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” m matt i m kerri. We are the stag. My brothers a baltimore knife and and sword. We re going to be building some of your favorite weapons.

Some weapons ve never seen before this is man at arms reforged upon seeing all the requests for the swords from witcher. 3. All i had to do was look at the box cover to realize they were swords we had to build today we re going to be making the two most iconic swords from the new witcher game since these are two very similar long swords. We re going to show you two very different processes.

One s going to be forged and one s going to be cnc. So the first thing i got to do is draw the blade. That s going to be cnc and then we ll go from there we re gonna size it to about 35 inches. Which is a pretty standard long sword blade.

I m gonna go ahead and get this one cut out first and then when we go to forge the second blade. We ll try to match the dimensions. So the first thing sam did was he forged a note that gives him a nice little area to hold with a pair of tongs to begin the forging. He s now going to the hammer using a hot cut tool and cutting the excess material away allowing him to just draw the blade out from the leftover material.

Using a hit turn technique. Because sam begins to taper the bar out rotating your hot metal over the forge a quarter turn at a time allows you to keep it very symmetrical and keep everything nice and even you can see this hammer makes really quick work of this not only is it really powerful. It also has a lot of finesse control. So sam is able to draw this blade out basically in one heat.

He can now just go straight to the flat dies and flatten it out into a sword blade. This power hammer will make really quick work in this process for the pummel on one of the witcher swords. We essentially have a wheel pommel that s going to get sculpted on one side. So i m going to cut this piece of material for ilya and he s going to be able to cut it to shape using chisels when house starting to forge the other pommel from the witcher first thing.

Haley has got to do with either side of the bars reduce material slightly to start creating that leopard like head balian now moves for the vise clamps. The material by the snout uses a hot cut tool at a angle create like the ear like shapes. And he did a really freakin good job of it guess. I shouldn t sound.

So surprised. He s now using that hot cut again to form the mouth. He s using the same tool to go ahead and cut the v like shape from nose. Now he switches to a chisel with a rounded edge.

This is going to start creating our eye sockets. You can see that we re rotating a quarter turn each time don t want to work one side more than the other keep it even we made a triangular shaped punch to do the texturing on the neck of the pommel. I assist ilya using a pair of tongs holding the head into the swage block as he lays in the detail now we got a nice gentle bend in our pommel. Went ahead and quenched each head to cool.

It off a little bit to make sure that center area is hotter. So that s where the metal will move we re now gonna crisp up that bend and then start building those heads over after getting our pommel bent into a nice u. Shape illya moves to the fly press. He could go to a power hammer or even the hydraulic press.

But the fly press gives him a lot of control allows him to shut. It just right without getting any overlaps or cold shuts in keeping with the concept of one piece being forged to shape and one piece being machined to shape. I set this blade onto the milling machine. I ll be cnc carving the floors into this mat.

We ll be forging and then grinding the ones in the other sword now that we have the triple fuller blade for the silver sword. I can now start grinding my edges. I don t want to grind too much material off before he treat. But i got to get it roughed in save me a lot of time after we get it hardened.


So i have to put a fuller in the forged blade. That we did i went ahead and use the sharpie and just struck my center line just gonna help as a guide. If you ask 10 different sword makers how to put a full run blade. They re probably gonna give you ten different answers in this case.

I m gonna use a narrow wheel on the grinder and i m just gonna grind it right in initially ilya used a rounded offset tool to create that center section to ramp into the coin on the guard he then just use another square offset tool just to crisp everything up now we re using a hot cut tool to cut off the excess material that we don t need on the end of that guard. He ll then flip it over and get more heat draw out the other time and then hand it off to me for upsetting choice ting. I m doing here. I m just using the torch to heat.

A specific area that i m then gonna lay in some twisting kind of get my heat as even as possible so when we do the twisting. We don t have any tight or loose spots. I m gonna use a pair of wrenches so that i put even torque on it hopefully keep it straight. Don t get me lopsided quit.

I ve watched kerry twist. Hundreds if not thousands of guards while working with him side by side over the years not easy you can get halfway through a project get to the twisting and be overconfident and mess your whole piece up at forge peace. It s not too bad alright got both our guards forces shape. They leave forge this nice shape here got a true off a little bit to even the sides and then clean it up from there this one s pretty straightforward now time to get our first guard fitted to the tank john had to bend the tines of the guards out a little bit to be able to get in with the vertical mill.

So now we got our guard slotted and fitted to the tang. I can do some grinding on the center section. Here. Which is called the coin block.

