$100 VLOGGING CAMERA Comi Tech from Amazon

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“It s not good hey youtube. It s miranda and the today s video. I i want to talk to you guys about this camera. I just bought so this is from amazon.

It was a hundred dollars it s a flip screen camera. I m gonna show you the listing real. Quick the listing is. Kobe.

Tech digital camera with wi fi vlogging camera 27 k ultra hd 30. Inch camera with flip screen retractable flashlight so that s a lot basically i m gonna i m actually gonna screen record basically it s this flip screen camera it s 9999. It has obviously a flip screen. It just sounds like the one lens.

But i m pretty sure you can zoom apparently rice to your phone. And it has like a like a pop up flash. It says that it s a good size and comes with all these different things i m gonna open the box. And do a little unboxing and show you guys right now.

What s inside so the first thing that i want to do is do a little unboxing in this to show you what comes with it what it looks like and then i want to use some side by side clips. I want to see how the quality of the video is and the sound quality compared to this camera. Because i know that like if you watch my favorite youtuber is megan lee and she uses a g7 x. And she uses a bunch of other cameras.

But basically they re all nice canon cameras. I know that a good quality camera comes out like what you re seeing from my canon rebel sl1. I m filming on right now so i m basically gonna compare the quality of this camera to that one to see is this worth 100. Is it worth it to even go for this or should you save up your money and go for something more expensive more high quality.

I don t know we ll find out how do i know if this is good for myself or especially. For like a new youtuber. A brand new maybe a young youtuber or any youtuber anyone who s looking to make videos. I don t know if this is any good so let s find that out alright.

Oh. I almost dropped it let s find that out right now so first of all the outside of the box looks like this i really think that they re trying to like rip off canon spa. It just seems so somewhere on side of the box. It shows that it has a flip up screen.

This side shows like a picture of the camera same thing. That s what it looks like okay so open. The box on the outside of the box. That says please use high speed sd card.

Which i did get one and i ll show you guys in a second. Okay so when you open the box it looks like this and everything s in here..

So you have what is this oh you can register an account for something i don t know it has your user manual. Which is half and i think chinese and then if you go to the middle. I def to this before if you go to the middle. It s in english.

So once you get past the paperwork you have the camera and then you have like a charger. A strap. So let me just go through all that this is the strap. They provide you oh it s longer than i thought i guess you could use it around your neck.

And they give you like the wall plug in and the actual charger. So i think it s just like a micro usb. I think that s what these are called and then you plug it in here. Just like a phone or anything else.

And that s that and for the most important thing. The camera so this is what the camera looks like just like the picture. I have explored it a little bit the screen flips up like that it is easily handheld. If it s really nicely in your hand.

I have to say that it is like super cheap plastic my camera doesn t make that hollow of a sound. But like if i tap it probably you probably can t tell like in the video. But this one sounds like i could snap it like if i drop this thing once it might be toast this is the lens. It s called digital zoom lens.

Four times and then a bunch of other stuff that i don t really understand. There s just a little close up of the camera. And then the flash has this little like switch thing. And it pops up like that the back looks like this again screen flips up and then it looks like that.

And you have all your controls here the power buttons right here and then the underneath looks like this it can attach to a tripod. Which is really nice to see and then in here is like the battery. And where you put the sd card. So that is what the camera looks like and it comes a little like peel off screen protector thingy.

So this is the sd card. I got i got the sandisk ultra plus. I don t know it s just a microsd this camera requires a micro sd card. As you can see in here.

There s only a little spot for an sd card. So you do need to get the micro sd. But they always come with like the adapter so it doesn t matter if you need to plug it in your computer or whatever you always have that i got the one that s but for better pictures in full hd video. It s a 10.

I think that means like speed the speed is i don t know i don t know what it means. But i know that i always get the one that has a little circle with a 10 in it i get that for all my filming because when i first got my canon camera..

I only have like an sd card that i had a four i don t know what it means. But i had a four and i could only film like 5 minutes at a time and it was shut off. I don t know why but i know that this switching to this has worked for me. And i ve never had that problem since alright.

So now that we ve gone through the box. And we know a little bit about the camera. Let s try it out ok so to turn it on power buttons up here. It makes that sound and now it s on it does make beeps to like navigate around the camera.

I want to know if i can turn that off. Oh. You can beep sound. Oh yeah.

No more sound okay. So just real quick. I want to show you the screen quality on the camera. It s it honestly seems a little laggy like i don t know if you can tell from this.

