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“Cdc announced. It s not a question of if there ll be a serious outbreak outbreak in the us. But more a matter of when earnest. How does a world by fear get people to come out of their home and go to work.

Well. I m here to tell you that i went to work this past week as i m guessing. Y all. Did too and for me it started out on my knees tearing out of floor.

She said tear my floor out if you think he can do it and i was like yeah. Yeah. I think i can do it. And she said.

I ve got some new human stick tiles for you to install and she was pretty excited about those so i was like yeah. No problem and i set to terran now. The top layer of her floor was the last course of pianistic tiles. More like the ones.

The last guy put down and then beneath that was some vinyl now have yo use this liquid lock stuff yet. I m telling you it s really good for gelling up that toilet water so it doesn t spill everywhere. When you pull a toilet. It s also pretty good for stiffening up your raw opilio smoothies.

A few moments later now on this day. I think i was pretty much out there facing some old demons and one of them was the demon. Who decided it was a good idea like a reasonable thing to do to caulk to like put a bead of caulk around the base of a toilet and this has just become such a pet peeve of mine. I cannot even tell you i mean for me the idea of trapping leaky toilet water back under the toilet just is antithetical to everything you should be doing that toilet seal is leaking gosh dang.


It let it flow so you can fix it now the other thing i got to tell you since i m here is that i ve got some really good recipes involving recycled toilet steel wax you want them i got them it s also really good on dry skin chapped lips. All that kind of stuff. This is natural beeswax white let it go to waste. I mean.

It s resilient stuff and in limited supply now that the global insect populations are plummeting and all that all right more good news is that my new gopro. 8. Camera little camera i carry around with me every day it s just totally screwing up and doing these fast forward segments on its own once in a while so i didn t get audio on that vacuuming stuff. But suffice it to say i did clean that floor like crazy before i put down the peel and stick tiles now if you really want to indulge your deep yearning for precision let me recommend some peel and stick tiles with a pattern for you i m telling you man lining those things up get them all squaring everything it will satisfy you frustrate you and just kind of bring you to a new place and if that s what you need i would recommend it i really would and not quite the last thing to do in the bathroom.

But next to last was to sink the toilet and squish that new wax ring down after that i put a new piece of trim around the outside to get rid of that kind of scuzzy looking stuff you see and with the trim installed and the floor down and all the plumbing working everything that bathroom was reborn in a kind of small way all right next job was sort of continuation of one you ve seen before i have been working on this garage job kind of on and off last couple weeks. And i had to replace some siding. But next up the door needed to go man that old door was just shot. And that is a up door.

It s cut this little access down here. But the whole thing is also just sagged to just totally sagging down over time. I mean you could fix the door. Like this if you totally take it apart and reglue it.

But i m just gonna replace it and here s a look at the jamb not too bad. The actual framing. Looks really good and solid. It s just this inner piece.

Here that s kind of trashed. So i ll pull that out all right that s better we got the tight fit on top and all the way around first thing. I ll do is pre drill and through my blocks. Good solid connection pre drill and put screws in but loose.


So you can still shim then i ll run my shims get it all level and plumb and everything and now i ll tighten up the screws and to drill the holes. I just got my recessed drill bit so that the screws lay nice and flat. You know there s a lot of talk about composite shims versus wood shims. But in this situation i use the wood shim.

They re not under compression like they would be under a steel plate or something so i used to watch him just because it kind of match. The materials and is easier to cut off all right so it s jammed up and screwed and then i m just checking for the fit. And it s still really nice three hungers. Almost always are that s all plumb and true and everything so i m just going to trim off my shoes.

It s like kind of good hey it ll be alright alright. So i strapped the door to the roof of the truck to the rack up there and i guess i was being cavalier. I thought it was fine. But anyway i just got home and the door was not there so i threw the dogs in the truck and we re gonna see if we can find it yeah look for the door okay we just found it all right now you don t need to tell me that was irresponsible stupid reckless careless and just plain dumb to lose that door driving down the road.

But at least i cleaned it up i left no trace in the end and all s well that ends well alright. So i just got a couple drywall repairs to do you know some cracks top of the doorway kind of stuff. Then there s one more over here. Same kind of deal just settling or expansion.

Contraction issue cracked here and over here. I think i ll probably just patch. It over into this area. That s kind of interesting.

This has been passed before you can see there is fiberglass tape in there. So it s kind of been an issue. I think what i ll do is use paper tape to cover that over and see if we get any more progress. Lady.


What do you think about this it s pretty good right. He s pretty good he s pretty good this is a 20 minute mud. So i can t really dally too much gotta get it on there the taking place all right another simple one. It was like a floorboard.

I m just gonna dab the slightest bit of glue in there. And i think it ll stick together this is just another cookie these are just a couple of cherry boxes. There s calm loose and used beside the bed as like a side table. And just gonna put some screws in from the bottom.

This is inch and a half so i ll use an inch and a quarter screw. This is like 20 minutes later some of the thick spots are still wet. So i m gonna give it a little more time as you can probably tell this was one of those show up at the house and just do all kinds of different jobs and i had a big old list and one of the things on the list was to replace the son that had fallen down out front and sure enough. There was a big old son laying there next the garage.

I just screwed up over the door. I also installed some low voltage lights so they could see the sidewalk when i walk around at night and then got that drywall sanded now after that i just went back to my place and got my truck stuck just totally stuck in the mud. I was hauling some stuff it was pathetic. I spent most of the afternoon and into the evening coming up with every different cockamamie scheme to pull it out it was just a reminder of probably what you re thinking.

Which is that i need an actual winch on my truck to get myself out of a jam like this one instead. I was using to come along would you know like every 30 40 minutes. You can move it like 12 inches or so. I was using to come along for a while that didn t really work.

I also set up a whole system of snap block and that was okay. But anyway in the end. I didn t even get footage of it. But you ll see in the bitter end and middle the night.


I ended up getting that thing out with just buckets of gravel from the barn and the ground kind of getting more solid on me. It s because he was getting down to freezing lately. Internet based solution to this problem. I ve got the two high fours.

Got. I think enough clearance back there and i ve got him on all four wheels and pretty much crank down fronts definitely more clearance in the backs. So i m just gonna check him out it s probably gonna do some permanent damage to the truck. But well city this back is where it s just throw bug down.

So bug. Down alright. Here. We go.

Oh. Oh trashy scraps. Do this cargo. Straps just tore up.

So quickly. He s still good that was ripped out all right i ve got a fence to go build. But you re gonna see that in the next episode. The handyman diaries.

Because this one s over and i have said it before. But it bears repeating this is not necessarily an account of like how to do it. It s just a story of how i did it thanks for checking it out and i ll ” ..


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