5 Reasons Why the Nintendo 2DS Is STILL Worth Buying in 2020 Raymond Strazdas

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“The nintendo 2ds the console that defined the odds for me and my channel the the console that honestly changed my life. It s pretty awesome isn t it i it s over six years old and is still out there. It s still being sold. So here are five reasons.

Why i think this thing is still worth picking up even in 2019. What is that my friends it s ray back here and today. I m gonna be sharing with you guys. Five reasons.

Why the nintendo 2ds is still worth buying in 2019. Now. I know i mentioned a while back that i was done making 2d s videos. But throughout that time.

I realized that there is still a very strong appetite for them like no matter..

What i post you guys are always asking how this little guy here is doing and he s doing just fine like this is my child here i protect him with my life. But in honor of the holiday season. What i wanted to do here today is recreate one of my most popular top five videos from a few years back because everything i said about the 2d s. Then still holds very true today it s a console that s cheap and arguably the best deal that you re ever gonna find in gaming.

Even to this very day so without further adieu let s not waste any time. The five reasons. Why i think the 2d s. Is still worth.

It is because of the 79 price tag. The gameboy like form factor the massive library of 3ds games. The apps. That are available for it and the fact that it is backwards compatible with the entire ds library of games enough set the value that you re getting here out of the 2d s.

Is just absolutely off the charts..

Even with the switch light and the switch. Available the price tag of a 2d s. Is very appealing to gamers and gift givers alike. I mean when you think about it it s only 20 bucks.

More than a nintendo switch game. And it s a whole lot more likely to be an impulse buy in the store than a switch. Plus you re getting a free game in the box. Like it is a steal of a deal it s pretty obvious that the 2d s is my favorite model of the 3ds for a reason and it s mostly because of the form factor.

This thing is extremely comfortable to hold and it feels like a classic gameboy in your hands on top of that you re getting some pretty solid battery life. So you can feel the nostalgia for hours upon hours on end. What s also neat is that the 2d s brings you applications like a web browser the eshop youtube and it gives you access to over 15 years worth of games from both the 3ds and the ds libraries like it is absolutely insane for mario to zelda to pokemon to metroid from top to bottom left to right no matter. Where you look.

There is literally something for everybody here..

However. Although you re getting a whole lot for your money. Here. This system is not perfect by any means.

The 2d s is comparable to the 2011 original 3ds in terms of specs. So. It is slower than the new 2d s. Xl.

And the new 3ds. Xl both of which have faster processors and more features that make them feel like a much more modern console. However they are also double the price compared to other consoles especially. Nowadays the 2d s definitely shows its age when it s loading games and applications.

But once you re in a game..

It really is an awesome experience at such a low price. Even if the 3ds line does fade off into the sunset. After the holidays are over you re getting a system that offers you 15 years worth of games and endless hours of entertainment. It is pretty nuts alrighty guys so there you have it.

5 reasons why i think the 2d s. Is still worth picking up even in 2019. If you enjoyed this video be sure to give it a thumbs up and hit that subscribe button. Because it always helps out the channel and also i want to know what you guys think do you think the 2d s.

Is still worth buying should people just save for the newer switch or for the switch light. I would love to know what you think down in the comments box down below and until the next one i will catch you guys later get out there go game and have some fun peace ” ..

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