AR Camera not working fix – Pokemon go /Tutorial101 #2

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“Guys is happy bun here today. I m gonna be showing you how to fix fix a our messaging program on go so vocal. All go has just been released a lots of devices. The ar is working when you re trying you to live camera.

Thing so if you re receiving a message like risk when you re trying to use it i m going to be showing you a few tips and tricks on how to fix it they may not work depending on your device. But they can help so let s just get right into it so our first step is checking java app has proper permissions so although most androids do this default ly when they install and newer versions. Let you choose what apps can do and can t do so going to storage at and scroll down. And make sure.

The camera is enabled in there yeah cover its enable because without right you won t be able to get it anyway so just or if you re on hundred six make sure check the box. If it is but this is andrew five. So that s us firstly the next way is making sure but you have auto rotate enabled. So just click on the little box when you scroll down twice from the top to make sure that is enabled.

This is important as it lets the phone make sure to know which way up this is a good way and to make sure that that s on because lots of people have incorporated or stuck stuck on portrait or landscape to make sure that it saves battery life. So the next step. I m going to be showing. You is to make sure your phone or device has a giant scope.

So you can use just using em and act like center box. Which gives you a load of different sensors. Please. Don t confuse the divers that would be accelerometer secondly in different things.

Here. It s now it s completely different from the gyroscope. My phone doesn t have a gyroscope so suddenly i can t you see al. But this app will tell you you can just tap.

It and it will tell you before hardware store. And if you don t have this then it s not going to work so step. Four is just to wait for an update. So the main lobby look thanks covering this button.


It s highly likely that the will because so many people i m and problems with this and it may night they may do it say that you don t need a giant scope for it you can use themselves hot. It s highly likely that they will release an update. So just wait for that and then you can use your device for pokemon go. So.

If there isn t an update and you ve tried everything else i would highly suggest you re using a different device or getting a new device. Now why you d get a new device play pokemon go. I don t know what if you have another one or maybe. One that s older.

But has a gyroscope or a new one or maybe you have one you can borrow use that because it will do it and not only will want will have it. But it s most likely then it will have it burn that is the top five things i can think of but we ll fix it if none of these help i m sorry. But your i don t think you re gonna be played pokemon go online. So thank you guys for watching remember to comment like subscribe if it helps you all thank you if it didn t i m sorry what i try my best.

But anyway. Thanks and i ll see in tely here for a special occasion. But why do i get the feeling that when the guest of honor appears nobody s gonna burst into applause yikes what an ugly puss he gives me the creeps huh. Who s that what awful crime did he commit.

It s so big he was once the guardian of the city gates we trusted him. But he was loyal to the dark pharaoh. My brother and he betrayed us by helping him steal the secrets of this palace. There was a battle the first of many sobek was captured but managed to escape he escaped again and again each time.

He was captured his most recent escape exposed the vulnerability of our prisons. With sobek free. The city is no longer safe. He has placed the lives of innocent people in danger.

Too many times. The accused is guilty beyond all reasonable doubt. The question is should we try to build a prison strong enough to hold him or should we exile him to uncharted lands beyond the sea of sand kefir as our pharaoh and our guide. The council urges you to decide the fate of sobek.


I am to choose between the safety of my people and the fate of this prisoner sobic. How do you plead before this court. Guilty and proud of it no prison can hold me for long soon. I ll get my revenge on all of you that settles is so back you ought to be taken to the uncharted wilderness forever banished from our kingdom.

The accused is hereby sentenced to exile. It is decided a rotten guy this sobek a little exile would probably do him good will you accompany me on this journey. Using the royal vessel. We will be able to travel beyond the sea of sand and there so baek will see his final destiny.

He will be exiled me you can count on it kaffir almighty exit. On so baek has been sentenced. He is to be banished beyond the sea of sands perfect top. I will entrust you with the recovery operation.

The dark pharaoh never forgets those who are loyal to him. Fantastic. A real ship traveling a jig sis. Sure beats school field trips.

It s incredible. Even though. We re here to keep this brood company. So sobek is inside right locked up couldn t tight.

I hope not to worry leo. It s a container of unstable gravity utterly escape proof. If he tries to force his way out the gravity will increase and block any attempt hmm he seems pretty calm. He won t be when he sees where we are releasing him now just make yourself comfortable hmm okay.

This will give me a chance to warm up the old thumbs or burning will have my hide for not holding up my end of the bargain want to try a shot. It s easy well why not then let s see maybe like this no that s enough i give up oh well at least. I think it s fun want to hear a story. My friend it s about a proud warrior faithful to his pharaoh but who pays dearly for that loyalty okay leo remember what mom taught you don t talk to strangers.


They call exit on evil. But do you know him well enough to say the same. I i know it exit on has done for me and for this i owe him my loyalty huh. I m just trying to help you understand soon.

I will be trapped in a hostile wilderness. You might be the last person. I ll ever speak to in my life that device looks like fun umm yeah. It is may i take a look at it huh.

It s just a crocodile in a box. He can t possibly hurt anyone now you re the little dude with the armor. And you have to hit the spaceships and now what s going on oh. Didn t see them coming because the radar malfunction that s exit ins.

Fleet. And there s more coming. They re trying to surround us. Not under or prepare to pour let us liberate.

So back. We must stop these cursive mummies from taking over our ship. It s our turn. Now power yay you didn t think.

I was gonna let you have all the fun did you pal repeat jackson. Let s see go stop the hardest. I m here do sorry knocked. But you re not welcome.

I didn t know i needed an invitation all these spaceships. Let s see if all that practice on bernie s game will come in handy not exactly a box station. But close enough. What whoever s firing us great date.


I have a good idea who it is i m doing it i m knocking them out of the sky. This is a heck of a lot better than droid commander bring it on i ll take care of you let me give you a reason to buy a new bandage game. I must really have a high score by now excellent work lia exit. Ah.

I m not looking for you brother sobek. How did you escape from the capsule. Thanks for the game boy manipulating. The power system of this little game was enough to override the capsule earth s energy and the energy of the gypsies don t mix and so boom.

What battles aren t only one with physical combat you must also use your wits. You still have a lot to learn little ferro enough talk get rid of them eternal hurricane. Where you think your fly to little birdie. Come here.

I have something special for you as you wish here i come stay right where you are so bad you re not gonna escape again who s going to stop me you finally eternal hurricane. I must disappoint you brother i m still here hurry come on let s go. The light shuttles aren t working. We re going to have to land the vessel come on that s it i ve really done it this time tricked by a crocodile.

I should have listened to kefir and my mom courage. Now let s head for home. I don t know what they re saying in there. But i bet they re angry.

The high council holds you responsible for so vex escape you have disappointed us leo. You ignored my orders placing us all in danger. We will now determine your future if the council deems you unworthy the doors to a jig sis will be grows to you forever. But aged ixus is not a game go home leo.

But i ll see you soon come on you re almost there i m exhausted keep it leo you are amazing and anyhow. I ll have the gold one now amazing yeah right i just hope my friends and a jig sustain thing and let me get back there ” ..

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