Why We LOVED Playing on Blood Gulch in Halo – YouTube

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“Maps are more complicated than you may think well you might think. It s just just as simple as building a place and letting people shoot each other in it something. There s far more design going on that if a map is good enough you won t even realize all the things that are considered when someone s making it we were gonna make a top 10 best maps ever type of video or something. But we wanted to spend individual time with each of our favorite multiplayer maps.

So this is why we love playing on blood gulch from halo. Why do players love blood gulch. So much what makes it great well for one thing. There s definitely a bit of a nostalgia factor.

That s involved i m sure most of us have some sort of memory of sitting on the floor with a friend or friends and playing around a slayer or any other mode on blood gulch with the original combat evolved kids actually got together back in a day to play games remember. But that s why this map is so ingrained into halo and first person shooter culture. Thanks to the original memories of it the original halo as you probably know it was a smash hit and most everyone became attached to it and played the hell out of this map. It has those early console generation memories attached to it that you know the excitement of having a new console from a company that didn t really make consoles.

And it was primarily played split screen on the couch for many but at least at first then of course there were land parties and gatherings like that but you can t easily erase memories made playing games on a couch next to someone else and the creators have been banking on it with blood gulch and halo in general ever since but aside from nostalgia. The map is remembered because it s well designed it s a perfect example of an age old fort battle. I have my castle here you have your castle across from me over there..


And there s a big no man s land in between where anyone can and likely will get shot the map manages to be super. Simplistic. While also still retaining a few strategic elements to it and the size of the map also somewhat really just forces player confrontation breaking it down for real this time. It s like this each end of the map has two somewhat identical bases in between those.

Two bases is an open field with some of it having elevation differences. So it isn t totally flat. Then on the side of the maps. You have a little bit of caves.

Caverns and legends. That s really all there is to it like i said super simple the two bases are perfect for sniper nests. Which could lead to a nice sniper battle between two snipers and you re also able to take out any players that are running up the middle of the map. And if you are one of those players running up in the middle of the map you have to work to avoid sniper fire.

But try to use the land elevate to your benefit. Like you know moving and dipping and hiding behind the hills and such the elevation in the middle works so well at making you feel like you re a sitting duck out in a wide open space. While also giving you just enough cover that if you move fast and smart..


You at least have a chance of surviving that goes for land vehicles. Too you can drive around and get picked off pretty easily sure. But you can also slip behind a hill just out of view in the nick of time and the fact that there is that balance in a no man s land in the middle of the map is really impressive and because it maps eyes you possibly being forced to run down the middle would more than likely have you running into another player naturally. Forcing and flowing you into a confrontation and having to survive the same goes for the caves on the sides in the maps.

Seeing as they were one of the only ways to get across the map. While avoiding some long range fire and a lot of players would go that route and you would more than likely have a run in with another player in there within the cave or getting out in a balanced way because that s just where some of the good stuff is and it s just a good vantage point that sometimes is worth fighting for they serve as side natural choke. Points. That do good job of complementing.

The whole. No man s land thing really the key takeaway here. Though is that no area in the map went unused it allowed different types of gameplay you have sniper showdowns 1v1 steam battles classic moments of capture their flag or just playing chicken with warthogs and everything in between not only that there s a little cultural significance involved remember of red vs blue. So much of that original work was done right in blood gulch.

And almost became a stage for red vs. Blue to flourish. And become a big giant movement that has now even become roosterteeth in fact blood gulch does continue to live on through remakes and evolutions with some variation of it appearing in every main halo game..


Except for odst. I mean halo. 2. Is is memorable just because it s halo 2.

You probably noticed it start to kind of evolve with halo 3. But that simple face off no man s land set up lives on throughout the series. Yeah. There s even a blood gulch map in halo wars.

It turns out that head to head scenario. Just works really well for an rts to hemorrhage was a bit of a return to the original form with slight variations really you can still give them all different coats of paints new little shortcuts and even more vehicles and weapon placements and different spawns and it still doesn t really break the core mission of the original map design. It s just really impressive how bulletproof the design ideology of blood gulch. Really is i think the biggest question now is will blood gulch as legacy really live there s the 343 created ford variant in halo.

5. Guardians. But the future the map is kind of uncertain..


I have really questioned whether or not 343 will leave it up to creative forgers and modders for the next halo games or maybe they continue to make it a core map. I don t know either way. It s good to know that fans will be willing to carry that torch because you can t beat. It it s part of the very dna of first person shooters now and halo itself and that s why it s on our list of all time favorite multiplayer maps.

But of course. There are tons of other multiplayer maps and discuss whether it s a first person shooter or any other type of competitive game. We want to hear from you guys down in the comments. Some of your favorite maps from all time it takes a second to think about it because we all know the maps that we hate playing on but the really good ones.

The ones. We clamour for are definitely the ones that are worth appreciating so let us know what you think about blood gulch or any other map down in the comments below. We ll be looking for inspiration for our next video. But you guys probably know the deal by now clicking the like button does help us out and we really do appreciate it especially if you like this new type of video.

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The Halo series had tons of legendary multiplayer maps, but Blood Gulch is the one everyone remembers. Why is it so special? Let s take a look.
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