Adding and Customizing WIX Slider

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“Friends welcome again to my channel in this today. With you i ll show you you how we can add a slider trout. Which website. You can see i have my wish editor here now to add to slider simply go to add button and it has the slides.

Awesome here so what kind of flash. So that we want to add to your site. I ll add this first one and you can see the different default austin has been added check it out by review board well since very good now. I m going to customize this by adding my own image first of all click.

This vessel and it s awesome of right now you can see the three different slide in this large gallery. Now i am going to change slide. Number one so click to this image..


You can see things like that around simply please you have option to change background of splash. So as a color or image or video. So first one i am going to change the color. The second one would be the email.

The entire would be to video. So first smile so i m going to change his color and you can switch any color. You like let me to share the color. Now you have more officers to change the cap city of the scholar and to the first slide.

You can simply add the content here so go to the add button text and site title. And that is my title of the splicer. This is my first lesson..


I m going to change scholar installed. Volt. You can also add a paragraph to this visor. I just had any content.

So i am just copying this paragraph. Here it means you can add your own content. Here and obviously you have also to align. The content.

So let me change this color to black and size to at it okay now this year to save your work always similarly. I am going to change. So i ll be adding image here now since my background..


Yes. Then upload your own image. Other let s choose any three four weeks. Okay dream is an added and similar to first one you can change the title of these females.

This seems unusable. So i am adding a transparent box. Let me increase the transparency to default and i will right click events and no backward. You can see the box has been moved backs of this title.

I can see the color to white because it s more visible similarly. You can add a paragraph for this slider to go to text clip this further and see a scholar let me make proper alignment of this photograph well you can see your good content as the less emails happens correctly sliders on the two and let me customize the tart slide. So i will be adding a video to this slide so go to video you can upload your own video address through any one from the weeks and selecting this that video and see the details will adapt this slide number three you have a setting to send over the patch on to the video that lighter..


I said already caught and began select this loop awesome i love to select and you can save the speed of the video. I wanted playing to your site. Otherwise don t positioning or every too similar to this you can change its title by adding any fun to me like this a preview. You can see the video has been loaded very well if you do is inside the slider and first slider.

I have added all on second is the image and third one is the btw move inside is yourself and friends please feel free to comment below my video. If you have any questions. I ll try to answer as best as possible. ” .


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