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“Guys. Fellow survivors i m there i m show you a quick problem that i i ve been having with ark survival. Evolved since the latest update that we ve hold on one second turn into this music down real quick. I m listening to classical music alright.

Um okay here this. Update 7 through 70. And today s date is july 18. It s monday morning 3.

O clock in the morning and i said. I make this video because in case. Anyone else has been having these issues also if you guys resolved it i would like to know how the hell you got it resolved. I m gonna jump into the issue real quick so first off starting over here just the island.

I m just going on here. And on the single player one where i just just go on there have fun just you know just you know going off full full cheat mode. Like you know do a taming and everything like 10 times with almost rate like good stuff just used to have fun and the thing that i ve been having a problem with is that i can t go too far away from my base..


So i mean i mean i m not even sure if it s from for my base. It s just like i just can t travel too far within this bubble. And i m on south zone. Two of course.

It s easy side that s where i always start off one of my favorite places to start because. This is very like strategic spot that i like to keep and hold on to which is right here and do you think that really bothers. Me is like like here yeah like i can go up that you know huge hill up there and get some io some metal and stuff like i don t really travel anywhere else. But once i start heading towards the swamp.

But i m not sure if this is anywhere else i m not sure if i m going any other direction. But once i want to try this once i head towards the swamp. The game literally just freezes on me. So let s go let s head down that way real quick real quick like yeah.

It s like i can only stay within my bubble right here like an isis spot that i was talking about i love it i love it love it love it love it great location start building a base. And yeah like i m i got this i got our corner when it first came out at the end of last year. And you know loved it i like to watch..


I liked watching people play it on the pc. And i my god man. I can t let so it comes out a console. So especially a sight sight note right here.

I cannot wait till survival. The fittest comes out for the xbox one. I m like super stoked about that should come out soon hopefully soon. But yeah.

But some as we re getting closer to the swamp. What happens is like if you guys you know whenever you guys were younger and playing the old nes or whatever you were having a good time and then remember when someone walks by and accidentally hits it and the game just freezes and it makes that decision you know like little weird noise. That s exactly what happens here and for the life of me. I m not sure if it s if it s the update or if it s just a bug that they re going to fix on the next update or something like that i just wanted to let it be known me or maybe.

It s just me so once i get to this part right here. I know that the swamp is right around the corner here this so i m gonna walk this one real slow because it always happens right here as soon as i get into the swamp boom. Just like that and just like that i m going to get kicked right back to the main menu..


And it happens every single time. And it s it s it s extremely annoying extremely annoying. I ve already tried i ve tried uninstalling this game. Installing it i ve tried that i thought i was going to lose everything i had but i did earlier today.

I m like it was just like it except so frustrating like you know what if it means if i have to start over up so that s why i uninstalled everything but shockingly whenever i reinstalled the game all my stuff is still on there so let s try it again alma. I pretend this other issue it won t load like it won t give me the options to go vixie. Honest as a server filter or whatever like right right. Oh man it give me that option to go.

And hey. I don t want to go to my bookmark servers. I want to see if there s a new service. Because i haven t played in a couple of months.

But it doesn t give me that damn option at all it in a very occasionally. But let s go to the official dedicated heart servers. And i want to hit refresh..


It never refreshes and whenever i whenever something finally does happen it does the exact same thing where it just freezes and that s that s the end of it it just freezes in oh look at that yeah the shame it really does suck to be you i guess. But yeah like in a nutshell like that s what s going on i haven t tried running anywhere else. But i don t really want to what because i mean i m just going to get more just even more irritated and it s just making the game. Not it s not fun anymore to me.

It s just it i mean if if i m going to be limited to just play in one spot like i can t even join any other servers and it s it s just really ridiculous and i ve tried giving them feedback like they asked for if they re in the right hand corner. But i mean i haven t gotten anything back so i d figure just again. I ll just make a quick little little little six minute video. And we ll see if any other people having the same exact issues.

If you are comment down below how to fix it or you still have the same issues like what like what do i need to do yeah well thank you guys. ” ..

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