Why Are Side-by-Sides So Expensive? Here s the Answer!

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“Guys so the most common question. We get in the comments here at tfl off off road is why are side by side so expensive. Now and it is true of these units can cost up to 30000. Now the most common argument.

We hear is well for that money. I m just gonna go buy a jeep and i do have an answer for those people. But first to kind of better understand where we were and where we are now let s look at a little bit of side by side history. So for a good example of just how much side by sides have changed.

Let s take a look at the polaris rzr lineup. So the very first razor s. Model. Came out in 2009.

Now that model packed 12. Inches of suspension travel. It ran 26 inch tires and packed about 55 horsepower. Now when it was released in onine.

The first razor s. Sold for 13900 and 99 in the us now even at the time in 2009 people were saying 14000. That s crazy for a side by side..


But at that time nothing came close to the performance of the razor s. Now fast forward just five years to the polaris rzr xp 1000. Now power was up to a hundred and ten horsepower a pretty big jump over 75. But what really made a difference is the suspension travel on that model was 16 inches in the front and 18 inches in the rear as for the tires the units on that 2014 xt 1000.

Or 29 inches of course all of this performance comes at a price and the 2014 rzr xp. 1000 was one of the first side by sides to hit the 20000. Mark and now here comes the truly crazy leap. Now today s polaris rzr turbo s.

Has 16 inches of ground clearance. It has 25 inches of suspension travel and for power the turbo engine puts out 168 horses turning 32 inch tires now all of those numbers are significantly better than what polaris offered back in 2009. And much better than what they offered just four years ago in 2014. But of course all of that capability comes at a.

Price the polaris rzr turbo s in the states starts at 27000. For the two seat model. We re up here in canada. It sells for thirty four thousand dollars.

So that initial 2009 razor s. Model. The price has doubled since then..


But the performance has more than doubled and i think the one thing you have to remember is as you add things like bigger tires and more powerful engine every single piece of the drive line needs to be updated to accommodate for that so it s not like you can just throw bigger tires on and call it a day that requires bigger axles and different transmission tuning and of course all of these things cost more money so. When you look at it that way that performance has doubled. It s not a huge surprise to see that the price has doubled as well. But now let s tackle the big question.

Why am. I gonna get a side by side over a jeep and our side by sides really worth the money. I think the hardest thing to get over when talking about jeep versus side by side is the fact that you can spend tons of money on a vehicle that is not street legal. If you go buy a jeep.

You re getting something that you can go out. And have fun with hit the trails with but then still drive at home spending. 30 grand on a side by side means you have a machine. Which can only drive off road you have to trailer.

It to the trailhead or you have to live somewhere. Where you can ride and that s just a lot of money for something that can t be driven down the road and i do totally understand that argument for a lot of people you ll never get past that point. But you absolutely cannot compare the performance of a jeep to the performance of today s side by sides the razor turbo s. As i mentioned has 25 inches of suspension travel something like the canon maverick x3.

It has over 20 inches of suspension travel now that means that these machines are absolutely purpose built to just swallow up the biggest obstacles you can put in front of them. And they re honestly not far off from something like a trophy truck and that s not hyperbole bj baldwin s trophy truck packs 26 inches of travel in the front and 30 inches of travel in the rear just a little bit more than. What you re getting out of one of these side by sides and let me remind you that something like a specialized trophy truck that can cost easily five hundred thousand dollars..


All the way up to a million bucks. And i think that comparison to racing really shows you just how close these side by sides especially performance side by sides are getting these days. At matching up with the top echelon of off road races. If you want to make the equivalency two cars well just look at any top performance model they always cost a lot of money but they re also the closest you can get to buying a racecar for the street.

But the gap between today s top performance cars that you can buy from a dealership. An actual purpose built race cars is still pretty big that gap is much bigger than buying something like a razor turbo s. And comparing it to a trophy truck and at the end of the day. Any road going vehicle is going to have compromises for passenger comfort and for safety.

When you look at side by sides these things are purpose built off road vehicles. They only have one thing in mind. Which is climbing rocks getting through mud and hauling across the desert and when you look at it that way you can barely even compare a jeep to a side by side because they both have such different conditions that they have been built to exist in not to mention a stock jeep is only just ok at going off road all things considered usually you still have to spend thousands of dollars to upgrade a jeep model to make sure. It is truly ready for off roading once again a side by side comes right out of the box ready for the roughest trail.

Possible and then maybe the most basic argument is just the performance. The turbo s. Has the dynamic suspension so you can spin it up if you want really great handling or you can go full soft. If you just want to haul through some whoops and not feel them at all.

There is no way that a jeep has that kind of versatility when you get off road and so far. I ve only been talking about sport side by sides. If you want to look at something..


Like the polaris ranger well these days. Those machines have tow ratings. Which are also equivalent to what you get out of a jeep wrangler so even on the work side of things side by sides have come so. Far and are so capable now so 30 grand for a turbo s.

I know that is a pile of money. I can t afford it either. But when you get behind the wheel of one of these things you understand that every single one of those dollars is represented in some pretty incredible engineering. Now all that being said do i.

Think there s room in the market for a basic sub 10000. Sports side by side absolutely. And i think if one of these was smart. They were also catered to the bottom end of the market.

So is 30 grand for a side by side worth it i say it s worth every single penny of course. That s just my opinion we want to hear what you guys think go down in the comments let us know if you think i m out of my mind or if you think these side by side prices are justified maybe you own a polaris turbo s. Let us know if you regret the purchase and as always guys go down below hit subscribe and come back to tfl offroad for the latest news views and real world reviews. I ll ” .


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