What Will ($100, 5,000 peso) Buy here in the Philippines

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“Hello. Hello. This is tom from tom and ruth philippine adventures today i want to to talk about somebody asked me something actually more than one i wanted to know will 5000. Page.

So by now 5000 peso is approximately 100. It s actually it s the rate is 50 to 53 depending. If you can get that rate so i should say 100 now what will it get you but with 5000. A 5000 peso.

I ll get you you can get a down payment. You put a down payment on a motorcycle now motorcycles go anywhere from this is a 125cc depending on what brand from yamaha. There s many different brands here you can they ran anywhere from forty five to fifty thousand pesos for a 125cc so you put a down payment on a motorcycle in some cases. They have with call all in you can do the same thing on a car.

They say no no down payment needed. But you pay an upfront fee. The 5000 peso now i saw that at the mall. I talked to gentleman about it last time.

I was at the mall. I was looking to thinking about getting the car and then realized a new car and that s this i always complained about having a car so i really don t need one. But anyway. We were talking about that and so they have deals on cars.


Now this particular car is looking at was five hundred thousand peso. It s like almost like an altima alright in our case. Now where i live 5000 peso will give us two weeks of food and that includes bread you know mel chicken chicken breast beef beef you know depending one to three kilo four kilo of beef now beef here and chicken here is little less expensive than it is in valencia. I went to valencia chicken.

There is 4 to 5 a pound. But the chicken breasts are four times our big big chicken breasts. They re like what we can get in us. And you know two would feed us easily a good meal here in fact one one chicken breast probably whoop.

This is pretty big. But anyway. I wouldn t bite about six the chicken breasts put them in the freezer and we ve that way just boneless chicken breasts. They had ground beef.

There it robinsons at the new mall. They had ground beef therefore the less is 3 a pound and it was looks like ninety ninety. Ten. It s not an 80 20 thing so it s 90 protein ten percent fat because when we cooked it it didn t have very much fat in it.

So it s next pretty good ratio. You know i m really a good. Hamburgers 80. 20.


Yeah everybody knows that good hamburgers 80. 20. Some like sirloin. But you get that little fat in there.

So you can get a little taste and get the moisture in it and you can you know when you bite in the hamburger. You want still have the moisture. So of course. We buy pasta.

It s just a normal canned goods soaps body wash eggs. All that s included in that so that s two weeks of food for us now it depending on where your electric is 5000 peso can actually pay your electric. Now. My electric bill is a little high because chicha does a lot of cooking.

And i don t have solar on my other 220 oven. And sometimes she ll bake five cakes and cakes a day and so that berries so. But my electric bill last month was 5000 peso. Which is a high.

But if i didn t have solar. I hate to know what it would be so it can actually pay depending on your electric. You can pay your electric may be your tv satellite internet. I don t know so 5000 peso.


Which is a hundred dollars depending now a normal single guy coming here the philippines 5000 peso is a lot because you can rent something fairly fairly reasonable for five thousand a little bit more or less one bedroom two bedroom apartment. Or house. So you can actually do pretty good with that also another thing 5000 peso could we ll give you is give you a little mini vacation. Now one day today depending on what your room is you get a room in cdo and get room and dabo right now some of the great places.

I ve been going there next people s park is one particular place. It s an 800 to 1500 and they re berries. It comes with breakfast. They gave you a full breakfast.

The next morning. You know use the tapas with egg and rice or something like that coffee and drinks are always furnished. So you can actually do that. But it doesn t consider any extracurricular meaning it includes the bus.

So 5000 peso you can actually get a bus from here to wherever you can actually include the food in that 5000 peso and overnight stay and have some little extra you know enough to get you back home. Let me say that so enough get you there and back home. Now. If you want to buy stuff you want to eat more you know go out a nice restaurant things like that of course five thousand you need to add to that i usually spend when i go around ten thousand peso.

Which is 200 it varies right around in there sometimes we bought a rug. You know we buy other stuff. So it varies. You know it sees about 200.


And we go for two three days. It s always two three days. I don t ever go for one day. Very rarely one day so usually when i get there i want to stay longer so two days turn is the four if our has school we have to come back you don t have school sometimes i can stay longer and of course.

It s more money then you know you can spend easily four or five hundred dollars going hundred a day minimum. But i made a vacation you could do that overnight stag bus their bus back. But no purchases you know what i m saying you can actually of course. I mentioned about going to to make a down payment on a car another thing you can actually do a 5000 peso is you can actually buy airline tickets for two sometimes three four five hundred dollars traveling from here the davo to smooth davao de manila.

Davao. The dumaguete cebu airlines many asia airlines has got great deals on right now. 35 a ticket got one this morning on email. That s actually reduced cheaper than 35 a ticket.

So if you figure three tickets 35 bucks. There you go little over 5000 peso. I ve two tickets no worries and these ” ..


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