But it feels like just the slightest bit laggy. I don t know can you tell like when i m talking does it seem like you to you i m wondering if that s just because the camera itself like i wonder if it writes to the sd card. The way that it happens in real life. But the screen and the actual camera since it s not that like i don t know i m just wondering if it like can t keep up i don t know i don t know we re about to find out ok.

So now i m recording. I m recording exactly the same thing that you re seeing right now except on this camera. I want to know if side by side. The video quality or the sound quality is different so right now.

I m going to put the sound quality on this camera. And you can tell me what you think versus now. I m going to switch from the sound okay so that s inside. I filmed in this exact spot a million times.

And there never seems to be any what s over there i have film from this spot in my house a bunch of times and i always think the quality is good and the sounds good so i want to know from camera alright now. I want to walk around and take this outside and see. If there s a difference okay so i will say that the battery. I actually charged it all night last night on the new camera.

And it already says that there s only two bars of it so that s kind of concerning. A lot. I m trying to hold the both cameras as i go out the door filming outside with this camera quality and that it wasn t even worth your time or something that s what i said but i want to find out for 100. It s worth it to find out so i m actually back inside now and i m watching the footage that i just took and guys.

It s not good for some reason it sounds really muffled inside like when i m watching the video back i sound so muffled and i read in like reviews and stuff that when you re outside you get more of a muffled or like worst sound quality. Okay..

I don t know if i was i don t know if i was talking louder outside. But i got better sound quality and also better picture like i don t know if it was from the lights inside or what. But i have like a blue tinge to me outside i looked more like normal. But it s still kind of foggy like i look like i don t know i look kind of foggy maybe it s from the filter.

I m actually gonna go take a couple more clips without this filter. This is like this actually came in the box. And i forgot that i had put it on i m try and take clips without that on and see if it looks any different those last clips. I m also gonna go back outside at the same spot.

I was in out there and compare so this is the video quality. I think it s the exact same. But i took the filter off it looks the same on the cam on the screen. But i want to know once i put on the computer.

If it s the same once again i took the filter off for this clip. And it s still at 1080p. So i m gonna walk outside and see if it s any different okay so again i am back outside. And i don t know we ll have to do a comparison sound quality video quality.

What do you guys think out. Here. Now. I m gonna go back inside and take the same exact.

Clips but with 27 k. I think it s ultra. Hd okay and once. Again i am back inside this time in 27.

K. And again. I don t know if it looks an either friend actually it seems a little less laggy on the screen. But that could just be my imagination or i m getting used to like the lag.

And now i m going to walk back outside for the third time and in 27. K. Any difference. What do you think i guess i will tell you what i think in a second okay so i just got done filming those clips.

And i m gonna watch them back and see if they re complete and utter trash the sound quality sounds like i m underwater. I cannot go to i can t i can t get over that like that s very important if you compared the sound quality of what you re hearing right now with me talking into this camera. I don t have any fancy microphones or anything it s just what comes on my canon eos rebel sl sands like trash okay so i have seen enough to form an opinion. I don t think that you should probably buy this camera.

If you re looking to be like a serious youtuber for me i have to spent this camera that i m using is like it was 600 at the time. I don t know what it goes for now..

But this is a nice camera like this is something that i m proud to make content on and put on my channel. This i would be kind of embarrassed like i want to be taken seriously. I want my channel to grow and i go back to someone s channel over and over again. If this is the quality.

I was getting the fact that my iphone which yes iphones have really good camera quality and sound quality. The fact that that takes better videos than this is a sure sign that you probably don t want to spend a hundred dollars on this camera and i m thinking. It s probably going back to amazon also the fact that that like what i have never seen anything like it like yeah. I have pop up flash on this.

But it doesn t look like this. What is this i don t know i don t know moral to the story. I think it was worth a shot. I think it would be fun for like kids.

Especially if kids were starting youtube channel or wanted to practice video making or if anyone wanted to practice this can get you like what you need to just get some footage practice editing. But i don t think you re gonna make like a high quality. Eye catching video. Using footage from this camera.

All right well thank you so. Much for watching. I hope you enjoyed i hope this was at least entertaining and informative and help you make a decision on if you should buy the comit tech camera. I will still leave the listing down below.

Because maybe someone saw the footage and was like hey. That s not so bad. I want that it s down below. If you re interested anyway.

Thank you guys so much for watching. If you enjoyed this video. Give it a thumbs up and subscribe. So you never miss a video.

Follow me on twitter. Instagram and snapchat at marana underscore. 13. That s with 4 eyes.

It s in the description box down below and in the end slate at the end of the video alright guys thanks so much for watching. And i ll see you all in my next video. ” ..


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