Why do Canadians say eh ?

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“Are famous for their use of a and it turns out this little two letter letter word predates our country s very confederation. But where did it come from and do we use it the earliest reference that researchers have found in literature. Takes us back to an irish play written in 1773 and then with the influx of emigration. It was found here at a thomas chandler halliburton book called the clockmaker written way back.

In 1836. That book has a sprinkled throughout the dialogue indicating. We ve been using it for as long as canadian english has been around skip forward to the 1970s and time magazine. Published an article all about a as a true canadian ism.

But it was in the 80s that a became satire..

When cbc tv introduced us to a pair of beer swilling brothers on sctv. I m bob mckenzie. This is my brother doug how s it going bob and doug mackenzie s plaid. Wearing hockey.

Playing a saying persona created a stereotype that has been with us ever since this hydro bill is bigger than louise sirs biceps. What you ll even garburator on all my day. I moved here from canada. And they think i m small eh now this little word is what s called a conformational where you re tacking it onto the end of a sentence to confirm whether something is true.

This is not an unusual thing in language linguists have found equivalents in east asia in africa..

And yes even in the states. But in america. They say ha and the constructs set up around ha are different compared to where. We use a humans are hard wired to notice those subtle differences.

Which are called minimal pairs in linguistics and that tension that little disparity that americans notice. But can t quite put their finger on that really draws and outsiders here has to make fun of us a little bit more don t mean to take too much space off down. Here. That s a good accent.

And i do not apologize for and while a is heard elsewhere such as new zealand..

And the little island of guernsey. One thing that researchers suggest is totally unique to canada is what s called the narrative. A which is used during storytelling. So i d say then i walk into the house.

A and it s just filled with people a and we re not really expecting your response. There it s just drawing the storytellers audience in now while young canadians are largely exchanging. A for right as in so. Then i walk into the house right.

And it s just filled with people right..

It s still serving the same purpose. Hey. Is also being used as an alternative because it s not quite as stigmatized. But research shows a is still heard right across the country with particularly large dollops of the word thrown into northern ontario speech.

Now naysayers of a might say that these are just two little letters tacked on to by time as you think of your next. Thought. But a does a lot more turning a statement into a question. A one way remark turns into an exchange so there s ” .


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