Aurora AU1210MA Micro Cut Paper Shredder Unbox and Review

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“Everybody i m gonna be doing a quick unboxing and review of the aurora au au 1 2. 1. 0. Ma.

B ka. 2. Paper shredder. It s not too.

But it does weigh quite a bit of 25 pounds. It s 12 shoot capacity michael tighe. I think it s a 5 gallon tank or so and it can be 12 sheets it can do staples it s a pretty capable printer. And it s supposed to be able to run for up to an hour with a 45 minute.

Cooldown time use your manual and here are holes forecasters items. I check out our wheels. No real tickle in the bottom. So you have your wheels that pop right in the bottom.

We have a transparent front here so you can see your level bucket goes all the way to the top here s a look on the bottom of this piece it looks like a combination of plastic and of course heavy duty metal. Here s your top of the lid. That s that somebody wants to do this quick look at some of the switches..


You have here the selection of forward automatic off reverse. It also has an auto reverse function these have indicator lights for full door open overload over heat and power on this is telling you some things not to put in like fluids. People anyway. Let me get back once i ve put the casters on here s a quick look at some of the switches and indicators.

This shows bin full door open overload overheat power on a reverse off automatic forward you ll generally be using this in the automatic mode. When you have it in automatic mode. You feed something through sensors will detect that it s there. And it will start shredding you can also alternatively manually put it in forward and reverse.

You would basically use for manually getting dreams out here s your bin. So uh you don t want to fill it up past this line here otherwise if it overfill you re gonna make a bit of a mess. But i m assuming what it hits the full indicator on the unit. It probably shouldn t be about that i m assuming and the unit will automatically stop working when they full indicators on holes are running very nicely with the casters.

It looks like you have a couple of vents in the back. Here. Once you put this thing on it does not come off the waste bin. So i m assuming that there are some latches that you could undo should you need to pull it off here s a quick look at the manual.

So you can run dvds of this credit cards through it. If you run dvds or credit cards. You should only do one..


At time these are telling you some things to avoid doing quick overview of specifications and setup. And some general care and maintenance troubleshooting. So now let me start off the test with using this old gold card you put it in the semi automatic mode powers on you re going to put this straight down in the middle some thick envelopes. Some old statements and as you see it automatically stops once it s done through yeah.

That s that and let s see how the micro cut looks and here s your micro cut. Very fine. Nobody will get your information with that so i d say that was pretty good. And yeah.

I m liking this so far and while not silent. This actually is brighter. Then an old unit. I had gotten from staples that was a half the size.

Oh yeah that sucker made quite a bit more noise. And i couldn t run it so long before it would overheat and you d have to give it a break for a few hours. So the stated capabilities of this is up to an hour with just under an hour down time to cool off and of course that will vary depending on your environment. If you re in a fairly warm environment.

It ll be less if you re in a nice cool room you can go further if you over stress. The unit that will also overheat it quicker or reduce the lifespan of the blade. So you don t want to overload..


The shredder also and some additional safety features. This has if you put something if it s way too thick to use it will automatically stop reject it and auto reverse the item out so my fridge table. Here. So yeah.

Not too shabby um. And when you and you just leave this in the off position. When you re not using it. And that s that s about it for now hope.

You liked the video. Please thumbs up and subscribe if you want to see more from me hi. I just wanted to add some additional closing comments regarding. The aurora au.

One two one zero. Ma. Shredder this sucker ran like a champ for more than 45 minutes. Without overheating.

Without a problem running think to this that even in the manual. It says to avoid. Which are paper products..


Which have a clear envelope in front. And i ran a bunch of those through that and this thing power through them about an issue and this thing it s like a champ. The bin is easy as heck to clean out i already threw about a plastic bags full of shredding suits out of here. If i didn t empty.

What i did empty. I d probably be close to for anybody commenting that this may be a mess when emptying or probably fools because they love this thing feel way beyond what they should be filling this year. You should not be filling this beyond or far beyond. What you see through the clear hole through here.

If you if you go far beyond that you re asking for mess. Even the manual says if you wait till this thing s that s full. We ve waited too freaking long. So that s your own problems.

This thing is easy as heck and mess free to empty. And it is awesome. I paid power through everything i had to throw at it boosters move really nice and easy. I m very pleased so far with this purchase on my first day of use well see how this works in the long term.

But so far so good give the sucker to thumbs up thanks for ” ..

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