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“Youtube so in today s tutorial. I m going to be showing you how to to get free art sponsorships okay so before i begin i just want to say i haven t been here in a while so please forgive me. And i want to say that these are just tips and i do not actually guarantee that you will get them that you will get other ships. But these little hooks so to start off you re gonna need your email and a couple of photos of your recent artwork.

And yeah. The email of the company that you re wishing to get a sponsorship from search doctor email. You of course gonna want to say hello my name is blank i am currently blink blink blink and you re gonna kinda give them a bit of background information. I m gonna be providing mine as a reference for you guys down in the description.

So be sure to check that out okay..

So you re gonna want to start by saying. Hi. My name is bling and kind of gives them a bit of background about you and why you want to sponsorship whether it s for money for economic hardships. They simply don t have it in your area or whatever.

The case may be you want to tell them what tell them it nicely and then tell them what it is you want and it. If you have any social media. Links be sure to put those up in that email put the link and be like oh. This is mine.

If you want to go and check that out and then show them your work make like a little portfolio a portfolio..

It doesn t have to be fancy just kind of copy and paste your photos that you ve taken make sure that they re in good lighting. Good condition that you know you can actually see them i m gonna be showing you guys a lot of the things that i have gotten okay so i m going to be showing you guys. Some of the art materials and art companies that i ve sponsored me. And i will provide the emails down in the description below.

So you can also you know them so. The first one that i got it from was koh. I noor. I m very sorry if i m mispronouncing the name and he sent me up a pack of 36 to watercolor set.

Then they sent me some pastel pencils..

So the next. Our company is dollar bounty and they were really really generous they supply me with a lot. And i think that they also sponsor a lot of people also so give them a try they sent me a pack of sketch pencils a little mini sketchbook. Which is great for traveling a hardcover sketchbook which i m currently using domon little pitch and then they sent me another harder to cover tongue and sketchbook and then they sent me a lot of watercolor tubes.

And what if an art company. Responds to you and they say oh we would love to sponsor. You tell them if you want like something in specific be like oh. I was wondering it maybe could send me some of these supplies another really generous.

Our company was my jello and they sent me this watercolor which i absolutely love i ve used them along to tell me very very excellent..

If you guys want to see me do a review. Tell me them to comment and then they sent me this little mini watercolor set. Which is also there for traveling and that s pretty much all you learn just remember your mother companies tell them who you are what what you draw like specifically kindly. Ask them.

Where you would like to receive and send them a couple of your recent artwork and that s it so i hope you guys have i hope you guys have a great day. Hope you guys also get a lot of our sponsorship. If you re new to my channel please make sure to hit that like and subscribe button and i greatly appreciate it see you guys later we re doing. ” .


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My email that you may use as a guide or inspiration:

Hello, my name is Perry, and I am currently 17. I have a passion for art and would consider myself talented. I was reaching out to you in hopes of seeking an agreement. If I may, I would like to request a small sponsorship. Do not worry, I am not very picky and would mind anything that your amazing company has to offer. If you would like so see some of my art, you are more than welcomed to check out my Instagram it s @Art_P3rry or www.instagram.com/art_p3rry/ Also, I have provided a couple of images of my recent sketches. Thank you so much for your time.

Here are some art companies you should email:
info@chartpak.com Koh I Noor
customer.serviceus@daler-rowney.com Daler Rowney
mijello@mijello.com Mijello
derwent.pencils@acco.com Derwent

Basic info about me
Name: Juan but I prefer being called Perry
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/art_p3rry/
YouNow: https://www.younow.com/Art_P3rry
Snapchat: Art_P3rry
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Art_P3rry
Vine: https://vine.co/u/1254307347422453760
Tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/art-p3rry
Intro Song: Magnets by Lorde
Outro Song: New York City by The Chainsmokers

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