5×02 Kids Are From Earth, Parents Are From Pluto; Nerves Of Steal

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“Day when you re walking down the street. Everybody that your needs as an original original point of and i see time today and get the law you got to to your heart listen to the beat. Listen to the rhythm rhythm of the street open up high school in my videos get together and make things better. I working together.

It s a simple message and come from the heart. Who believe in listen or that s the place to start. And i say a wonderful time today go to work hey. Hey dw.

Hey. This is a parent. This is a kid as you can see the parent looks like it s just a larger version of the kid. But beware.

It isn t it s an entirely different creature for example. The parent is very concerned with warm. You re not warming up you need a scarf. Oh you need a hat tarka scarf.

Balaclava your mouth fittings. Yeah. And then there are words. Which drive them bonkers like this one sale.

Oh. My gosh there s a sale in kitchen crass. We ll take them two for one what a bargain. We ll take them there are other strange things about parents.

But nothing is as weird as how they act when they re all together roll. The tape. Dw kids are from earth parents are from pluto. Oh yep.

It s that time of year again. If there was only some way i could get my parents not to go not to go to what the parents open house night once a year you and your parents go to school together at night. I was so embarrassed last year. My dad fell asleep during mrs drawings class and on our trip to the forest we saw pine trees oak trees oak trees another oak tree dad wake up 44 is that right dad i m the one in school.

Oh sorry frankie bad dream. What if he falls asleep again this year. Mr. Ratburn will probably make him stay after the open house.

And when you re finished with that the erasers need cleaning yes. Mr. Ratburn. You think you were embarrassed remember.

When my dad told that joke at the ice cream. Social. Afterwards and then the waiter said look at that escargot dc escargot sounds like escargot. The french name for snails.

I know what escargot is yeah. I just don t get the joke. Oh well um. Um.

Let s get some more ice cream. Dad. Well. None of you have it as bad as me why what are your parents do did i can t talk about it it s too horrible how about juice.

Sue ellen are you worried your parents will embarrass. You know why would they well because they re so different yeah..

In fact. When you first came to elwood city buster. Thought you and your parents were aliens. She s part of an alien invasion force sam knows how many of them walk among us really i can understand dw but why would he think i was an alien uh.

I m sure he meant it in a good way hmm so do you still think my parents. And i are aliens now of course not that was a long time ago. You re not right oh. Brother well.

It s okay if you are i like aliens. It s a friendly planet dear diary. I don t think my parents are weird. But what will the other grown ups think it might be kind of embarrassing.

If mom wore one of her funky outfits. She looks like she got lost on her way to a clown convention. Right dear. They aren t from this planet.

This is going to be a great story always talking about the different places. We plan and after nigeria. We spent a year in kenya. Oh.

We love kenya. But not as much as togo. Sue ellen. Who was the sixth president of the united states huh.

I m not sure john quincy adams. I m afraid sue ellen s going to have to take an extra american history class. She just hasn t spent enough time in this country house saturday morning this open house night could be a real nightmare. If only i could make my parents seem more normal.

It rang can ask you a question. Sure your parents call you different names at home. Right. Like um.

Oh. I don t know a little muffin. Man. Or binky winkles.

No. Oh. Well i ll need it in mind. Hey why are you studying it s saturday.

I m not studying i m creating a test for my parents. Well. I prunella said that at the last open house. Mr.

Ratburn gave the parents a really hard quiz. So i ve been trying to prepare them for it okay. Once again. I swear plus b.

Squared. Equals c. Squared. Yes.

Mom can i be excused alen. I have to put the laundry in the dryer hmm okay..

But hurry back history starts in five minutes dad i liked your essay on benjamin franklin. Thanks son. But i had a lot of trouble reading. It we re going to have to work on your penmanship.

Please take out a clean sheet of paper and a sharpened pencil brain. They re grown ups. I m sure they ll do okay. They can t just do okay.

They have to get a s think of how embarrassing it would be if i got better grades in my own parents. What are you wearing a sari. I found it in a trunk upstairs. It s great for doing housework because it s so cool do you like it oh yeah.

But you re not gonna wear that on open house night are you i don t know what i ll wear that night. I haven t thought about it can i help you pick out your outfit mom please please please can i ok you what on earth is this well that s purple okra. It s used a lot in west african cooking. When we lived in nigeria.

Sue. Ellen s mother used it to make a delicious peanut and okra soup. Really dad the checkout line is huge. We d better go at the open house tomorrow could you please not talk about all those countries.

We ve lived in please what um. I don t have the other kids to be jealous of me. Okay. Thanks dad you re the best nope.

That s what you should wear tonight. Oh. I ve only worn this once to a funeral. Remember dad no jokes.

All right what is it okay if i wear my glasses. Oh capital nebraska lincoln capital nevada carson city remember just try to seem normal usually i like to give the parents a little quiz on open house night. But this time. I ve decided to do something a little different oh since we have so many different families here with interesting lives let s have the parents tell the class a little bit about themselves hmm.

We ve got compacts mini vans suvs all for insanely low prices don t walk run to crosswire motors at the corner of fifth and main. We make the best deals on wheels. Thank you mr. And mrs.

Crosswire sue ellen s parents you re next their travels. I m a diplomat i m a homemaker thank you dad. 44. Alan that mask is fantastic in fact it looks just like something did it d be great for halloween uh excuse.

