April 2020 Blu-Ray and DVD Release Preview

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“Fellow movie lovers bob for bob s movie review here and today i m bringing bringing you guys my april 2020. Blu ray and dvd release preview as listed on ray calm now before we start the video. I just want to take a few minutes to talk to you guys about what we can expect as far as the near future. I haven t actually heard of any movies being delayed for retail.

I mean obviously i don t think there s gonna be any movies releasing in april in theaters. Some of the stuff from like lionsgate. And not like the big releases. But some of the smaller stuff that will release on digital and in theaters on the same day.

We re gonna see those still being available on digital and i will be reviewing them some stuff from like ifc films samuel goldwyn films like i said lionsgate saban films all of this kind of stuff that i get a little early to review for you guys that stuff is for the most part still being released and i haven t heard necessarily of anything physical being delayed to me. It seems almost like they might as well start delaying physical releases at least through april. As you know that there s still the social distancing order through the end of april and it i think. It s gonna be hard for people to get to the stores to buy movies like it s it s not really obviously for us you know enthusiasts and collectors you know we re still we gotta get to the store to get our movies.

But for the general public. I don t think you know running down to walmart to pick up a blu ray is there their biggest concern or necessarily financially. Available to them right now. So i don t know i haven t like i said i haven t heard of anything physically being delayed.

I don t know how far in advance. They actually you know press. The discs and get it all ready and it s in the warehouse. One issue we could run into though is the closure of places.

That press. The discs or or you know this kind of thing and that could cause an issue for screeners for myself and other movie reviewers out there they re gonna be few and far between if at all i ve already been contacted about several films that the the places that ship them just aren t open so they they can t get those shipped out they re saying they re gonna you know they re gonna ship them eventually but not by release date so it s gonna be hard for a lot of us guys who like to do these reviews before movies release. We re not going to be getting sample copies to review for you guys of course. We could always go out and purchase on their own.

But i don t think there s a ton of like great stuff releasing this month. I have already gotten a few things and i ll definitely hit on that throughout the video and i really just hope you guys are trying your best to just stay safe. But this movie live scream. I really want to check this one out.

I had contacted the company that produced it and they never responded you know that happens i don t get too discouraged. But the first week april. The 7th..


We do have little women and this one is releasing on a blu ray or dvd. I did already receive a copy of that one so i will be reviewing that for sure american pie presents the naked mile definitely excited that this one s releasing on blu ray best buy didn t have it available for pre order so i pre ordered it from amazon. But you know amazon s doing this priority shipping for household items and a lot of people are like saying that you know if they re delaying other stuff weeks or months. And it wasn t stated when i ordered it just said.

I don t know i remember what it said but i don t know what i m supposed to get that exactly. Dr. Doolittle. All right now.

This is one doesn t call. Dr. Doom. It s just.

Do little. Eye. Releasing on a 4k blu ray or dvd. It looks bad.

Why would you quit iron and to do this i don t know i ve heard it s bad cats really seen on blu ray or dvd another one that just tanked camp cold brook. This one is from shout factory. I believe could be interesting trapped i believe is from mill creek entertainment. They did announce that a few of the april titles would be shipping out on time.

But i think the ones. I asked for aren t so i don t know about that knives and skin. I did watch this one i don t remember exactly what it was about i d never view up with that if you guys won t check it out to search for knives and skin on my channel. I did recently review escape from pretoria.

It s pretty interesting movie about these guys who go to this jail in i believe it was south africa and they try to escape and the whole movies about them trying to escape. It s pretty good i liked it for sure and that would take us to april the 14th. We have police squad the complete series. I would like to check this one out i ve never seen it.

But i ve always been a fan of like parodies and spoofs and of course. Leslie nielsen was well known for that so i might have to pick that up at some point v. The final battle..


I ve never seen that under water is this that is this with kristen stewart. Maybe. I was really seeing on a blu ray or dvd. Just mercy is really seeing on a blu.

Ray. I think. It s releasing on a dvd as well it looks very interesting. I did already receive a review copy of that so i will be reviewing that one for sure a dog s curse.

Actually is delayed. I don t know if that s a production issue or what so i guess i did hear that ones getting delayed until may final kill. And that takes us to the 21st. Well actually have some movies that people are gonna want to see first up bad boys for life.

