds. That s very reasonable for what this machine is that way unfortunately does not include the big power brick.

Which is larger than i like to see. But it is what it is now this is one half. There is a power cable that goes to a wall and this probably weighs about half a pound itself. So the laptop plus.

The power brick is about six pounds. Having said that the laptop itself is about one inch thick. When the screen is closed and it is a relatively portable machine. If you want to travel for work school or fun.

If you are playing in a dark room not to worry backlit keyboard. And it is a very nicely lit keyboard as well the wasd keys are lit differently to make it easier to find your direction keys. When gaming in the dark and one very nice feature of this machine is that it does have room to add a two and a half inch drive either a hard drive or a second ssd. It does not however come with the kit that lets you install it you need a bracket drive install kit not to worry acer will provide one upon request.

You simply have to contact a search customer service provide them the serial number of the machine. And they will send you out a two and a half inch drive installation kit..

So if the 256 gigabytes solid. State drive is not enough for you and you either want to add either more ssd space or a less expensive hard drive you can buy a one terabyte drive in the fifty to sixty dollar range. Make sure you get a two and a half inch laptop. Not a three and a half inch desktop.

You can add that to this machine. It ll add maybe a quarter of a pound of weight to it those drives are very power efficient. So it s not going to hurt the battery life too much. But it will give you a lot of additional space for a reasonable price for your larger games.

If storage is an issue for you all in all my verdict on this machine is for 1000. It s an incredible value for the money the graphics chip is not the fastest you can buy. But it s just about the fastest. You re going to buy at this price point with these features as i said towards the beginning of this video.

You can absolutely spend more money to be able to set the details way up to ultra and play everything. Perfectly but you ll spend a lot more money to do that the 1600 of soos republic of gamers laptop that are previously reviewed that has an i7 and the gtx 1070 runs everything flawlessly without issue but it is 600 more expensive not everybody needs to spend that much hence the vx. 15 so this has been my review of the acer aspire vx. 156.

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The vast majority of things on my channel. That i review. I buy myself a few things are provided by manufacturers all of which will be noted at the end of every video. This was purchased by me i really do think.

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All of which i ve already filmed but i ll publish over several days first boot windows setup windows performance review and multiple live game demos where actually show you what the performance of games look. Like and not just put up a bunch of charts. And say yeah sure it all looks great. I will show you what the games look like played on machine.

Thank you so much for watching i ” ..

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