Windows 2000 Professional – Installation in Virtualbox

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“Youtube. It s everything in here and today. I m going to be doing a a video tutorial on how to install windows. 2000.

In virtualbox. So. This is just basic normal version of windows 2000. It s the technically the professional version.

But this was released before windows and me and after windows 98. So we re just going to go ahead and get straight into the tutorial. So obviously the first thing you ll need is if i as if i ve said in the beginning of my videos all the time. Virtualbox i recommend don t doing 50.

And going down to this older build section and going to do 5 or 43. So once you get virtualbox or you a few there i have it already you want to open. It and then create a new virtual machine on the left here and then you want to just name it windows 2000. Well you can name it whatever you want that s just what i m going to name it hit next.

I m going to leave the ram. Where it is i m also going to leave the hard drive where it is it s just the basic kind of setup. Here then you want to hit settings and you want to hit storage and hit this empty disk and then hit this over. Here hit.

Choose a virtual cd dvd disk file. And then you want to choose your windows. 2000. Iso that will be in the description.

A product key is not required so we ll go ahead and just insert that and we ll go ahead and start the virtual machine. So it ll start up with the windows 2000 setup. And it s going to load a lot of files windows shut up starting windows..


2000. Then we should come up with our first screen. There it is um. It ll confirm that this is the space that are the hard drive that we want and we want to hit enter to install on that and then we re going to format using the ntfs filesystem.

So just hit enter. It s going to format your drive. Which shouldn t take too long you see that that was pretty quick. It s going to examine your disk and now it s going to copy files.

Which will not take long as well it will take longer than when it checks over your drive. So just kind of let it sit if it s stuck on that driver cab just don t worry about it it might do that sometimes it just gets stuck for a little bit then it continues because this is from 2000. As you can see so we re at 60. This is just the basic starting of the setup youth.

We ve seen this all throughout every single windows niver single windows but lots of windows oss are very similar. But this is one of the simple ones so all right 97. And we are finished it s going to initialize initialize. The installation and it will ask to reboot so just hit enter you can let the time run.

If you want but and then you can actually remove the disk now if you want so that you don t get this press. Any key to boot from cd up there it ll get you this this is what the boot up screen will look like but we re actually going to be going through the setup. Obviously first so we will get a gui interface now it says insert service pack. 4.

Into the disk. But you do not have to you don t have to do it so like if you cancel it it will you ll have to maybe you do have to leave the disk and we ll just leave it in and see what happens okay so you do actually have to leave the disc in so whatever off to hopefully you guys don t do that. But you leave the disc in that s why it was asking for that service pack for thing. So you actually have to leave the disc in so now first.

It will install devices in this setup. Process. And this the next video probably obviously not obviously..


But after this will probably be a windows xp home edition video because you do need this os or something before it in order to install the home edition. I have not been able to install home editions. Standalone you i ve had to install a earlier operating system. And then put on the home edition of windows xp home edition.

So about halfway on the installing devices. Which hopefully will not take too long you see the hourglass down here in the bottom of the window. So actually during the installing devices screen your screen will actually flicker. It says that in like the little description.

That says your screen may flicker first few seconds mine did so normal or more than likely yours well. So. Then you ll get to the regional settings where it ll ask for your location and your keyboard layout so just hit next or you can change it if you re from a different country and then you need to type in a name. I ll just do everything a pan and then just name it i m going to name it windows.

2000. And then this is where the date will come up with the timezone as well so i am in central time. And we re going to leave that check mark there just hit next. And it s going to install the networking components.

So allows you to connect to other computers networks in the internet and use internet explorer. And i ll ask if it s part of a workgroup um. It may be but i and i believe is some your some of yours if you do this would be under workgroup or ms. Home.

But more than likely. It s just plain workgroup hit. Yes. And you actually can believe connect to it if it doesn t work uh.

This doesn t really matter. Yeah you can use it yes to try it later. So..


It s going to install components now so right now. It s copying files. Which the bar is going quickly even though it says this may take several minutes. It will not take several minutes.

Because you have newer hardware. Lots of cars going. By over. There my window is open it s going to continue with installing start menu items registering components saving settings and removing any temporary files used so this is just the final steps of the windows 2000 installation.

So we are getting towards the end of the installation right now on registering components. Which is almost finished. But this is just a really basic and simple installation. But like i ve had somebody comment in the description that you re doing a video of a whole like upgrade from windows 10.

To like windows. 10 on the same virtual machine like they re going to upgrade it throughout each os. Which is kind of neat um. But i actually i really i need some suggestions for videos.

Because i really can t just keep doing virtualbox videos or otherwise. I m going to run out of videos to do and i will have i want to run out eventually. I m going to run out of virtualbox videos. Because i just i can t keep doing the same video.

But because i mean if i already have like for say a windows 95 video out i can t put out the same video twice because that just just weird so the saving settings part take in a bit. So you can just let it sit. And it should continue the setup after the saving settings is finished okay so it literally after i just did that cut there literally just came up with this screen right after i had that cut so windows. 2000.

Has been installed successfully so that is good so we re going to hit restart. Now and now you can take out the disk and it will start windows. You ll get the boot up screen again..


But this time you will not go into setup. You will actually be able to go into the actual operating system and mess around with it but preparing network connections. You may hear the startup sound here in a bed well. If you hit enter.

We should hear the startup sound let s see if we get audio. Indeed. We do that is good let me get audio it ll give you this getting started screen. We re just going to exit that i m not sure if we get internet.

Though we ll see you can do that s if you re doing it by a little phone line. But you can do it through a local area network as well that s preferably what a lot of you do now i do not want to set up an internet mail account. We re going to see if internet explorer works it should since you get the option to do a local area network connection. So it s trying to go to the home page.

We ll see so i do think we get internet access but try going to google yep there is internet access go to youtubecom. I don t think some of these work yep facebook will work i think no google works but i don t know i believe the internet does work. So that is my video tutorial for you guys on how to install windows. 2000 virtualbox.

I ll probably end up making it windows xp home edition video within the next couple days. It should be posted within the next couple days. But that is the video tutorial on how to install windows 2000 and virtualbox. Thank you guys for watching subscribe for more videos.

If this helped you out share the video and like it as well and comment with any suggestions of any kind of videos you want to do it does not have to be just virtualbox videos. It can be anything that you can think of that i can try and do. But that is it for the video tutorial thank you guys for watching again and i ll see you ” ..


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