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video banner ads This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Youtube Banner Ads on Your Videos: Installing the Call to Action Overlay – YouTube. Following along are instructions in the video below:

“Right welcome to what might just be one of the most important videos of this this module and definitely just an absolute essential part of this training series to get most out of your traffic. Now. I explained this as one of the last optimization steps you want to do this with all your videos as soon as you finish uploading them. And what is it well.

I will show you we are over here. At one of my channels and boom as soon as this video loads. There is this little hover box that comes up right here. If i click on that it will go to my website.

We get to use an image some good copy and will go to my website and it s just absolutely awesome absolutely powerful people can click inside your video now and go you can take him wherever you want so this right. Here. The reason. Why this is so important is this is where the traffic is all about this is one of the best ways that you re gonna get traffic.

If you say in your video. Go to my cool website domain. Calm. People don t take the time.

To come up. Here. And type. In wwii cool.

Website domain. Calm right so all we re doing you already know this. You already know that you need to be doing this and i give you a quick tutorial on how to do it but i m actually gonna walk you through step by step by myself so you can give this to someone on your team or if you re gonna do it yourself you just follow along with me so are you ready let s get started..


Okay. We re gonna start off on this domain right here it s http colon forward slash forward slash abs youtubecom you can literally just google ads youtubecom. You re gonna get taken to this page or a page similar to this one now first thing you want to make sure you re logged in to your account. Ok.

The account that we re gonna be adding to promote a video zoom and we re gonna go ahead and click get started okay on this page. You re gonna have to set your account and billing information. Basically. This is a division of adwords and you don t have much to worry about here because we re not trying to spend a lot of money what i m gonna show you with this whole.

What s called call to action layover or overlay is basically a one cent penny click for every time someone clicks. You re gonna see about five to ten percent maybe even more of your visitors click through on that thing and they re gonna be highly qualified. So what a penny and click for qualified traffic. I think it s totally worth it you can t set this up without setting up the credit card information.

So go do that now okay on the next page once you ve filled out your credit card information correctly. It s gonna take you to something like this it s gonna ask you for your daily budget. We want this to be as low as possible because we only want our our ads to show up on our own videos for now. We can set up separate campaigns.

We can talk about that later but for now we ve shown you guys so i m just gonna dull. And we ll go on to the next page okay and on this page. We want to verify that our max budget is one dollar that s good we re gonna click the button create a new promotion okay this is pretty self explanatory here we want to choose the video that we want to promote and i really want to do this for all of these videos. But for all intents and purposes in this example.

We re just gonna do this one the kettlebell routine video that we ve been showing you through so i go ahead and click that one you can see i can only do one at a time. So you d have to do this this step from here on out you have to do individually every single time. And i click next..


I agree now on this page. This is the copy we would use if we re gonna promote this video as a promoted video. We don t want to do that see this gets a little confusing because we will talk about how you can do promoted videos. But for right now we re doing a call to action overlay.

So i just want to come up with something random random line. One random two and this is random as well. And that is basically it we want to choose whatever thumbnail here that they have for us and click next now on this page. It s gonna ask us for keywords and if you re familiar with google keyword tool or google adwords you want to choose these keywords based on where your video will start to show up and you know how it relates to other videos.

We don t want that for this step so what we actually want to do if you can t figure it out by now we re actually trying to push away all the other videos and you ll see this will all start to make sense in a sec in a second so i m just gonna go ahead and type car insurance because it s something that s very competitive right and i want to click add to list and click next. Okay cp v. As in cost per view is the highest price you re you were willing to pay each time someone s gonna click on your ad. Guess what we re doing a penny per view go ahead and click next okay so here.

You re gonna say oh look here s my promotion. It doesn t look good random line. One random. Blah blah blah.

Well that s okay don t you worry about it go ahead and click run my promotion now are you ready for the magic part we had to go through that all those tedious little. Steps but this is the magic part we re on youtubecom you re gonna go to your channel and you re gonna click videos just like i m doing right now and we re gonna find that very video that i selected in the beginning which is our kettlebell routine video and i m gonna click the edit video now this is it right here underneath the video now will be this new box. That says call to action overlay. We get a headline two lines of descriptions.

An image url and a display url and then of course where we re actually going to send it which is usually the same so let s go ahead and fill that out and see what how it okay. Let s take a look at what i did now my copy here is not the greatest. It was just really meant to give you an example right so i m promoting a website that have i m actually this doing this with no affiliate link..


This is a website called rks workout. They sell a kettlebell program that i m actually featured in as a testimonial and i know a couple of people that are in the product. As well my personal trainer is the guy who pretty much created this thing. So i said hey why not let s create a video for him and drive some traffic to his site right so.

I said you know a headline is horrible. The best kb program ever check out the best fat burning muscle building kettlebell system. And then it asks for an image url. You need a 56 by 56 pixel image.

And you need the uploaded url of that image. And you put it right in there. How do you do that well i went to there s my image. I went to my blog and you can go to media.

Add new and you can type take a 56 by 56 image. You can edit in a simple edit image. Editing software and upload it take that file url and stick it into here. Okay now it s also optional so you don t have to add an image.

But obviously image is gonna help okay the display url and then the destination url these can be different you know this could be a subpage of it or something like that okay. So that s about it let s go ahead and press save changes now let s check it out. We re gonna go back to my channel. And we re gonna find it right here right there kettlebell kettlebell routine go ahead and click on it.

And there. It is the best kb program ever check out the best fat burning muscle building kettlebell system our case workout. And i can click on it and ladies and gentlemen..


I am now on our ks workout. Comm how cool is that so the sad part is i do have to go back. And individually add each one of those videos. So i would just go back and kind of once you have your credit card info.

Set up you can go back and start adding those videos one at a time in order to get them on there okay. So i can t stress again. Just how important this step is because this is really how we drive traffic through this little ad. It s gonna really help now i have the link right there as well.

But i also have it here. Okay. This is gonna be extremely powerful for our entire traffic generation strategy. This is why we re doing it right for more qualified traffic and as i ve said before you really do get qualified traffic from youtube for the people to take the time and click over so don t necessarily look at numbers look at the quality look at the track.

How well they re that they re converting from youtube. Okay. So that s basically it we ve done everything we can do to optimize this video. What we re gonna do in the remainder of this course.

Which i ve already alluded to is everything we can do to get these views from 14 up to a lot more so this is how to promote your video get the views so that more people will click on this link and click on that link and comment come on over to your website. Thank you very much for watching. And i ll see you very soon ” ..


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Ok, so after getting request after request on the exact step-by-step process for HOW to activate the Call-to-Action Overlay (you know, that little Youtube Banner Ad that sits on the lower third of your competitors videos), I decided to actually take a video directly from the members area of Video Traffic Academy ( and share it with you here on Youtube.

So, watch the video, follow along and do exactly what I say in the video, and ENJOY!

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