You Have Been Filling Your DEF Tank Wrong Since Day 1: How to Fill Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tank

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“I m going to show you how to put def nin your vehicle without making making a doggone mess jugs that the def come in they re crap. The nspouts junk and the whole thing is just it s just not nvery user friendly all right so what i m going to do is i m ngoing to show you how to set the jug up to try to make it a little bit easier for you nand getting the fluid in there so hopefully you don t spill. It. Because it nmakes a mess.

It crystallizes on everything. Blah blah blah. So vaporex def and not picking on them. But nthis is what this brand is this is what most of the auto parts stores naround here have is it first thing about their jugs.

I don t like nis the seal on the top of it doesn t have a pull tab you can t just grab. It and pull it off and if you re a guy like me. And you don t nhave any fingernails..


You re not going to get it so first thing you got to do is you got to nreach in there and get it started with your pocket knife. Then you get the crap on your pocket off blade nso don t go too far in there you know what i mean so just pull it off. So. This doesn t get down ninto your def system and get the def injector clogged up or anything like that so you see it s around the rim.

So you re ngoing to get it on so wash your hands after you re done next is the spout. The spout you can see the threads on the njug. I ve only got one thread in there for the nstart of the spout and the spout has got the rest of threads. The spout is real pliable plastic so getting nit on there it wants to cross thread.

Almost every time and a lot of that s probably got to do with nthe seal on the thing. So you want to make sure that you get it started nright go all the way down so. You can see right there it..


s not wanting to it s already wanting nto cross thread on me. But the cool thing about it is that you can nusually see through it you see the separation between the jug and nthe spout. There and once you know that they ve made contact nyou can go ahead and take it all the way down. Now.

I think the most important part to this nis when you tighten it down this rubber portion on these spouts. This is the air relief for nthe jug. You want the air relief to be up. So you re npouring this in this direction.

Okay the handle s going to be up you re pouring nthis direction. This little black rubber thing. This air relief nyou want this to be on top of the spout that ll keep you from having spills..


All right let s take it over to the truck nand put it in the tank. All right come over to your def tank and ngo ahead and take your cap off you see. The last person that filled this none up there s already a little bit of spillage that s right there and that comes from the cap too so just not nvery user friendly so on your jug before i go into the spout ni put my arm on the bottom of the jug like that and i cradle the jug then i ll go ahead and start digging the spout nin. There because this is flexible.

Anyway so i go ahead and get my spout in and just ngo ahead and lift your jug up easy just let her flow. You can hear the air gargling out of that njust like filling up any tank. This is a really easy way to do it. But then sometimes things like that like nthat air spout and that tube people take that for granted don t really know what it is whatever the ncase may be then you ve got them spilling def fluid and nwhatnot.

So we ll fill this up show you on the spout and when we get out nhere make sure that you get it all out of there without getting any residual around nthe cap. Here all right. It s done there as i m filling this out try not to get it nto go too far up because i don t want it spilling out the air spout..


So when i go when i take it back out. I ll nmake sure i get the jug down. And keep your hand on the spout. Because the spout will nwant to flop up when it flops up it flings it everywhere nand gets it everywhere.

And there you go hopefully you re able to put your def in nthe tank. Without spilling a drop of it i m wade from thoroughbred diesel. It s silly stuff like this that sometimes nyou overlook. And it s a hassle for you all the time.

Hopefully that made it a little bit easier like and subscribe to our channel. If you have any questions give us a call ” ..

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