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“All it takes to make a movie successful is great advertising. Can t believe we we re paying it see something we get on tv for free welcome to watchmojocom. Today. We re counting down our picks for the top ten innovative movie marketing campaigns.

Unbelievable no i know why everybody wants a piece of here for this list. We re looking at those movie ads and ad campaigns. That went above and beyond to create intense buzz and media speculation for their respective movies. It goes as staggering is the whole north korea debacle surrounding the interview was it will not be on the list.

We are same same same same. But different as it was never intended as a marketing strategy. The act of making and screening such a movie that portrays an attack on our top leadership is the most wanton act of terror and act of war. And it s absolutely intolerable number 10 toy story 3.

I know to come to this fall. Everyone oh as the first film in this beloved franchise. Had been released 15 years earlier. The marketing team for toy story.

3. Had the genius idea of targeting. The third installment at college aged. Men and women who had been fans of the 1995 hit when they were children pixar did this by releasing a fake lot so hug and bear commercial.

Complete with cheesy. Song distorted. Sound and crappy video quality to give it the effect of an old 1980s vhs recording there if that didn t get the nostalgia flowing enough pizza planet job flyers were also posted across school campuses with the attached url sending visitors to an info page about the movie screening. These little dudes are from a strange alien world pizza planet number nine the ring too the ring too wasn t an enormous success as it only made 161 million dollars on a 50 million dollar budget in order to boost dvd sales.

The marketing team took the ingenious approach of using the movies own signature scare against its fans. Oh. It s kind of late honey. Don t you think you should sleep.

I never sleep. Seven days left calm was set up and pranksters were encouraged to enter the email and phone. Number of a friend that friend would then be sent a link to the trailer and as it s playing their phone would ring as you can imagine. When they answer.

It they re met with the movies creepy seven days warning. However it turns out the marketing was scarier than the movie itself number eight inception. It s never just a dream is it inception was shrouded in secrecy before its release. Which is always great to get the ball rolling on speculation your dream.

I need you to draw security away from the complex. You understand the movies website featured only a spinning top for four months before visitors were granted access to the mindcrime online game. Which when completed gave them access to the movies poster another piece of impressive advertising was a giveaway where t shirts featuring a qr code were handed out and that code would send users to an instruction manual for the briefcase. Used in the film to build the dream space also a book filled with strange images and text was sent to wired magazine a video game and weird cryptic ramblings sign us up listen.


If you re going to perform inception. You need imagination number. 7. Chronicle up here.

I can t hear you chronicle follows. The adventures of an abused teenager who gained superhuman powers. Including the ability to fly hello boys. What ha ha.

No wait alright. But for such a small movie. Its budget. Being only twelve million dollars.

It had an ambitious and daring marketing strategy human shaped remote controlled planes were flown over new york. Giving the wondrous impression of three individuals flying through the air above the city. It actually fooled hundreds of new yorkers. Before fox confessed that they were behind the stunt.

Even if it scared some people this campaign helped spread the word for the movie. Leading. It to gross over ten times its budget. Oh yeah.

I ve got to get to number six paranormal activity. I just at least fallen breathing. The minds behind the ads for paranormal activity. Took an experimental selling strategy before the film became a huge success.

It was only shown in select cities. While folks in other locations. Waited with bated breath. After only being shown the trailer are you talking about feeling really breathing on me.

Soon. An eventful page was set up for the film and fans were asked to demand the movie in their town and sign a form on the site as a result. The city with the most signatures would become the next location for a screening. You promised me you were going to look at me like that you promised me that stuff no i promised you i wasn t gonna buy a week.

Oh risky right it worked so well that after reaching 1 million. Signatures. The film was released nationwide two huge success making 193 million dollars on a fifteen thousand dollar budget. Pinku pay.

Okay now number five cloverfield. This is a terrible thing okay similar to inception cloverfield was steeped in secrecy before its release. The mysterious teaser was attached to transformers. But never revealed the film s title and showed only brief glimpses of action.


Including the captivating sight of the statue of liberty s decapitated head in the titles place. Only the release date of one 1808 was shown throwing everyone into a speculative frenzy with many taking to online forums. It s gonna be the best night ever myspace pages were created for every character in the film ever listens to me ever and no person listening hey. It was 2008 and the slusho beverage from the movie was even used as a red herring in the marketing campaign.

This elusive type of strategy would again be utilized three years later for another jj abrams production super 8. 2. Equal e. Thrilling and unexpected results bad things happen.

