Which is the best Smartphone Projector for under $40? LOOTd Unboxing

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“I tear this thing. This is this video over before it s really side welcome welcome back guys to another edition of louie today. We re doing something just a bit different today we are doing a comparison video where we are looking at three of the cheapest smartphone projectors available and trying to work out. Which one is the best for your money.

Now all of these are under 40 30 pounds. So there are fairly cheap. We ve got the cheapest one at bottom. Which is where we re gonna start and we re gonna work our way up to the most expensive so without further ado let s get into this and see which one is the best so starting off we ve got the smartphone projector version this was 13 pounds and you can actually get one for 12 pounds but you do have to build it yourself like glue it stick it together make sure it looks like a box.

I couldn t be dealing with that so i went and spent an extra pound to get one. Which is pre made so the cheapest one out the free let s see what s inside this box straight away actually i just want to say i do like the design of this whole thing. The whole packaging looks nice you ve got the check. If your phone fits bit.

Here. You ve got the instructions actually built into the box. Everything about this is very design led and i m really enjoying that let s actually pull out the projector itself now. This is completely made of cardboard.

There s no plastic no metal. No nothing there might be glass which we have to make for the lens by finger. That s literally it apart from that all cardboard. We ve got a few bits.

Which we need to put together and apart from that that s as diy as this thing gets so inside. We ve got a toilet tube. Which is being painted black know that s quality rubber bands. Quite a weighty piece of glass that we put in there.

Which is gonna make up the lens and a sticky thing. Which i m guessing is to hold the phone in place got any questions nope don t know which way women to put this. I don t think it. Matters uh.


And then pop that in there front there ah super sticky. I guess your phone s really gonna get stuck to that this is sticky and tricky my two favorite things let me get a phone and we put it in there done easy as that so we ve got the video set up and ready to go i m using the samsung galaxy s7 it s wrapped to the fullest brightness and that should give us the best pic in theory. It just sits quite nicely there that is actually sticky enough that it doesn t flop around and we need to hit the lights and see how much lights. We get out of this thing.

One. Two three ah okay. Well i can i can kind of see. It i don t know if the cameras can and here is the footage one thing you re gonna notice straight away is that it s upside down your phone will automatically fit the footage as you put your phone into the projector.

Unless you get an app. Which like also locks the screen. There s nothing you can do that you re gonna have upside down footage. No matter what you do now on the camera.

It probably looks like a hot grainy mess. Because it has to be for us to be able to even show you this footage. It s not a serious projector at all definitely not definitely 100 just a gimmick whoa god is it let s turn light back on and look at a few other things about its projected before throwing it in the bin. So let s just quickly go over some features about this projector.

Which i couldn t show you in the pitch black one you focus by moving the projector. Like this and you can get a fairly big screen. But as you saw it s really dim. So the bigger you get the worse quality.

You re getting and is it worth having a 40 inch screen. When you can t see any of it there are also these little bits on the side here. Which you can just poke. Out.

And you can put your charger. You can put an aux cable in there to plug some speakers. In so. The eye for detail is good and i really do like the design.

But all in all this projector does not work as a projector and also as i mentioned when you stick your fine on there and you close it your phone automatically flips and you get upside down footage no good no good at all i kind of wish that i did spend one pound..

Less and get the build your own function. Because then at least. I could blame myself. If it didn t work i ll say oh i must have buggered it up somehow.

But no literally no excuse now it s move on to the second projector of the day this is just the straight up smartphone projector. It looks like it s made of plastic already that is an upgrade. But i would say the packaging does look a far ton cheesier like it s got this whole sci fi scene going on here and if it s anything like the last project tried. We re probably not gonna see it without the packaging wrapped in plastic is the smartphone projector.

This is actually quite steady. It is actually a bit smaller than the other one i think so let s have a quick look over this ping servers. Any improvements on the other one and any similarities and already i ve noticed it s got the little flip out bit here. So we can put in an aux cable and a charger.