Me. It s supposed to look like a west african mask. The kind of yerevan people might have worn to summon rain. I thought if anyone would get the reference it would be your dad hmm no one understands my art is this what my little binky winkles me not bad mr.

Muffin man. Mr. Muffin man they re not my parents they just look like the mono. They are mmm.

So the barneses are aliens too that explains so much i love your dress dear. It s so refreshingly simple thanks. So you re a diplomat. I bet you ve been to all sorts of interesting places not really just here and there uh huh.

I think i ll um. I ll get some more ice cream..

I can t take it anymore i hate it when you guys are normal it s so boring it sure is i m putting myself to sleep from now on please just be yourselves i can t believe my dad fell asleep again when my dad told for jokes and no one got any of them they never change. Yeah. I think that s why i like them so much fun. It s a pity.

The kids won t join us sky. Guess they re too embarrassed embarrassed. I can t imagine one taking something that s not yours always leads to trouble ask dw grandma thora and i make 20 brownies last night. Only 19 are left who is the culprit aha a suspect not guilty.

I just got back from the dentist and i m not eating any more sweets today anyway nope just bagel crumbs darn it s only birdseed got ya how could you how could ii what dad you stole my brownie. I didn t steal it i ate it grandma its dad he s the brownie the relax dw it s just a brownie isn t it nerves of steel hi brain. Hey buster why are you inside on such a superlative sunday afternoon. Oh blame it on cyber toys.

You mean you finally got one well not exactly see what you re missing buster cyber toys are great binky barnes you ll be sorry dude. I mean hahaha wait till. I get my hands on you come back here aren t they excuse you were pounding a cyber toy too so when are you guys gonna get your cyber toys ah my mom says i can t have one until my birthday besides they re too expensive and weird looking my mom and dad say if i want one i have to buy it myself hey. The toy store just got in the cyber toy action sets you mean creepy castle and the galactic garage.

I hope they re not sold out huh everyone on earth has a cyber toy. Except us come on buster. Not everyone. Yeah.

Everyone wow. Doctors aunt are look at the craftsmanship. Look. At the detail and look at the price oh hi arthur is your mom gonna get you a cyber toy hmm.

No i m just looking long i bring you buster baxter well buster that s the coolest cyber toy ever of course because he s nine only a hundred pieces too easy yeah let s go hey. I. Saw. That i saw.

That lunchbox. At school whew. Oh. Hi.

Buster. Come on aren t their moms ready to go. Hi. Buster.

Do you need a ride home huh. I think i ll walk you want to come with me arthur no thanks. I ve got to get home and do my homework smile k. We re on tv.

What have i done i m a criminal. I m innocent buster did it fosters the thief. I ve never stolen anything before does that make me a real crook oh order water now how did you all spend your weekend. I study motion detecting security systems.

I read crime and punishment. I went on a field trip to the police station. I stole a cyber toy well buster baxter that definitely makes you a real crook. He he s still a second base.

Yeah go for broke steal third no put it back. It s not worth. It. Hi.

Buster are you okay i need to talk to you in yourself. I m in room..

Now why are you acting so weird i ll show you where did that come from and how did you know it was in my bag because because i put it there you want i stole it i know it was wrong. But everyone has a cyber toy. Except dawson i ah i couldn t help it great a stolen joy. I m not even supposed to have is right here in my room thanks a lot buster.

I m sorry i almost got you in trouble arthur. But why do i do now. I don t even want it anymore. That s the truth well what do you usually do when you get something you don t want ask for a refund.

No you return it hmm. We ll go to the drugstore tomorrow before it opens and leave it at the door with a note saying. We re sorry we took it sure will return it that s the only thing to do and it s the right thing to do now get it out of here okay. But how good bye buster yeah and thanks for taking out my trash oops there goes my stomach again bye.

Mrs. Reed. Where have you been i was writing the note. What does it say dear drugstore.

We didn t mean to take this cyber toy somehow it just showed up in arthur s book bag signed unanimous foster it s anonymous not unanimous and don t mention my name then i ll get in trouble. See this proves. I m no criminal now what well we can t just leave it here what if someone steals it morning boys. I m in the middle of inventory.

But come on in security camera. Might see yes okay i ll keep him busy on the candy aisle. While you return the cyber toy. Arthur you mean you should see this see what oh no i ll say we sold out last night.

Everyone and his friend wants a cyber toy up i don t worry i ll have more soon great. If we leave it now he ll know we did it give it to me. Now you go look at the candy come on buster. We better not be late for a lunch.

Didn t you boys come here for something no just these lawbreakers. I mean jaw breakers that ll be 65 cents hey and buster okay here thank you bye boys bye that s funny how did this get here. Dear drugstore. So whose idea is this i m waiting okay okay.

I did it it was me check your security camera. You ll see it was me that security camera. It isn t even working. It s not but my telephone is and i think i d better make some phone calls boys.

I know you meant well by returning the toy. But stealing it in the first place well that s where you went wrong very wrong. I know what was a dumb thing to do i m sorry you should have come to us when you found out what buster. Did yes.

Even if you didn t take the toy can t you see how covering it up made it worse. We re disappointed in you arthur you and buster. I m disappointed in us too. You re going to have a long time to think about what you did to this store and to yourself.

I will and that s why i m inside on a perfect sunday afternoon all because of a toy. I just had to have wow. I m glad i got mine for my birthday well see you in school tomorrow you can wash up for dinner soon buster and remember dinner but no dessert she really knows how to hurt a guy. One weekend down four more to go.

” ..

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