The interesting thing about this sword is and all the game art. The center section changes. Some of it has no peak at all some of it has a really tall peak. So what i m gonna do is just leave it about where it s at split the difference gonna go in here clean this up and then i m going to do some sculpting on the face from the first time.

We looked at doing the witcher blades. We thought of blueish all his handles look almost exactly like those in the game. We ve brought him in we re gonna turn it all over to him luis is gonna be not only making the handles for us. But he s also going to be doing the farrell s the farrell s are the metal spacers that are in between the handle sections so these are the farrell s for the grips on the witcher swords.

I mark them in with the dremel tool. I ll come back with the hacksaw and now come in and just gently round them over with the file. It s scintillating work. But it will have a really nice round over detail when i m done luis has done hundreds if not thousands of these wire wrapped handles that s why he makes it look so easy trust me from experience.

I know it s not ultimately you want these wires to look like they re one single braid in order to do that you take two wires twist them clockwise and other two wires and twist. Them counterclockwise at the same amount of times for the black and silver witcher sword. I m using a kneeled steel wire on the other one i ll use copper the annealed steel. Is fairly soft that s going to allow me to chisel it down into the shape of the grip afterwards without it snapping.

Because if the wire snaps 3. 4. Of the way through the process. I have to start all over again.

And i do the very unhappy dance leah takes the wheel pommel that i prepared to carve the witcher design. All the tools. He s using. He s made he is almost completely self taught.

I ve always said that drawing was one of the hardest parts of engraving and he just makes it all look easy so i m here treating the first of the two which are blades it s the triple four silver sword blade. I ve got to watch my temperatures keep the piece from warping. Very much i m running a fairly hot furnace with this material after i make the quench into oil pieces pretty fragile until tempering. So we have to be careful how we handle it around the shop so for the forge play this is w1 tool steel.


We re going to go into the furnace this is running a little bit hot for this material. So we re going to give it a minute or two to start to come up the temperature. I ll be flipping. It keeping it even like that and we re just going to turn the forge off and let the residual heat bring it up to temperature before we go to the quench once again we re tempering into canola oil.

I m just about 400 degrees. Here and we re going to keep it in here for two hours. It ll then be pulled out cleaned off and polished so the blades got its diamond cross section. We blended the fuller s out it s at 80 grit.

We re gonna do 180 to 80 scotch brite and then everything else will be done in buffing. And the blade will be finished. And we ll just be mailing kerry already ground the first blade using a nice flat grind. I m going to show you guys something different.

And do a hollow grind basically passing this blade horizontally across the edge of the wheel and the radius of the wheel creates my edge. I take both guards to the scotch brite. I m going to be smoothing and finishing them before final polishing. I want to make sure that everything is ready to go building two swords at once for this episode was very difficult.

But now with these swords in hand. I ll be able to keep the northern kingdoms safe click here to subscribe or click here to watch more episodes thanks for watching man at arms reforged. We need to know what you want the guys to build so tell us in the comments below what weapons you want to see next. what i came here for pretty much and leave as soon as possible maybe i ll come back one day and just have a blast.

I don t know years from now. But for now. I just want to get something and exit this place and well let s go ahead and look for the biggest fish within the pond. And it s actually located where a giant set of logs can be found and that s right over there.

Let s see if we can get navi to actually target. It i believe this is the fish. We re looking for him so go ahead and stand as deep into the water as you possibly can without starting to swim. And then throw it your your rod alright.

So there we go now you should want to move your bait in real slowly. Just just be random with it be spontaneous. No no are you please please no. I didn t want that finish to freaking thank you what happened you lost it i don t care.

I don t want that fish to freaking grab on to all right let s see if we can target on it from here unless i scared it off on accident. I m gonna go ahead and throw it in again. And see if i get lucky so no no no no no if i kill god dang it these stupid little finishes. But yeah there s a ginormous fissure within the center of this pond and we want to get it to latch on i really want this guy to let go thank you yeah.

I don t really care that i lost it because i didn t like him go ahead and see if we can we can maybe switch our position here and and get it to appear. Normally navi would be would be all for targeting. Oh there we go okay i see you gonna throw. It hey.

There buddy see it i didn t come on come on i know you want it no you idiot you wanted it don t play hard to get this guy s playing hard to get better than me come on i m gonna get me come on oh. My god seriously grab on to it you do think i m not this hard to catch their attention. You want to like kind of like move the analog stick a little bit till. I get him suspicious and then hopefully he will give in and try to latch on.