But you can still have number 4. I m still here the mockumentary. I m still here confused many a moviegoer by blurring the line between truth and fiction. I gotta really know i m taking that song the film follows.

A joaquin phoenix esque character as he quits acting to begin a hip hop career. Obviously a great success in music. And what i wanted it to be something young money up do young money took to do this. Although.

It s a great story. It s tie in marketing campaign was what caught our attention throughout the press. Junket phoenix appeared with bed head and a bushy beard staying completely in character. Which even led to a terribly awkward interview.

With david letterman. You look different than i remember it you ve got a nice beard going. And oh yeah. Then how was that the beard in male people actually began to suspect that phoenix was actually interested in hip hop and worried for his future.

But that was before it was all revealed to be an elaborate hoax. Phew. Number. Three.

The simpsons movie. Everybody in this theater is a giant sucker especially you it s safe to say that the simpsons movie didn t need to go all out in terms of marketing. But that didn t stop the studio from spending ten million dollars to briefly immerse fans. In one of their favorite locations.

Next. A quickie mug. Now here s the tricky. Part whoa.

Wo. N t lord. I m. With 711s across the country were made over into kwik e.


Mart. Complete with fictional brands. Like buzz. Cola and squishies.

For simpsons lovers. Who have always wanted a taste of springfield. Now. Where we are we re in burbank and where it used to be a 7 eleven.

Now most people that drove past here. Said oh yeah. This was a 7 eleven. Not anymore.

It s a quicky mart. Now they have transformed 12 7. Elevens around the country into quicky mart homer even appeared before the tonight. Show with jay leno to deliver a monologue filled with pop culture.

References. Cringe worthy humor and an animated leno as a result. The film really brought in the dopes. Please get rid of that pig.

Oh you re gonna love him. Nokey does an impression of you number. 2 ex machina. Do you have a name.

Yes. Ava. I m pleased to meet you ava. I m pleased to meet you too.

Ex machina follows. A young man who begins a personal bond with an attractive and highly intelligent android. He never walked outside. I ve never been outside the room.

I m in man in keeping with the movies reflections on our relationship with technology a tinder profile for ava. The movies android was created hello brock. I d like to get to know you may i ask you a few questions absolutely have you ever been in love at the south by southwest festival. Where the film was screened for younger.

Audiences. Specific users were matched with ava on the app. A piece of text accompanied her profile. Which led readers to the movies instagram handle.


Oh. My god scott. I can t wait for the honeymoon. Me either it was not only a fantastically original strategy.

But it also nicely complemented the movie and its ambitious ideas are you attracted to me what are you attracted to me it gives me indication. It s long before we unveil our number one pick here are some honorable mentions greetings munchkins. Did you like that dose of green band goodness hankering for a little more action. Some baker curse words maybe check out deadpool website com.

For my red band trailer was hoping i could grab a piece of technology just for a few days. I m gonna return it they needed to save the world you know how that is oh. Because he gave us fire. Our first true piece of technology fire now with the amc lowe s lincoln square.

13. By wearing the oculus rift development kit to headset the experience gives audiences of virtual zero gravity tour of the endurance spacecraft featured in the film. My believers. I need your help we have to figure this out it s got to be what the men in black suits.

Want us to do number. One. The blair witch project. Scared to close my eyes scared to open them.

While debates continue to rage regarding the film s quality. There is no denying the sheer impact that the blair witch project s marketing had on the world. There s no one here to help you that s your motivation. That s your motivation.

The film follows three teenagers as they get lost in the woods while filming a movie and are terrorized by an unseen threat. So damn deep in the woods and people are gonna try and and come out here and mess with us then they gotta have something wrong with them. And i m not gonna play with that the flicks found footage concept was a unique idea and as such the movie was marketed as real footage that was found in the woods. The website featured fake police reports and fliers were distributed asking for information on the missing students the campaigns authenticity was widely debated online.

But even so it helped the movie grossed 248 million dollars on a measly. Sixty thousand dollar budget. Josh josh where are you tell me. What you are do you agree with our list and one of those things where the more we learned about the crazier and crazier.

We found it to be what marketing strategy. Do you fondly remember for more. Ingenious top 10s published every day be sure to subscribe to watchmojocom. I haven t seen the movie haven t seen the film.

Yet yeah what a surprise ” ..

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For this list, we re looking at those movie ads and ad campaigns that went above and beyond to create intense buzz and media speculation for their respective movies.

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