Nice touch. I like that about the other one. I m glad they kept that also i ve just noticed. It s got a little flippy out stand here.

The other one we have to prop up so it didn t hit the table. So the footage looked you know maybe normal whereas this should elevate enough that it doesn t hit the table and also what s nice is that you don t have to pull it apart to put it in and out of focus you can just rotate. This thing. Which is nice cool let s actually see if the footage is any good so it s open this guy up here.

See what it s all about that is a big mirror and you just lay your phone down. There apparently you don t have to put it up like that so it should have also flipped so i should get right round footage at least. That s the theory. We ll see if it works when we get into it show.

A phone is ready and primed close that down that was no fuss at all all right now. Let s see if it actually works and here is the footage from the smartphone projector. As you can see not a hell of a lot of difference. We have this as far away from the wall as the other one about 50 centimeters and i will say the screen is a bit bigger.

The focus wheel on this thing does work very nicely..

It s a lot easier than pulling this thing apart and putting it back together just to focus it. But it is still really dark not looking good the one plus of it all though is the projector itself does look nice when it s illuminated and after two disappointing displays. Let s move on to the last projector of the video. This thing straight up is an actual projector.

It s not one you have to put your smartphone into and rely of the light from your smartphone. It s actually a projector and it s dirt cheap we pick this up for 27 pounds. And that was on sale. I think you can still pick it up for like 32 pounds.

Which is like nothing for a projector. And it will be a good deal if it s any good and we re gonna find that out now else and straight up in is look at that that is dainty and adorable and i m already liking it so inside. We ve got a projector. We ve got plugs so this plugs into the mains.

I don t think it has battery power it does also come with a tv remote. That s cute also comes with your rgb adapter. There so you could actually plug an old school console into this like a ps2 and z user guide. I m not gonna be reading any of this let s black.

It one thing that s probably worth pointing out is that this thing does not do hd. This does 240p. But it does support hd video so you can play hd video through it. But it will not come out as hd.

Which is not very good but for the price. I m willing to try it and there it goes. I don t know what it says on the screen just yet. But i can see the screen and the light s still on already a drastic improvement.

You ve got your hdmi port your usb port you can plug in headphones. You ve got your a v input. There this thing has i won t say everything you need. But it does have a lot now to get this thing actually working with my smart phone.

I have actually had to buy a hasty in my adapter..

I don t even know if this works yet and i ve spent 30 quid on it i m really hoping it works that s just something to bear in mind. If you don t have one of these kicking about you re gonna have to fork out an extra thirty quid just to potentially get this thing working alright. Well. This is gonna be the first test isn t it let s see if we can get this plugged in and working the weeks later yes.

So we haven t actually managed to get the phone connected to the projector. Yet i m just gonna unplug this thing so it stops humming. This isn t a smartphone projector. It does not work as a smartphone projector.

And if it does it s really not easy to set up we ve tried to total the three different cables. We tried samsung s official. One it s usb see my bad i bought the wrong one. But we tried adapters didn t work.

We ve also have this one. Which he has the usb and hdmi you plug in and it plugs into your phone. Via micro usb doesn t work we tried another one which has some different software on it and all sorts doesn t work. I can t connect the smartphone to this thing and it s annoying we ve also tried multiple phones we ve used my newer samsung we ve used an older samsung.

We ve used a moto g. Whatever that is and none of them has worked so unfortunately despite this being the one with the most potential the one that was the most expensive despite still being cheap. You can t connect a phone to it it s not a smart phone projector. So unfortunately it has to be the worst that s right the cardboard one beat out this guy how does that work so i guess if i have to pick the best smartphone projector.

It s gonna be this guy the footage is bad it s it s really really not good. But it s better than the cardboard one and it does work even if not great it still works. This is the number one the number one winner which i can t help but be slightly disappointed about and with that that s gonna be it for another edition of luud you can follow us on facebook twitter if you liked this video like the video and if you really liked it hit subscribe. We ll see you guys in the next.

One have a good one hurts every time it doesn t get any better you think you guys are just gonna use this ” ..

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