But sadly that is not working for me in this case. But i m gonna keep trying and hopefully. I ll be able to get myself a lovely ginormous delicious looking fish all right come on my friend actually do like fish come on please. I m not really good with this i guess okay yes no idiot all right well.


I guess. I m gonna have to continuously try until he latches on but this is a fish. I m looking for this is the one i m banking for so when i m taking with me to the bank. So once he does decide to want a piece of me i will totally start reeling him in all right.

No yes you re so close to it just take a nibble all right finally i got it i was trying to piss it off and i wanted to see if that would work i guess. And maybe if you start moving the debate. Really fast it will start chasing after it and go crazy. And then you will finally get the fish to reel on to it and now we can reel it in and it s kind of easy to reel in it s a little annoying.

Though because you have to have the analog stick pressed that down or you know on the opposite direction of where it s reeling. Towards and just keep your hand on a as you slowly start to reel in if you let go it will end up running away. But i think i have it i m almost there because as you can see the camera angle has changed and it s right by me come on just got to do a little wiggling and i kind of constantly like let go of the analog stick for a second because of how bad this is but come on dude. Don t do this to me you already took forever to actually get to even reel in or i was to hook on to the base and i just need a really end.

But it s so freaking annoying. I really feel like i m pulling in a fish here. But i m not alright come on come on don t do this to me i just gotta keep pulling this direction. I think i will have it i m just a little patient maybe if i keep going back and forth.

I don t know the exact formula to do this in an easy way the way. I just do it is like this you know whatever it comes to mind. And hopefully. I ll be able to finally real this bad boy and oh.

My god he s almost there no no do not run away from your fate. My friend you are gonna be cooked little pal alright you link grab him alright it s bigger than link himself so was a real clunker. Let s see it s 11 pounds. Yes.

I would love to keep it why it d be really dumb filling it back in the pond. But yeah usually you wanna i believe over eight pounds i m not two for 10 pounds mine happened to be 11. I m really happy with it either way you re gonna find it in the center of the pond and once you do get it go ahead. And show it off to this man.

So go ahead and weigh my fish whoa visions use 11 pounds. Here go ahead. Take this we got ourselves a piece of heart go ahead and talk to him again and let him know that you quit. I m done with this job.

I m gonna go find something else to do not exactly. But you can t really leave unless you give him back the fishing rod. So you have to kind of like sign out with him in a sense. But once all of that has been done.

It is finally time to make our way back to zoras domain. And well show off the letter. We just got to the king to be exact and we will see what to do from there. But yeah we did this little fishing minigame.

It s really interesting kind of sucks. I felt like i could have done it immediately. What i have taken that long to do if i was using my brain. But i wasn t either way now that this bottle is empty because i drank all the milk within it i m gonna go ahead and grab a fish for a convenience sake.

You know because we re going up to the king of zoras. We have to offer him something some kind of peace offering maybe a fish will be nice. I don t know he might eat it he might smoke it i don t know how he would do that maybe he ll help put it in his ear and like clean it something of those sorts. Because i mean they use fishes for something.


He s gonna talk to him. So. Oh. Dear.

Oh. My dear sweet princess. Rue. De wa.

Whereas. She got him. So. Worried.

Huh. Bruno. I happened to get a letter from this chick called rude. Oh.

Why don t you check this out. Here. Oh. This letter is from princess.

Rude. Oh. Let s let s see she s inside laura jabu jabu that s not possible our guardian god lord java java would never eat my dear princess. But since that stranger ganondorf came here lord java.

Java has a little green around his around the gills. The evidence seems clear of course you ll go find runo you can pass through here in the alter of laura java java. I ll keep this letter you can keep the bottle. It was in take it respectfully.

Please find my dear princess root immediately around find her immediately man immediately man. I ll find her okay. You isn t really taking this long. For you to scooch immediately is that what you wanted are okay well.

I don t know why they did that i don t know why they kept it in its kind of humorous. But geez does he take forever to clear the path for us. So we can just walk behind him to the altar of lord at chavo chavo. Now i don t think he really wanted to fish for some kind of peace offering of sorts.

But this giant fish lured jabu jabu actually needs one so that s why i actually picked up the fish. So now that we have this cool handy dandy empty bottle that we got from rudo. We can keep it with us. And it will be really helpful.

But that s not really the case you know i m here to drop this all right well joy finish. What you have a little taste of victory music. What are you doing oh uh uh. Wait wait i want to give you a fish not my whole body.

Oh crap music. ” ..

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