Getting a 4k. A blu ray. A dvd or a 4k steelbook. I saw this one in theaters guys.

I loved it it was so much fun so much action and comedy. And you know the that s a great team martin lawrence and will smith together definitely check that i did prepare the steelbook. So hopefully. I ll be able to bring you guys an unboxing of that one the gentleman releasing on a 4k blu ray and dvd definitely for checking that one out.

30. Rock. Was one of the ones. That they said would be delayed paramount is starting.

This paramount presents line. It s kind of this weird. I don t know how like right here. They re showing up looking like the size of blu ray.

But i think these cases are smaller. They look more like a cd to me i haven t seen it in person. But it s from the pictures and they kind of unfold and kind of interesting they re gonna start with fatal attraction to catch a thief and king creole and they ve already they re gonna have days of thunder..


And they announced another one i can t remember what it is but those look interesting. I should hopefully be getting those at least at some point for a review 30 rock the complete series. I ve never seen this. But a definite look forward to checking that one out and that was one that mill creek.

Said review samples would be delayed it man for this one s gonna be from louisville usa. At least got a 4k a blu ray and a dvd. I didn t ask for this one. Because i haven t seen one two and three.

So i figured why why start in the fourth one just setting myself up for disappointment or you know confusion. And it just didn t it didn t seem like i want to start on number four ultraman x. The series and the movie review samples are supposed to be delayed on that one the last full measure this one will be from lionsgate. Releasing on a blu ray or dvd like a boss.

It s gonna release on a blu ray or dvd. Unfortunately guys i just really haven t seen much of the stuff. The turning this one s really seen on a blu ray or dvd. People weren t too thrilled.

With that one. And then ultraman x. The movie releasing on a blu ray and that brings us to the 28th. We do have the grand budapest hotel criterion collection.

Interesting can t remember i don t think i ve ever seen that one just one of the guys releasing on a blu ray from sony pictures classics arrow the final season will be releasing on blu ray or dvd they also have the complete series i believe on blu ray or dvd as well a guns akimbo that ones releasing on a blu ray or dvd mortal kombat legend scorpions revenge s or they see on a 4k or a blu ray. I don t believe it ll be getting a dvd. It looks like it will have a target exclusive steelbook. I didn t realize that and that is it really for the blu rays guys so let s take a look at the dvds not a lot really for dvds that aren t releasing on blu rays but let s go over them real quick the night clerk i did see this one already i did review.

It i liked it guys is kind of interesting movie about this kid with a camera. Do you have i want to say he had asperger s so i can t remember off the top of my head and he worked at a hotel and there s kind of like a murder there. And it s definitely an interesting movie and got a little bit of mixed reviews guys. But i say it s definitely worth checking out.

I did already receive that one on dvd and i ll be reviewing that madam secretary the final season in the complete series. I ve never seen it so i can t really say too much about that one on the 14th. We do have criminal minds..


The final season is that like i can t even remember what number it is 15 or 16. I could be wrong. But yeah so yeah just mercy there is releasing on a dvd and that takes us to the 21st. We have step by step.

I don t know what season they re on now seventh and final season of step by step and then looking for alaska this one we releasing from paramount and and then the last week here i think the only thing we really have is shameless the complete 10th season definitely looking forward to that one so that is it i think guys like i said. It s not and not a huge list. There s a couple things for sure that i m excited about bad boys. A gentleman arrow.

30. Rock. Definitely. Some things that i really want to check out.

We re telling this little women movies pretty good so i m definitely hoping i enjoy that one a lot of these movies. I haven t really contacted anyone about some people don t really see i don t know if people some of these people aren t working. I would imagine you know if they don t already work from home. It would be easy enough to work from home.

But then we do have the issue of you know they re not gonna be able to send out stuff and so to be honest. I don t know if i m getting any more movies for review this month. I may have already received everything i will be reviewing it s not listed on here april 7th. Brave storm will be releasing on a dvd.

But like i said. I think all i have right now is little women just mercy and they didn t show infection is releasing the 14th. I think those are the only three movies. I have right now for april and that that might be all i have you know i still have lots of content to bring to you guys i hope you guys did enjoy the video.

If you guys plan on picking anything up love to hear what it is if you ve seen anything love to hear what you thought of it. If you haven t already subscribe for new videos to assess videos and for more movie news check out my website bob s movie review calm and i ll see you guys next time ” ..

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